During this summer we have been busy with rolling out our complete upgrade and revamp of Mentionlytics ? ? ?
As our users have already noticed, new features, faster loading speeds, and a redesigned, even more user-friendly interface, have been among the highlights of the new Mentionlytics version!

When it comes to the airlines industry, it is challenging for them to promote this unique niche. The industry giants have already created their online presence looking at the coming change.

Can you remember the world before social media? We barely! Social media has been dominating every aspect of our lives for at least a decade now. From flirting to shopping, social media facilitates the way to do it through your smartphone, which makes us always online, available, and searching to find something new there.

Oil and gas industry companies not only drive economic growth but have a significant impact on the global economy and energy consumption. This means oil and gas companies can never truly escape public scrutiny.