The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags in 2018

In addition to using popular hashtags, you have to ensure you are knowledgeable of the best hashtag marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms that brands use for marketing their products. Statistics show that many successful brands are using popular Instagram hashtags to reach out to their target audience.

This is based on the high number of Instagram users and the different marketing tools that Instagram offers marketers. Did you know that Instagram has over 500 million daily active users (lyfe marketing)? These successful brands choose the most popular Instagram hashtags that are relevant to their brand.

In this regard, brands should ensure that they find the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018. In addition, a business needs to ensure the hashtag is relevant to their brand. For instance, if you are in photography, you need to find a popular Instagram hashtag that relates to your core business. In this case, it has to be a popular photography hashtag! Otherwise, you might not get maximum engagements, and you might also be reaching an irrelevant audience.

In this article, we share the most popular Instagram hashtags in different categories. These are the top Instagram hashtags that your brand can take advantage of to achieve the 2018 goals. In addition to using popular hashtags, you have to ensure you are knowledgeable of the best hashtag marketing practices. Therefore, scroll down for some of the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018.

Most Popular Generic Instagram Hashtags

There are several general top Instagram hashtags that are ideal for brands that want to increase their following. Basically, a generic Instagram hashtag doesn’t focus on any specific niche. Instead, these top Instagram hashtags are generalized and therefore will reach the maximum number of people on Instagram irrespective of the person’s interest.

A major challenge when using generic Instagram hashtags is making sure that your post is seen by many people. This is based on the fact that these popular top Instagram hashtags are exceedingly popular. New posts are sent out using these popular Instagram hashtags by the second and Instagram stores them chronologically. Therefore, if you are an artist and you use the generic Instagram hashtags, don’t be surprised if your post is not easily visible after a minute or so.

As a good practice, it is important to use these popular generic Instagram hashtags along with more niche specific Instagram hashtag. Therefore, if you are an artist, search for the most popular Instagram hashtag in 2018 that suits your post. Then add the generic top hashtags to your post to maximize engagements. Here is a list showing some of the most popular generic Instagram hashtags in 2018.

Popular Generic Hashtags


Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for Photographers in 2018

Photography is one of the popular topics on Instagram. Don’t forget that Instagram is a visual social media platform! For photographers using Instagram to market their services, they have an added advantage if they carefully select the trending hashtags. There are several amateurs and professional photographers who have achieved success through Instagram marketing. Therefore, for beginners, it is important to ensure you find popular hashtags that best suits their niche. This also applies to the established photographers.

A major challenge that photographers will face is being able to ensure your photo stands out. Basically, there are many different photos posted on Instagram every minute and on a daily basis. However, through carefully selecting trending hashtag one can achieve exposure of their work. Don’t forget that persistence is the key to boosting your Instagram presence.  Note that the generic top Instagram hashtags are good for those photographers, who want to increase their followers.

For the photographers, you might want to use the top Instagram hashtags that are categorized for certain content. Ideally, these are popular photography Instagram hashtags that suit certain content. There are also the community hashtags that are used by members of the specific community. Ideally, when choosing the hashtag, it is good to narrow down to hashtags that best suit the content you are posting. Remember that Instagram allows you to use several hashtags in one post. Therefore, you might post using a community hashtag or use the generic photography hashtag.

Here is a list of some of these popular Instagram hashtags in 2018 that best suits photographers.

Popular Photographers Hashtags


Most Popular Fashion Instagram Hashtags for 2018

The fashion industry is growing tremendously. It is therefore important for those brands in the fashion industry to take advantage of the best marketing tools. Whether you are a fashion blogger or a fashion designer, hashtags offer you the best approach to keeping your audience engaged. These will help them to compete effectively, and so they can achieve their 2018 growth goals.

Before we list the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018 that suits those in the fashion industry, it is important to highlight that defining your target audience is the most basic step. Consider that there are different role players in the fashion industry. We have those who design clothes, we have the sellers, and we also have the fashion advisers. These are just some of the role players within the fashion industry. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you define the type of audience that you want to reach. Here are the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018.

Popular Fashion Hashtags


The Most Popular Food and Drink Instagram Hashtags in 2018

The food and drinks industry is also becoming popular in social media. There are various Instagram hashtags that are used to post content that best suits audience for this industry. The food and drink Instagram hashtags can be used by food manufacturers or even by restaurant owners.

