Hashtags are a crucial element in social media strategy, helping categorize and amplify your content. Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms, here’s how you can maximize their impact:

1. Categorize and Contextualize: Use hashtags to categorize and provide context to your posts. This allows your content to be discovered by users interested in specific topics, events, or themes.

2. Expand Your Reach: Increase the visibility of your posts by incorporating relevant hashtags. For instance, if you’re sharing moments from a vacation in Santorini, include popular hashtags like #Santorini to reach a broader audience exploring that topic.

Example 1 (No Hashtag): Enjoyed our Santorini holiday, check out our photo tour of the island!

Example 2 (Basic Hashtags): Enjoyed our #Santorini #holiday, check out our amazing #phototour!

Example 3 (Enhanced Hashtags): Enjoyed our #Santorini #holiday, check out our amazing #phototour! #Greece #GreekIsland #Picturesque

Note: Keep it balanced, using two to four hashtags at most to maintain readability.

3. Engage Influencers and New Audiences: Leverage popular hashtags to connect with influencers and tap into their followers. When users click on a trending hashtag, your post can appear alongside others, exposing your content to a wider audience.

4. Optimize for X (Twitter) Ads: If you’re running X (Twitter) ads, consider the context. In the case of advertisements, research found that tweets without a # or @-mention generate 23% more clicks. The reason? Hashtags and @-mentions give people more places to click inside a tweet instead of focusing solely on a call-to-action. However, for organic reach, hashtags significantly boost engagement.

My advice is to omit hashtags for ads but embrace them for regular tweets to maximize reach and interaction.

How to find the best performing hashtags?

Not all hashtags are created equal, so finding the best performing hashtags is an important step in supercharging your posts’ performance. Mentionlytics has got you covered on that of course! The following reports will show you the best performing hashtags to use in your posts:

  1. Top Hashtags Report for your brand: List of your best performing hashtags (order by engagement) that you have previously used in your posts from people mentioning you.
  2. Top Hashtags Report of your competitors: Find the best performing hashtags your competitors use in just a single click! Just make sure you have set up your competitors for monitoring. Click here to see how to add your competitors, if you haven’t done so.
  3. Top Hashtags Report in your Industry: Using keywords related to your industry as Marketing Leads can be useful in multiple ways. This report will show you hashtags that are popular in your industry. Click here to see how to add Topics related to your industry if you haven’t done already.

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