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Payal is a versatile content writer and editor with prominent EdTech, FinTech, and Digital Marketing experience.

Posting on social media is not restricted to the image and caption—it includes several facets, such as aiming for a high engagement rate, using trending keywords and hashtags, creating the right content for the right audience, and so on.

Dear marketers! We understand your perplexion. Terms that we use in social media strategies are difficult to comprehend because they might have pretty similar meanings.

In the hospitality world, customer happiness depends prominently on the hotel’s ambiance, service, and support. However, in an online world, social media marketing and social media monitoring plays an integral role in engaging customers and building their connection with the brand.

As we quote, there is no business without customers or no brand without its community. A community is not limited to the people who buy your product; instead, it is everywhere, be it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or question and answer websites like Quora.