Dave Schneider

About Dave Schneider

Previously the co-founder of influencer marketing software NinjaOutreach. Together with Mark Samms, he bootstrapped the company to 20 people and over 500 customers. Now he runs Shortlist.io, a full-service digital marketing agency.

Satisfied customers are the most important part of any business. It won't matter how good your product might be if you can't meet customer expectations and make them want to buy from you.

In case you are fairly new to the entrepreneurial world, or you’ve just started your business, you’ve ought to know that building your online reputation will be a time-consuming and overwhelming experience.

The majority of marketers name lead generation as the toughest challenge of running an online business. And with the current economic climate, the task of generating relevant leads is certainly not going to get any easier.

If you're planning to launch a website for your business, you probably already know that the process will involve countless decisions and tasks that will need to be completed.