4 Tips for Effective Twitter Search

Twitter is one of the most effective mediums for broadcasting our views. In comparison to other social media


Around 6.000 tweets are sent on Twitter every second.This corresponds to over 350.000 tweets sent per minute or 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year. This article present 4 tips for effective Twitter search, as well as the most insightful Twitter monitoring tools to get vital analytics for efficient marketing campaigns.

Twitter is one of the most effective mediums for broadcasting our views. In comparison to other social media platforms, it provides short, straight to the point, meaningful messages about us or our business. Performing Twitter search effectively helps in finding relevant results in a short period of time.

Why Twitter is important for your business?

Twitter may be preferred as an alternative social media platform to Facebook but it surprisingly generates twice more lead generations on an average than businesses, which do not use it [crazyegg]Social Media Analysis has grown vitally important in this digital era. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter provides an effective way to connect with new people, which is significantly important from a business perspective. New tweets are indexed by the search engine in real-time, thus helping a user to search for a specific one. It also provides important news, announcements of almost everything around the globe. It certainly aids in monitoring the various parameters about a brand in following ways:

When a user is engaged with your brand or services/products, it gives him a genuine reason to exchange values with you in the form of subscribing or he might prefer to buy goods and services as a result of that [kissmetrics].

  1. Reaching a large audience: Around 6.000 tweets are tweeted per second, which constitutes to 500 million a day. That is a lot of engagement. Apart from that, the tweets do provide about the audience perception of brand. Often people share their personal experience, which helps organization to gain an understanding about the requirements of the users.
  2. Handling customer services: Nowadays people expect to be provided immediate solutions by those who are in charge. Authoritative people can easily respond to people queries and provide instant feedback, which helps in building a stronger brand identity for your business.
  3. Announcing Press Release: Due to high competition, it is important for business owners to spread awareness about their new products and services. Twitter appears to be best for such purpose, since it allows limited description. Readers want to be informed about the relevant news and services without needing to read irrelevant and long news.

4 Tips on how to effectively use Twitter search

Twitter does not allow anything to be hidden. You can share some funny tweets, which can get viral, or a chance to engage a conversation with your favorite celebrities, athletes and journals prominent figures, all at one place [wired]. Searching anything on Twitter is fairly simple. However, for narrower and specific results, Twitter does provide a few options. There are many Twitter Analytics tools also available online. Here, we will explain how to do Twitter Search in four different ways.targeting specific results

  1. The easiest and conventional way: Type the desired term in search field and hit enter. Twitter will bring in the most relevant results accordingly.
  2. Targeting Specific results: In case of narrowing down the results, we can use “More options”. To utilize this, write the desired term in search bar and hit enter. Twitter will bring on the search results. Click on “More Options”. A drop down menu will appear with varieties of options to limit our search results like results pertaining only tweets, accounts, photos etc. You can refer to the following image to get an idea about it.

Like Google allows search in the form of images maps, texts etc. Twitter provides a variety of ways to search through keywords, hashtags and username. Since Twitter is an open platform where nothing can be made to hide, it easily provides relevant results when searched effectively [huffingtonpost].


  1. Using the Advanced Option: Advanced option of Twitter can be accessed through two ways.

Fromusing advanced options drop down menu of “More Options” as shown in above image.

-By directly accessing this URL : – https://twitter.com/search-advanced

With Advanced search, there are more than dozen ways of refining Twitter search results. Almost all options are pretty self-explanatory. Multiple search variants can be used simultaneously to obtain an even deeper refined search result. Like for e.g. in above image, searching “Bill Gates” in conjunction with “Vaccine” will only deliver you the results of Bill Gates, whenever his tweets contained the word vaccines (Meaning, whenever he has tweeted about Vaccination or something related).

Twitter provides an extremely easy way to get sneak peek about Local businesses. The owners can do a refined search using the tags of their business names. This helps them see conversations in between various people about their brands or services and get an idea whether their brand image is on the rise or falling apart [kissmetrics].

  1. Using Search Operators: Twitter provides search functionality using operators also. The URL for search using operators can be found here: – https://twitter.com/search-home#

To explain the search operators, we will denote search term as “Search”. The following are the search operators along with their meaning.

search operators

Using Search operators does seem tedious if one is not used to it. However, with frequent usage they may seem as shortcut alternative to “Advanced Search” option.

Twitter Monitoring Tools

Going by the definition of science, every cause produces an effect and vice versa. Going by that, it is a logical to post your tweets at a time, when it has higher probability for exposure. More exposure results in more retweets and that helps from a business standpoint [kissmetrics]. With the increase in social media engagement and digitalization, plethoric amount of data is on the rise, which provides insights about people’s likes, dislikes, habits etc. This data although vital, is unstructured and therefore needs to be organized for Analyses. Analyzing is an essential component of Social Media Analytics to form Brand marketing strategy. This is where Social Media monitoring tools comes in handy and since we are focusing on Twitter lets discuss some widely popular Monitoring tools for it.



Mentionmapp is a fantastic Twitter Insights tool, which combines good graphical interface along with information loaded maps. The maps are created on the basis of users and searches. On clicking the user, his tweets are also then showcased. The tool can be used without any cost. It allows to track new people easily who are retweeting your tweets.



Tweetreach is a paid tool, which provides tremendous amount of data for Twitter Analytics. It tracks the data in real time and keeps a tab on important metrics like tweets, hashtags, username etc. It provides excellent analysis of data and give valuable suggestions, for obtaining desired results. The plans are bit on the expensive side though. Tweet reach provides near accurate estimates of the number of times of retweets.



Hootsuite is one of many Twitter Tools available, which gathers and manages data across all platforms of social media. Multiple tabs can be created for various social media platforms. In a tab, important aspects of social media are displayed in columns (called as streams). Scheduling posts are easy to do with this tool. Since Hootsuite manages all major social media accounts, it is easier and time saving to post a single post across all platforms.



Buffer provides Drag-and-drop publishing interface and the ability to schedule your tweets at different time, days or even months. Being able to provide excellent customer care is its plus point. The analytical data can be exported in CSV files. However it does not gather data about users’ sentiment and social reach.



Mentionlytics provides mentions about your tweets in real time. It has Trello Integration and lists out top mentioners from across the web. The user interface is easy and provides important analysis of various parameters of Social Media Monitoring. The pricing plans are affordable for even startups and small medium brands.


Twitter has millions of users that makes it one of the best social media platforms to look for potential marketing leads. A successful marketing strategy is built around reaching the right people at the best time with the most insightful content. Towards achieving this, effective Twitter search is vital to track conversations around specific topics, brands or competitors and then leverage them to discover new market opportunities or increase marketing leads approach.


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Seeing this data is possible by performing simple search on Google or Social Media, but it's really hard to make sense of it, by looking it sparingly in this way. This is where Social Media Monitoring tools come into play. You can use a tool like this to automatically gather all this data for you everyday, analyze it, and give you useful insights that you can extremely helpful for your brand.

What's more, you can also get access to the same data for your competitors. Also, you can monitor keywords and phrases related to your industry, and this way you can get very useful consumer insights in real-time. These insights could cost hundreds of dollars to acquire from a research agency.

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