How to Achieve Efficient Social Media Tracking

Social media tracking (also known as social media analysis) is defined as the process of identifying and analyzing

Social media tracking (also known as social media analysis) is defined as the process of identifying and analyzing what is being said about an individual or company on the social media. The information that is gathered from the social media platforms is used by brands to develop a better understanding of how their customers think and feel about them

This is essential for any business because it helps them draw up an improved public and social media marketing plan.



How is social media tracking done?

The process of social media tracking itself is a complicated one that involves the following steps:

  • Data gathering: Today, there are numerous social media channels (such as blogs and social media networks) that hold enormous amounts of data. For social media tracking, the right information (according to the business requirements) has to be extracted from this data in a process known as social listeningKeywords (such as brand name and product name) are used as a basis for finding data on the social media platforms. This is a complex and rigorous task for social media tracking experts that require a great deal of effort and time.
  • Data analysis: The next step that is carried out is the analysis of the data, which has been gathered. For organizations, the data that is gathered in the first step is difficult to interpret and understand because of its massive size. This is why the data is assessed to convert it into useful information and statistics for the company. Consumer insight, brand monitoring, reputation management and consumer segmentation are some of the examples of information that brands get from this phase of social media tracking.
  • Sentiment analysis: Though this is not an integral part of social media tracking, it is still carried out by most social media monitoring experts. This form of analysis is done through Natural Language Processing (NLP) that is the computerized processing of the human language. This analysis provides a measure of the attitude, emotional state and intended emotional communication of a user, when they talk about a particular brand. Due to the intricate steps involved in sentiment analysis, experts make use of social media tracking tools to assist them in the process.

Why use social media tracking tools?

With time, the social media has grown to become one of the leading platforms for information transmission. Billions of people today actively use the social media networks [smartinsights], such as Twitter and Facebook. This gives us a fair estimate of how vast is the data present on these social communities. It also explains how difficult it is for social media tracking experts to keep up with the rapidly progressing social media.

The primary challenges faced by these experts are methodological constraints and feasibility. Social media platforms are consistently changing and adopting newer technologies that make it impractical for professionals to use the same methods for data collection. This is where social media tracking tools come in handy. They facilitate the monitoring process by providing utilities that assist these experts in gathering, analyzing and representing data from social media.

Social media tracking tools simplify the process of monitoring activity on the social media for businesses. They keep track (in real time) of when and where your business (or its products) are mentioned on the social media and offer a range of social media analytics to provide you with vital information as insight for the future social media strategies. All you need to do is to integrate these tools into your business social media campaign for enhanced researched and improved decision-making.

What are the best social media tracking tools?

There are countless social media tracking tools available today and it can be quite difficult to choose the best among them. Some of the most important factors that go into a monitoring tool are pricing, functionality and reliability. To assist you in choosing the right tool for your business, we have put together a list of some of the best social media tracking tools:

Social Mention:


A social media monitoring tool that allows you to select the sources of information and search for mentions according to defined keywords. You can set the alerts to be sent to your email regularly and export the results for analysis as well. It also has an advanced search and filter tool that allows you to search specific keywords for regional content too.



One of the most common social media tracking tools is HootSuite. The tool keeps track of the top chatter on social media platforms in real time. It also gives you a Klout score that is a statistic calculated, by assessing your social media following, popularity and other factors.





Designed for the Australian markets, Dialogix is a paid tracking service that shows you everything that is being said about your brand, in real time. The tool shows sentiment scores with each mention and also populates a database of the most-active consumers along with their contact details so that you can reach out to them.



A comprehensive tool that has a social media spectrum of over a 100 million websites. The service presents you with the latest updates about your business from the social media and combines it with data-driven insights to give you the perfect monitoring solution.




Mentionlytics is arguably one of the best social media tracking tools available today. From small businesses and public figures to large enterprises, Mentionlytics has a social media optimization plan for everyone. Offering some of the best rates in the market, the tool features real-time tracking of social media activity related to your brand. This powerful tool also provides in-depth analysis of information to help you find sales leads and top influencers for your business on the social media.

You can also join in on conversations on the popular social media networks and forums to talk to potential customers and experts about your brand. Not only do you increase your social media presence (and thus attract more customers) but you also find solutions and improved strategies for marketing your brand on the social media as well.

All in all, Mentionlytics is the perfect tool for anyone that is looking to keep a close watch on social media activity related to their brand. The tool comes with amazing features that are available at incredibly low rates, which are suitable for individuals and small businesses, as well as large organizations.

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