GDPR Compliance

How Mentionlytics has complied with GDPR

Privacy Policy

  • A new Privacy Policy has been released to fully comply with EU regulations on personal data protection (GDPR).
  • Mentionlytics customers’ personal data is processed and stored, in accordance with strict regulations, ensuring privacy and security.
  • All the required tests have been performed in Mentionlytics application to ensure compliance with GDPR.
  • Mentionlytics customers are notified about the collection of their personal data and for what purposes is processed.
  • Mentionlytics services are provided using data from social media applications via APIs. Such data is public and permission for its use has been obtained.
  • A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR (e-mail: privacy[at] . 

Regarding GDPR aspects of:

Data Encryption: Mentionlytics encrypts customers’ personal data both at rest and in transit.

Vulnerability Management: Mentionlytics applies a solid vulnerability management process across the entire system.

Backups and Penetration Tests: Mentionlytics performs daily backups and regular penetration tests to identify any security issues and resolve them.

Attackers Detection: Mentionlytics exploits customers’ access logs analytics to detect anomalous account activity within its environment, for further investigation.

Right to be forgotten: Mentionlytics users can email to privacy[at] if they need their personal data to be removed from our database. Such requests are processed with the highest possible priority.

Data Retention Policy & Personal Data Processing: Personal data is only kept for as long as it is necessary. After ten days for demo accounts and 3 months for trial users, the data is securely destroyed or anonymized. Mentionlytics processes customers’ personal data, according to the GDPR requirements after their consent and registration.

Incident Response Team & Data Protection Office: An incident response team acts in case of an incident in the midst of an attack. This team is in charge of protecting customers’ personal data against unauthorized access by third parties. Mentionlytics has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who is in charge of the privacy policy and GDPR compliance issues.

Breach Notification: Any breaches of personal data of Mentionlytics customers will be reported to the authorities and affected individuals without delay, according to the GDPR requirements.