Top Keywords/Hashtags – New in Mentionlytics ?

If you combine this report with Marketing Leads campaigns you can find the most popular keywords/hashtags for a

Top Keywords Report

The Top Keywords report will show you a list of the most popular keywords (or only hashtags if you select this option) on your mentions.

You can reorder this list (click on each in title row) by Reach, Engagement or positive/negative. The Top country refers to the country from which  mostmentions that include this keyword originate.

You can also use the filters to see the top keywords/hashtags from only a specific channel (e.g. Instagram)

If you click on the keyword/hashtag, the Mentions report will open up in a new tab showing the mention that contain this keyword.

Insight ideas from the new report

  • If you combine this report with Marketing Leads campaigns you can find the most popular keywords/hashtags for a specific topic or industry! Just select your Marketing Leads campaign from the Campaigns dropdown.
  • You can also combine it with a Competitor Campaign to instantly find the most popular keywords/hashtags your competitors use.

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