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Facebook Analytics: How Social Media Monitoring Provides Vital Insights

Facebook is widely known as the world’s leading platform for social media. Having over a billion unique visits

Facebook is widely known as the world’s leading platform for social media. Having over a billion unique visits each month, it collects an extreme amount of data from its visitors. These organized data, such as age group, preferences, location, and the gender of its visitors, are vitally important for Facebook that deduces useful information.

The process of obtaining relevant information from such sorts of data can be extremely beneficial for optimizing the social media strategy of businesses. Metrics such as, which type of content is liked by most users, the time of the day when maximum people are online, etc. can provide insights on how to achieve global reach among people via Facebook.

Facebook Analytics is defined as the process of inspecting all sorts of data gathered from Facebook so that it helps a user to achieve worldwide global reach, while also allowing to obtain a significant number of backlinks from unique visitors, along with the possibility of Lead Generation.

The importance of Social Media Monitoring Tools

More and more people are engaging on social media platforms than ever before. With more users, comes along abundant data like tweets, posts, likes, shares, etc. Social Media Analysis provides all such relevant information about a particular brand or page in a simple user interface, thus allowing us to analyze of data and create unique strategies for marketing on social media. In this respect, social media monitoring tools are able to access data from various social media accounts, like Facebook, as well as other relevant forums and Web sites for qualitative analysis. With such data, a brand can research, and analyze various metrics of Facebook analysis like:

  • Users’ preferred topic for discussion
  • Rush hour of users online
  • Users’ geographical location
  • Reasons for disliking a specific post

Although there are many more metrics, social media monitoring tools provide valuable information, by evaluating most of them and giving valuable insights for effective marketing strategies of a business to increase qualified Leads.

Why are the above metrics important?

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To explain the importance of the above-mentioned metrics, let us discuss them in detail.

checked Users’ preferred topic for discussion.

“Engagement—whether the type that implies “acting” on your post by commenting, liking, or sharing it or the type that is more “passive,” such as watching the video, zooming on a photo, or clicking on a link—is probably an important metric to focus on if you are serious about measuring your Page’s performance” [socialmediaexaminer]. This is the most important metric in Facebook Analysis. People wish to read and share topics, which are trending, by providing some sort of useful information in a direct or indirect way. Posting irrelevant content or content with the ultimate intention of advertising anything (including the brand or services) can hamper the popularity of a page. Posts that are relevant, hot trending, and at the very least, free of push marketing, can prove to be extremely engaging among readers, simply because, the emphasis is to provide something useful to them. Users also love to associate with brands that are willing to provide useful service to the community without the greed of gaining financial rewards from it.

checked Rush hour of users online.

“According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, American Facebook users spend an average of 40 minutes daily on the service. Therefore, getting in front of consumers during that dedicated time can make all the difference for your business. Posting consistently can ensure that your fans will remain interested in your brand while allowing them a means to communicate with you in real-time” [bryankramer]. For maximum reach and ultimately the possibility of a higher number of lead generations, it is vitally important to keep a tab on this metric. Even content worth thousands of likes and shares, might not fulfill its potential if it is posted at times when the majority of users are offline.

checked Users’ geographical location.

Geographical location of users provides insights about their habits, likings, beliefs, lifestyles, as well as other elements also. This metric is vital in creating a Facebook marketing strategy, which needs to be targeted to audiences of a particular region. It helps people to associate themselves with the subject to gain their trust, which ultimately leads them to share the posts with the maximum number of people.

checked Reasons for disliking a specific post.

Although the above factors are vitally important for an effective Facebook marketing strategy, the utmost important metric in the context of Facebook Analysis is “reasons for people disliking, unsubscribing a post or Facebook page.” [postplanner]

There are many reasons for people disliking a post. However, the common ones include too many advertisements or posting controversial topics with the sole intent of gaining attention. It is hard to provide the need of every particular user, but social media monitoring tools are able to evaluate metrics for the vast majority of users’ preferences. A Facebook page that has millions of likes and shares, can virtually lead itself to the nonexistent stage, by employing wrongful tactics or tactics which are against the spirit of the majority of its readers. Such tactics can be easily brought to users’ awareness with the help of a tool.

Another common reason for people disliking a Facebook page is due to ineffective communication with more knowledgeable people when they are not particularly up to date with the content of the page. The content must always be simple and understandable as the audience does not necessarily need to have the knowledge, it is there to acquire knowledge. [socialmediaexaminer]

Facebook Analytics Monitoring

<div>Icons made by <a href="" title="Freepik">Freepik</a> from <a href="" title="Flaticon"></a> is licensed by <a href="" title="Creative Commons BY 3.0" target="_blank">CC 3.0 BY</a></div>In this direction and by taking into account all the above-mentioned reasons for the adoption by a brand of an effective social media strategy, there are several brand monitoring tools that are able to efficiently evaluate Facebook analytics and provide valuable insights.

Mentionlytics is one of them that provides web and social media monitoring services with the utmost accuracy. This tool runs providing Facebook insights, while a few of its key parameters include, an easy-to-use interface, the ability to monitor a plethoric number of Web sites, gathering data from all social media platforms, and presenting them in a structured manner to the user. With its incredible crawling capacity, it provides real-time updates about new posts, shares, and likes, as well as additional metrics from Facebook and other social media platforms. The subscription plans are affordable for even startups and small businesses, providing a free trial of the supported services.

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Digital marketer/marketers usually evaluate two main metrics, like the post Reach and the page likes. While they should be aware of those analytics, it is also important to understand the number of fans that the posts reach, how many of those fans are engaged, and what types of clicks the posts receive.

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