5 Things you Can (and Probably Should) Do with Social Media Monitoring

Surprisingly, even today, in the age of Social Media excess, many companies haven’t even heard of Social Media

Surprisingly, even today, in the age of Social Media excess, many companies haven’t even heard of Social Media Monitoring. You can even do it for free with a little (or a lot) more effort or you can use a dedicated tool for much more flexibility and much less effort. And no matter which way you do it or what tool you use, it can offer so much to your brand’s digital marketing efforts.

Let’s start with what Social Media Monitoring is: It is the monitoring of Social Media Services, such as Twitter or Facebook, for references to a keyword of your choice (“mention”). This keyword could be your Company name, one of your products, even your name.  It could however be expanded to many more things, such as your competitor’s name or products, a term used in your industry or even some specific keywords referring to one of your marketing campaigns.

The purpose of this article hoeever is to know what you are missing out if you don’t use it!
So let’s see the top 5 things you could be doing with Social Media Monitoring:

1 Reward people that say good things about your your Brand in Social Media

“Wow, I really love that XX product. You should try it!”. That’s something that someone could be saying about your product on Twitter, and maybe he didn’t use any hashtags because he didn’t do for your company to know, but out of excitement to share it with his friends. Without a Social Media Monitoring service you might never know about it. But now you do, and you can reward him by simply thanking him or offering him a gift for being your brand ambassador to his friends. He will probably be excited by your gesture and possibly share even more about your brand, maximizing the impact.1458786873_MedalGold

2 Improve problems and even prevent a Social Media Crisis

Well, no one is perfect and problems could arise anytime for many reasons. It’s critical to know about them, fix them and prevent them from spreading and making a bad name out of your brand! So, an apologetic reply could be your way to cool things down, or even better offer an actual fix on the situation, especially when they least expect you to. That could turn a hater into your best friend. Remember, great love can start with a fight (argument more like…)!


3 Know you enemies

Every healthy market has a number of players, and competition is part of the deal. As is the effort to always be ahead of the competitions, learn from their tactics, and even take advantage of their mistakes. By using as a monitoring term a competitor’s name you could be always up to date about what these guys are up to, and act accordingly or plan your next action.1458786605_Fight Club Soap

4 Find Marketing Leads

Looking for blogs, websites or Social Media profiles relating to your market? You can do this much less effortlessly by using a Social Media Monitoring tool to track some specific keywords from your industry, so you can find articles from sites and users interested in this topic. Opinion makers can also be tracked and talk to them to maybe become ambassadors of your brand/product.


5 Find customers!

Can Social Media Monitoring actually help you in the direct aqcuisition of new customers (Lead Generation) ? Well, yes of course it can! By monitoring keywords related to your market that people are using in Social Media or Forums you could contact them directly and offer them your solution. This is a kind semi-inbound marketing, where you offer your solution to someone who is actually looking for it, a very good start for a successful sale! So, a girl could be asking in her Twitter account for a recommendation on a Fitness Tracking App, well you can now recommend yours, maybe even offer her a discount. Please note however, that this actions should be handled with care, avoiding the look of an intrusive seller invading their privacy. It is usually not a good idea to use the official company profile, but a brand ambassador or Community Manager could do this much more nicely.1458787084_sale-shopping-bag

So, this is a list of some great things that you should probably be doing for your brand!

But is that all you can do with Social Media Monitoring? Definitely not. The list can be much wider but I tried to only include the most important things, that we believe a company SHOULD be doing. I plan to return soon with an article on more uses of Social Media Monitoring for your brand.

About Manos Perakakis

Manos is the co-founder of Mentionlytics. He has a PhD from Brunel University in User Experience and HCI. Also, he has also been teaching Digital Marketing and Web Design to Bachelor degree students for the past 9 years, as a lecturer in Hellenic Mediterranean University. • Follow Manos on TwitterCheck Manos on Linkedin