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From what I understand you only get mentions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube? What about the other Social Media?

Currently, we are focusing on these 5 Social Media, for which we have special reporting and advanced functionality but that does not mean that our results are limited to these only! Our web report finds mentions on ANY website, including social media sites such as Pinterst, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. and these will be reported to you as website mentions. However, our plan is to enable advanced functionality for most Social Media in the immediate future. We are actually already working on full Instagram integration which will be available soon at no extra cost for our existing clients!

I 've heard that Facebook does not allow mention search anymore through it's API, so how do you provide Facebook mention reporting.
Most Brand Monitoring tools I've tried typically limit their web results to News sites and Blogs. I would like more results from any website, is this possible with Mentionlytics?
I want to track one of my competitor as well with Mentionlytics, can I do that?
Can I create reports in PDF and send them to my clients/colleagues ?