The 2018 Best Tools for Social Media Apps Auto Posts

The 21st century has seen businesses move into digital marketing in full swing. One of the main digital

The 21st century has seen businesses move into digital marketing in full swing. One of the main digital marketing platforms being used is social media apps. Big and small startups want to make sure they are not left out on social media marketing.

On the other side, customers are spending more time on social media. So what does this mean for businesses? Definitely, they have to shift their focus and attention where their existing and potential clients are!

While trying to do so, it is becoming challenging to manage posts on different social media apps. This is basically because the target clients are using different social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wechat, and Snap, just to mention a few.

Imagine a brand that wants to grow its customer base through social media. It’s important for the digital marketing manager to make sure content is shared on the different social media apps. This can be a daunting task if the company doesn’t have a social media post automation tool.

Basically, the social media auto post tools have made it easier for brands to mark their presence on different social media apps.

So, which are the best tools to auto-post on social media apps in 2018?

Keep reading to find out.

#1 Hootsuite

HootSuite is a social media management tool that was created in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. Arguably, HootSuite is one of the top applications for managing social media apps post automation.  This is because it supports all the major social media apps that businesses are using in 2018. Compared to several other auto post tools, Hootsuite has wider coverage and so most preferred. Whether you are handling multiple posts or an agency handling hundreds, Hootsuite is the best application. (Kley)

Secondly, consider the integration power offered by HootSuite. For instance, Mentionlytics and HootSuite integration allows social media marketers to enhance their digital marketing. The Mentionlytics application allows you to monitor and listen to your brand mentions on social media. On the other side, Hootsuite allows auto posting or what we refer to as scheduling capabilities. Isn’t this great for any digital marketing manager?

Ease of use is another compelling reason why you will love auto posting using the Hootsuite tool. The Hootsuite auto post functionality is readily available on the dashboard making it easier for users to compose and auto-schedule their post. Therefore, instead of manually selecting the time to schedule a post you can make use of the Hootsuite AutoSchedule tool.

Here is a summary of the cool features that Hootsuite offers.

  • Auto scheduling of posts on all the major social media apps from one dashboard
  • Capabilities to integrate with other social media monitoring apps, e.g. Mentionlytics
  • Ability to share your posts on the social media platforms
  • Bulky posts scheduling
  • Track re-shares by your followers

HootSuite is available for download online, and you get a free trial to check it out for the first time. Then you can subscribe to other packages depending on your needs.  Whether for professional or personal use Hootsuite is a great tool and worth a try.

#2 Sprout Social

The Sprout social tool allows businesses to effortlessly plan and organize sharing of content on social media apps. This auto posts tool offers a great solution for small businesses and large enterprises. The tool has powerful features to allow marketers to send out posts to major social media platforms from just one interface. Therefore, marketers don’t need to keep jumping from one social media app to another. By simply scheduling your posts across all social media networks you are able to achieve your social media marketing goals from just one platform.

You can make use of Sprout Social to schedule, queue, and publish posts from their web application, use it as a browser extension or even download mobile applications. Therefore, no matter your preferred view, Sprout social will have you covered. You can log on to your account from any browser or simply keep the mobile app with you, by installing it on your mobile device.

Sprout Social allows you to define user permission. Therefore, you can easily manage which user has the rights to post on your social media platforms.

Here is a summary of the exciting features you will get from sprout social.

  • An amazing view from the main dashboard.
  • Access to an in-depth reporting system. So you can view your posts engagements
  • Take advantage of RSS scheduling capabilities which is ideal for bloggers
  • Available on your Google Chrome, the browser extension, and mobile app store
  • Flexible plans to choose from
  • Calendar feature allows you to view what is being published on any given day.

Download the Sprout Social tool today and choose your preferred plan based on your user needs.

#3 Buffer App

The Buffer social media marketing tool is commonly used by bloggers and entrepreneurs to auto post on social media apps. Therefore, if you are getting started with social media posts management, this is a good platform where you can get started. You will be able to take your social media posts and engagements to the next level by simply using this tool. So what does buffer offer social media marketers?

Buffer allows marketers to place their posts in a queue. These posts are sent out automatically by buffer as per the posting schedule created. You simply need to select the social media account that you want to customize the posting schedule for and create the preferred schedule. Buffer allows you to choose the time zones that suit your account and you can as well set customized days for posting.

In addition, Buffer can automatically schedule and send posts provided you have added them to the queue. The posts will stay in the queue and wait to be posted. However, you can customize the posting time to ensure you take advantage of the peak times.

