Over a decade ago, the social media was an upcoming phenomenon that most people were unsure would last. Nowadays, we cannot imagine a world without the social media. From multinationals and celebrities to small businesses and consumers, everyone and everything is on the social media now. Approximately 2.8 billion people i.e. 36.8% of the global […]

The social media is inarguably one of the largest industries of the modern age. Nowadays, the social media continues to grow because of the frequent updates and improvements. In terms of popularity and growth, there is nothing more extensive than the social media platforms. The social media is not just limited to the Generation Z […]

Great customers’ service includes not only giving them a high quality product, but it also includes knowing and learning how to solve their problems. How you respond to their issues and difficulties is vital. The mistakes that businesses make in dealing with their customers can cause a huge loss. Below are some tips for ensuring […]

Mic Adam has been named the #15th Influencer on the Top 1000 Social Selling Influencers in 2017. He has also been named #16th on the Onalytica Social Selling Experts in 2016. He is regularly named as part of the Top 10 Sales Guru’s on Social Media! Here is what he said! 1 How can a […]

Crisis management steps can be described as the steps or activities that a business uses to counter act or respond in the face of a major crisis. Crisis management is a relatively younger area of management, but very crucial for the health and growth of businesses in today’s world. Crisis management starts well before disaster actually […]

The social media is the home of information today. On average, over 500 million messages are sent out through Twitter alone! Among all this chatter, people are undoubtedly talking about your brand. From potential customers to the general public, everyone is likely to be engaged in a conversation relevant to your industry. The question is: […]

Twitter has grown to have hundreds of millions of users, providing promptly real time news and personal views to a large audience. This is achieved by exploiting a trend list, which can be accessed through hashtags. For easy access to trends, users are advised to turn on their location so as to get information affecting […]

One of the most effective types of digital marketing is influencer marketing. This is because people trust the recommendations made by third-party sources and well-known personalities more than the brand itself. So, what exactly is influencer marketing and how can you make use of it for promoting your brand? What is Influencer Marketing? In the […]

The huge number of Twitter followers have slowly and steadily taken over the social media space. Twitter’s monthly users have been raised to 330 Million in 2017, providing simple, spam-free and convenient features. Small businesses to large enterprises use Twitter to share information about their products and services regularly. However, Twitter use for marketing and especially for […]

Instagram is fast growing as a social media network. This visual social media platform is not only great for individuals, but also for businesses looking to promote their products and services. According to LinkedIn, Instagram is the 7th largest social media network with a user-base of 600 million per month! These numbers are huge, and […]

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