Donald Trump uses a social media monitoring app for a surprising reason

Hint: It's yellow!

Mentionlytics, an advanced web & social media monitoring service, has released an announcement indicating that President Donald Trump is now a subscriber to their online platform.

The service is primarily used for listening to what’s being said online about a brand or public figure. So, whenever someone posts something on a website or a social media platform, the subscriber can get notified and see these mentions in a Google Analytics-style dashboard.

When Mentionlytics was enquired about what topics Mr Trump is monitoring with their service, the company’s spokesperson replied:

“Mr Trump is mostly concerned for mentions to his hair. This is not a surprise as this is a very popular topic on the Internet, getting more than 2000 mentions per day as we can see from our statistics.”


The spokesman has also added:

“Our R&D team is also working on a new Mentionlytics feature, which will use advanced image recognition technology to discover images of mr Trump’s hair on websites and Instagram photos!”

When President Trump was questioned on the matter he briefly replied: “April fools.” Well, maybe Mr Trump isn’t really using Mentionlytics to monitor what’s been said about his hair, but you can still try Mentionlytics for finding out more meaningful stuff about your brand! Try it here.

About Manos Perakakis

Manos is the co-founder of Mentionlytics. He has a PhD from Brunel University in User Experience and HCI. Also, he has also been teaching Digital Marketing and Web Design to Bachelor degree students for the past 9 years, as a lecturer in Hellenic Mediterranean University. • Follow Manos on TwitterCheck Manos on Linkedin