Here is a summary of the features you can take advantage of by using Buffer:

  • A powerful post composing dashboard that is media friendly
  • Ability to customize the post schedule
  • Get detailed post statistics allowing you to view engagement statistics.
  • You don’t need to schedule every single post separately
  • Free Buffer plan for small businesses allowing up to 10 posts per account.

#4 Sendible

The Sendible tool is an appropriate tool for engaging with your audience and brand monitoring on social networks. It is a dashboard based social media app management application, and it is ideal for agency-level employment. You can use the application for scheduling content for multiple clients. This includes individual posts or even bulky posts on social media apps.

Sendible also comes with an interactive calendar. Therefore, you can schedule your posts using the interactive calendar feature. This is a powerful feature that allows you to adhere to a pre-defined social media marketing strategy and also to queue posts to optimize posting periods.

Sendible allows you to make adjustments to posts and you can recycle posts with repeating schedules. It has the ability to analyze posts that you have already shared on social media. Through this analysis, you get recommendations on the best content that you can recycle to gain higher follower engagement.

The Sendible dashboard has a robust user management feature to allow marketing teams to delegate time-sensitive tasks, assign workflows to team members, approve content by team managers, and also share customer profiles.

You can use Sendible web application, or take advantage of the mobile application. The Sendible mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or App store for iPhone. It comes with flexible plans that suit user’s needs appropriately.

Here is a summary of the best features that you get using Sendible application:

  • Posting on multiple platforms
  • Able to manage teams and send reports to managers while using live reports update
  • Allows marketing specialists to handle multiple client accounts
  • Uses content review and approval system which is ideal for team collaboration
  • An easy to navigate the dashboard
  • Comes with a content recommendation engine

#5 Dlvr.It

The Dlvr.It application allows you to deliver your posts to your followers effortlessly. Just like the mentions above you can put your social media management on autopilot. This means you spend less time on your social media posting desk. Ultimately you will have more time to concentrate on other marketing agenda.

With the Dlvr.It application, you will be able to connect any RSS feeds to your social media profiles. This means any blog posts can be shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social media apps.

Dlvr.It allows you to automatically recycle social media posts and it is also media friendly. In addition, you will have the ability to create bulk posts and schedule them for posting. For instance, you can import and schedule 100+ tweets and Google+ posts into your social media queue. This social media management tool also enables you to customize posts using the hashtag tool and attribution.  So, what makes this a unique social media scheduling tool?

Here are the features you will enjoy while using the tool.

  • Favorite content auto-sharing through RSS feeds
  • Promoted social media stories at an affordable fee, allowing you to spread your reach to a wider network base.
  • Ability to filter the content that shared via this application
  • Connect to Google Analytics custom tracking codes. This allows you to track your click through and conversions.


#6 Tweet Deck

This is a popular social media dashboard for the marketers using Twitter social media app. It has been around for a long time now. The application was previously supporting Facebook but recently underwent a major tweaking. The app has an interactive interface making it one of the easiest social media management tools. You can access Tweet Deck via Google Chrome, iPhone application as well as Android application. The application is also supported on windows app and Mac app, allowing users to monitor lists, user’s engagements and trending stories on the same dashboard. Here is a screenshot of Tweet Deck showing the different views.

One major advantage of Tweet Deck is that it is a free application. What price can beat free?


#7 SocialOomph

With Socialoomph managers don’t have to undergo manual posting, which consumes a lot of time. You can send out your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and several other social media platforms. There are thousands of clients already using this application for social media posting.

With SocialOomph, You can plan and schedule your social media posts as per your marketing plan, as well as track keywords using the tool. To save you from hours of tweeting, you can create and save posts so that you schedule at a later date. The tool allows you to also schedule blog posts and therefore ideal for bloggers.

Reporting is easier with the SocialOomph application, and this includes e-mail reports delivered to your inbox. The tool comes with a free plan, and there is also a paid plan. However, the free plan has limited features, which are more inclined towards Twitter management (Wordstream).


To Sum Up

Social media management tools allow you to automate your posts. In the current age of digital marketing, social media marketers can take advantage of the above tools. These tools have different capabilities when it comes to social media auto posting.

If you are just getting started with social media posts scheduling, you can sign up for the free plan and update to professional plan after the trial period. The two different plans offer you different exciting features that you can take advantage of to improve your social media marketing experience. Social media marketing agencies are among the top users of these apps.

Through the use of these auto post tools, an agency can automate posts for different client accounts by considering the best times to post on social media. Basically, the tools make it simple for the agencies to manage accounts for different clients while ensuring all the clients they serve are smiling throughout.


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