How to connect Mentionlytics with Google Data Studio

You can use the Mentionlytics API to get your mention data in JSON format and connect it to Google Data Studio for creating custom reports.

The first thing you need to do is to initialize your Mentionlytics API, get your access token and use it to call the API. Check out the following documentation article if you haven’t already got your access token: The Mentionlytics API


Now that you have your access token you are able to get data from the Mentionlytics API by calling a URL in the style of:



The above line will get you the mentions of your Brand Monitoring mention tracker for the past 7 days. For more complex queries please check: The Mentionlytics API .

Connecting to Google Data Studio

You can use Google Data Studio for free, and create custom reports with your data.


By clicking the Add data button in your Data Studio report, a section appears that showing the available data sources.

You can find the Mentionlytics Data Studio Connector by typing the keyword Mentionlytics in the search field. Our connector will be displayed under the Partner Connectors section.

In the next step, Data Studio ask you to authorize the connection with the Mentionlytics Connector, click the Authorize button to continue.

Having successfully authorized Mentionlytics to be connected in your Data Studio report, the next step is to enter your Mentionlytics API Key (access token) in the related field and click Submit.

If the API Key you entered in the form of the above screen is valid, you will be prompted to define the Category of Mention Trackers (and mentions) you want to add to your Data Studio report.



You can select either Brand Monitoring, Competitors, Marketing Leads, or All.



Then, click the button Next to continue.

Click the Add button to continue.

Finally, in the confirmation popup click the Add to Report button to add the Mentionlytics data source to your Data Studio report.

By completing all the above steps, a demo graph/table will be automatically added to your report demonstrating the data fetched from the Mentionlytics API for your account.