6 Social Media Analytics Tools You Need To Know About

6 Social Media Analytics Tools You Need To Know

There’s no denying the marketing efficacy of social media. Attracting almost half of the world’s population, coupled with

There’s no denying the marketing efficacy of social media. Attracting almost half of the world’s population, coupled with an average time spent of 3 hours – it provides marketers with a golden opportunity to amass increased exposure. As of 2019, 73% of marketers found social media marketing efficient. However, as social media continues to become a staple feature of our society – this number is bound to increase. Ultimately, your brand’s ability to build a steady following and engage customers with interactive content depends on your ability to make timely marketing decisions that are backed by relevant data and numbers. In fact, marketers are also often expected to justify the social media marketing spend and possible ROI to bosses and clients before they can even get their hands on the budget.

So it’s no wonder than measuring the performance of social media is the bane of their existence for many marketers. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Whether you specialize in only one social channel or think you can excel at them all, you can get the answers you need with the right social media analytics tools. These tools can give you meaningful analytics and in-depth insight into the viability of your online marketing campaigns while also providing you with the data you need to understand online sentiments, formulate winning social media strategies and marketing campaigns. Here are the top social media analytics tools to help you understand everything there is to know about monitoring and tracking your online success:

#1 Mentionlytics


If you are looking for a platform that helps you with brand reputation management, then Mentionlytics is the social media analytics tool for you. In fact, Mentionlytics makes it easier than ever to gain customer insight and tailor your marketing efforts to serve your customers better.

It lets brands leverage sentiment analysis to monitor and act on social media mentions of their brand and products. It is a user-friendly tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to differentiate genuine customers from fake bots, making it an excellent option for small and medium businesses and startups that often struggle with fake followers.

Additionally, track trending hashtags and brand-related conversations so that you can engage followers in real-time and foster positive conversations (and remedy negative ones) around your brand.

What’s more? Marketing teams can also identify key influencers in their industry using Mentionlytics – then invite them to act as brand spokespeople and enhance the reach of the messaging.

This platform also offers:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead attribution
  • Multi-channel data collection
  • Crisis detection
  • Personalized marketing recommendations
  • Scheduling and publishing for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Instant alerts about negative comments
  • White label reporting
  • PDF, PNG & Excel Reports


  • Startup – $39/month
  • Essential – $99/month
  • Advanced – $199/month
  • Pro – $299/month

#2 HootSuite Analytics


If you’re looking for social media analytics tools that organize data for you, then HootSuite may be right up your alley. Not only does it enable brands to measure and analyze their social media data, but it also provides comprehensive insights into your audiences’ behavioral patterns across different platforms.

Easily navigate the intuitive interface and browse over 200 key metrics, including comments, clicks, shares, reach, impressions, and video reach, and measure precisely how effective your social media content is.

Additionally, the platform fosters team collaboration and knowledge sharing by enabling project managers to measure team performance metrics, such as response time for mentions and comments, productivity, and resolution time for assigned posts. You can also instantly export reports on a wide range of platforms, including PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.

Hootsuite also offers:

  • Planning, creating, and scheduling posts
  • Content library
  • Hootsuite Academy training
  • Social engagement inbox


  • Professional – $19/month
  • Team – $99/month
  • Business – $599/month
  • Enterprise – contact for pricing

#3 Sprout Social


Need a social media analytics tool that can streamline your cross-channel promotional efforts? Try Sprout Social.

This social monitoring tool provides cross-channel social listening as well as hashtag and keyword research. Designed for enterprise use, marketers can use the platform to track how well their content is performing on a multitude of social networks through comprehensive reports.

Whether you need to track your reach on Facebook, estimate your Twitter link clicks, or measure your Instagram impressions… or know your impact on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more – you monitor all your social media analytics from a single source with Sprout Social.

It also offers a wide range of templates and customizable report options, which makes it possible to present your data to clients and marketing heads in easy-to-understand formats.

Sprout Social also offers:

  • Conversation management
  • Content publishing
  • Social engagement inbox


  • Standard – $99/month
  • Professional – $149/month
  • Advanced – $249/month

#4 Agorapulse


Need a solution to boost your Twitter marketing initiatives? Agorapulse is a fantastic analytics tool that offers social media management for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more importantly, Twitter.

Agorapulse can help you execute all your social media tasks virtually, and from a single dashboard. Not only does the platform offer impressive Twitter reporting functionality, but it also has in-depth reporting features for your mentions, Tweets, retweets, and favorites – along with many other engagement statistics.

Agorapulse’s chrome plugin makes it super easy to simultaneously schedule and post content across all your profiles at once. Quickly determine the ROI of your marketing campaigns data that’s readily available on your dashboard, and also track the performance of the previous year’s strategy.

However, the platform only offers social listening for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That said, Agorapulse’s message management features are great for tracking and respond to mentions and messages: review, respond to, label, and assign messages instantly.

Agorapulse also offers:

  • Team management
  • Shared calendar
  • Publishing and scheduling
  • Built-in CRM features


  • Medium – $79/month
  • Large – $159/month
  • X-Large – $239/month
  • Enterprise – $399/month

#5 Falcon.io


Are you looking for a platform that allows you to track pretty much everything?

Falcon.io is a CRM and social media analytics tool that offers extensive community management and analytics capabilities for businesses working in retail, travel and leisure, music, and sports.

Whether you need to track hashtags, accounts, and keywords, Falcon.io lets you access analytics such as reach, mentions, and top posts. Built for enterprise-level and medium-sized organizations, the platform allows you to manage customer relationships across multiple channels on a single platform.

A unique feature from Falcon.io is the User Profile Card, which captures important customer information every time they interact with your brand. Thus, you gain deep insight into who your customers are, where they engage with your brand, and how to personalize customer experiences for laser-focused targeting.

Falcon.io also offers:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Social analytics automation
  • Content management
  • Customer targeting


  • Essentials – from $129/month
  • Full Suite – custom pricing

#6 Meltwater



Need a social media analytics tool to boost your engagement? Meltwater can help you monitor mentions and industry conversations about your brand.

It helps you connect and communicate with positive conversations around your brand and vet influencers who can help you spread your message with CRM tools to measure your ROI.

Get instantly notified about news and updates about your brands with Meltwater’s email alerts. It’s also possible to easily filter and prospect through a wide range of accounts to find influencers that fit your brand the best.

All in all, this tool helps you analyze data from a variety of social media platforms and leverage one-click reports to demonstrate your online performance and share it with teams instantly.

Meltwater also offers:

  • Media monitoring
  • Social listening
  • Social engagement and publishing
  • Influencer management
  • Newswire distribution


  • Contact for custom pricing

Ready To Tracking The ROI Of Your Social Media Platforms?


Your social media strategy is a critical aspect of your online success – but you need quantifiable ways to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives to ensure that you are on the right track.

Social media analytics can not only help your brand measure how good your posts are at engaging audiences, but it can also verify whether your strategy is on track.

Are you leveraging social media analytics tools to measure your online branding’s success? If not, why not monitor your brand with Mentionlytics?

We analyze your data and provide you with in-depth, relevant insights so you can create and implement proven strategies that boost your engagement and win new clients.

Contact us today for a free trial and start a partnership that could potentially last a lifetime.

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