• Startup

    $ 29 /mo Best for: Startups, very small Companies, Upcoming personalities

    3 Keywords
    1K Mentions / mo
    12 hours Update
    1 Brand(s)

  • Essential

    $ 99 /mo Best for: Small or Rising Companies, Upcoming Personalities

    8 Keywords
    15K Mentions / mo
    6 hours Update
    1 Brand(s)

  • Pro

    $ 299 /mo Best for: Small-Medium Companies, Established Personalities

    25 Keywords
    60K Mentions / mo
    Continuous Update
    Up to 2 Brand(s)

  • Agency

    $ 899 /mo Best for: Marketing/PR agencies who want to monitor their clients reputation

    50 Keywords
    150K Mentions / mo
    Continuous Update
    Up to 5 Brand(s)

All plans include:

Sentiment Analysis
Analytics Dashboard
Mention Search
PDF & Excel Export
Set up & Optimize Consultant
Up to 10 Users
18 Month Archive 

  • Custom

    $ ? Depends Not quite fitting in any of the standard plans. Talk to us to create a tailor-made for you.

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