Why Choose Mentionlytics?

Know Your Audience

Manage Crises

Analyse Performance of Social Media Campaigns

Work with Niche-specific Media Houses

Collaborate with Right Ambassadors

Improve your Social Media Presence

Raise Funds

Share Updated Report with Sponsors

Unlimited Research Scope

Know Your Audience Insights

As it is impossible to interact with all of your followers on social media, analyzing your audience can be a daunting task. Mentionlytics overview dashboard provides all the necessary information that you need to fathom their persona and expectations to plan future campaigns and connect better.


Liaise with Niche-specific Media Houses

Securing local and relevant mass media support is vital to spread your word to a larger audience. Mentionlytics helps you identify the media houses that resonate with your cause and can take it to a new level.

Raise Funds 

There might be a communication gap between your cause and people seeking to support it through donation or volunteering. Discover sponsorship opportunities and identify volunteers willing to get onboard by setting a Marketing Leads tracker with keywords specific to your organization’s goal.

Crisis Management-Nonprofits

Crisis Management

Set email alerts and stay tuned about all the conversations happening around your brand. Analyze the conversations’ sentiments with your brand mentions and respond to them on time directly through our dashboard before it goes out of your hands.

Collaborate with Influential Mentioners and Make Them Goodwill Ambassadors

With the Mentionlytics tool, finding people who connect well with the audience and are willing to spread your campaign further shouldn’t be difficult at all. Mentionlytics shares a list of top mentioners with their followers base and brief introduction.


Analyze your Social Media Campaigns

Check out the performance of your on-going campaigns and stop the ones that aren’t working well for you.

Improve your Web Presence

Our AI-powered Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) suggests personalized tips, which are derived from your data analysis and your social media performance.    


Share Your Report with Sponsors

Mentionlytics offers two kinds of reports:

Standard: Including reports for Mention Analysis, Influencers, and Share of Voice.  

Custom: These are customizable reports in a drag and drop manner, including all the data from Mentionlytics Dashboard.

Choose the one that suits your objective to share with stakeholders and sponsors.

Unlimited Research Scope

With our social listening tool fetching millions of data and applying the right metrics to conduct research is just a matter of a few minutes.