Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the technological landscape in more than one ways. For example, it has helped in the development of self-driving vehicles, image recognition software and also digital assistants. Basically, what was once viewed as fictional thinking is becoming a reality courtesy of AI.

Engaging with Millennials can be important for brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention. According to the Pew Internet Research Center, they are set to become the most educated generation in history. They are also the generation that is most tech-savvy, having grown up in a social media world, so it’s important to know how to reach out to them in an effective way.

If you have been monitoring technology news, then you have probably come across the term blockchain technology. This is a term that has dominated many industries in the last quarter of 2017 and continues to do so in 2018.

Marketing has been revolutionized by data analytics. Every day, more data is produced than ever before. Consider the number of clicks of the mouse made online and each GPS pinpoint taken by customer’s smartphone.

"You may think it’s easier for B2C companies to use social media compared to B2B companies. But given the effectiveness of social media, I feel there is a massive scope for B2B companies to utilize it too", Shane Barker explains.

Nowadays with the influx of Internet users, markets are becoming more competitive. The consumers are more informed about the products and services they purchase.