For instance, take a restaurant owner who wants to advertise their business on Instagram. The restaurant owner can capitalize on hashtags to target local audience who are also posting and reading content posted on specific Instagram hashtags. Therefore, as locals browse through their Instagram profiles, they come across those appetizing posts and happen to be hungry at the moment. Remember that an image of your favorite meal is most likely to make a person feel hungry.  The restaurant owner will have landed new clients inform of online orders or foot traffic to the restaurant.

There are the bloggers who are interested in educating people about food and drinks. These too can take advantage of the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018 that suit the food and drinks enthusiasts. Therefore, by posting their content and including these 2018 popular Instagram hashtags, they can reach the target audience. Remember that the general or what we call generic top Instagram hashtags will also help in driving engagements.

Popular Food & Drink Hashtags



Popular Entertainment Instagram Hashtags in 2018

For some people, Instagram is generally an entertainment platform. For others, it is a marketing platform. Under this section, we are talking about the entertainment industry. Therefore, we will be referring to the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018 that are used by artists, musicians, actors and generally those interested in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment top Instagram hashtags are basically very important for artists. Therefore, if you would like to promote your new 2018 record, you would like to use these popular hashtags. Also, those who would like to follow new 2018 movies from their favorite actors and actress can find relevant content by making use of these popular Instagram hashtags. These include the following:

Popular Entertainment Hashtags



Popular Follow, Like and Comment Hashtags on Instagram in 2018

If you love Instagram, then definitely you would like to ensure you have the highest number of followers. This is basically because of the potential that Instagram has a marketing platform. Ideally, businesses look for the individuals with the highest number of followers to market their products. In addition, a high number of likes and comments will also show that you can influence a high number of people to buy a product. For this reason, you might want to find out the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018 that will help to maximize the followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

On the other side, businesses want to ensure they are reaching the highest number of potential followers. New businesses also want to grow the number of followers rapidly to ensure they have a high potential for making sales. So how do they achieve this goal in 2018? Basically, they should take advantage of the most popular 2018 follow, like, and comment hashtags.

These two groups can achieve their ambition by using the following popular hashtags whenever they are posting on Instagram.

Popular Follow, Like & Comment Hashtags


The Most Popular Sports Hashtags on Instagram in 2018

Sporting is a career and a lucrative business. It’s not only an entertaining sector but also a sector that employs thousands of people. Fans want to connect with their favorite sports heroes through Instagram, and therefore it is important to know the right hashtags that sports personalities are using. In addition, there are different sports activities taking place in 2018, and sports fans want to show support by posting using the most popular Instagram hashtags for the specific game.

There are also several entrepreneurs, who sell sporting gear and different merchandise. To ensure they make the highest profits, they use Instagram marketing to reach the right audience. The best approach is to use the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018. Therefore, it makes sense to know the most popular Instagram hashtags that relate to sports.

Note that some of these hashtags are specific to certain sporting activities while others are just generic. Therefore, it is important that one defines the target audience so as to ensure they are posting on the right forum. If you are targeting football fanatics, you are better off choosing the hashtag that suits footballers and their fan. If you use the hashtags that suits those in cricket, while the content relates to football, it is not possible to achieve your target goal.

Therefore, note that content that you intend to share should be suitable for the audience that uses the specific sporting hashtag. Here are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018.

Popular Sports Hashtags



To Sum Up

Studies show that 92% of marketers report that social media marketing has helped their business (social media examiner). Exposing exposure and increasing traffic are the most common benefits of social media marketing. The Instagram hashtag is an example of a tool that can be used to derive brand exposure. Brands should carefully research the hashtags before using them. This will help to ensure that the hashtag used has the maximum potential to attract an audience to read or view the content.

Basically, if the content posted doesn’t seem to be relevant to the audience that uses the hashtag, chances are that the brand will not achieve the marketing goals. Therefore, it is important to conduct an in-depth research about the hashtag before using it.

It is important to watch for the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2018. This will help to ensure the brand achieves maximum exposure. Note that some hashtags are commonly used, but they are not popular among the audience. Therefore, businesses can choose to borrow from the above list of popular Instagram hashtags. By so doing, there is a high potential that the business will achieve high engagement and increased traffic.

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