About Us


Mentionlytics is a Web and Social Media Monitoring tool. As the need for brands to monitor their online fame is getting more demanding, it is also expanding to smaller companies and also individuals (artists, politicians, celebrities etc) who could use this wealth of online information about them to improve their image, market their products and build a strong online community.

The mission of Mentionlytics is to provide all this vast amount of information automatically, without the need for complex queries on Google and Social Media services, presenting everything in a easy to use interface. And all that, to be offered at scalable subscriptions that a even a small Startup or rising personality can afford.  Our promise is to keep improving our software, giving you always more features and evolving as this ever-changing area evolves.

The Company

Mentionlytics Ltd is a UK Private Limited Company. The Director of the company is Charis Sfyrakis. A team of Digital Marketing experts, Data Scientists, experienced Web Developers and UX Designers are developing the Mentionlytics Brand Monitoring App.

We are constantly evolving our platform, adding new features, with the mission to make it the standard Brand monitoring choice for small-medium companies.

UK Business Developer: George Spantideas