A guide on How to Attract More Instagram Followers

A guide on How to Attract More Instagram Followers

Do you want to grow your Instagram followers? Most recent analyses illustrate that Instagram has more than 800

Do you want to grow your Instagram followers? Most recent analyses illustrate that Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users (The Verge). By the end of 2018, the number will hit a billion. These numbers show that Instagram has more active users compared to Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Further statistical data shows that about 71% or more businesses in the US use Instagram (Sprout Social). This is as a result of the introduced Instagram ads and other features like Instagram business profiles. Even better, 80% of the Instagram users are following a business on Instagram.

The above statistical findings justify why every business needs to focus on attracting more Instagram followers. To grow your Insta followers you can use different techniques. It is a matter of strategy and focus. Basically, growing the Instagram followers you should use any tool that is at your disposal.

In 2018, businesses are finding it harder achieving Instagram follower’s boost. This doesn’t mean it is not possible! In this article, we feature how to get followers on Instagram. Our focus will be on strategies that offer more potential for attracting Instagram followers and likes.

#1 Switch to Instagram Business Profile

The Instagram business profile gives you access to additional features. This is a perfect strategy for a business that is struggling to grow Instagram followers. What it means in totality is that you get access to enhanced features. These Instagram features have the potential to get followers on Instagram for free. The newly introduced features that came with business profiles include:

  • Contact button
  • Instagram insights
  • Posts promoting
  • Adding links to Instagram stories
  • Ease of getting found
  • Access to Instagram analytics
  • Easier Ad creation

A business profile on Instagram means that your business will be noticed easily in the Instagram feed. A useful guide on how to create an Instagram business account can be found here. In addition, Instagram introduced a new algorithm. This algorithm changes how users exploit your posted content. To beat the odds, it’s advisable that you switch to a business profile. If you make the switch to a business profile, these features will allow you to get free Instagram likes. Since the introduction of business profile feature in 2016, over 15 million businesses have made the switch. This is by the end of the year 2017.

With an Instagram business profile, you are able to promote the posts. This means you get more views on Instagram feeds. As a result, you will get free Instagram likes. At the same time, this increases the chances of getting free Instagram followers.

Businesses of any size can get a business profile on Instagram. The improved appeal will get you more Instagram followers. This also opens the analytics feature letting you target more Instagram audience. Targeting means you can follow for a follow-back. This is a free approach to get followers on Instagram.

#2 Make use of Videos, Live Video, and Instagram Stories

Instagram started as a photo sharing platform. Since then, it has grown and focused beyond photos. This includes the introduction of other features. The features we are talking about are videos, live videos and Instagram stories. These features let brands create different content. With videos, live video and Instagram stories, you have the ability to engage fans on Instagram. As you share relevant videos, your existing followers will like and comment. Instagram will also make the post visible to their followers. The effect here is that you are exposed to other potential Instagram users. But why exactly should you go for videos?

Marketers have already experienced the effects of a full-on video revolution. According to wyzowl.com, out of the 63% of businesses using video marketing, 82% appreciate the importance of video. Statistics also show that 79% of consumers watch a video to learn about the company. In Instagram, this has the potential of getting your name out there. Video attracts free Instagram likes on your post. Eventually, your business will get additional traffic as your video content is viewed more. The more views you have, the higher the chances of getting Instagram followers to boost.

Instagram stories is also another feature that has changed how Instagram is used. The feature lets your business to keep the most loyal followers engaged. The feature also exposes your content to a new audience. The Instagram stories feature helps in engaging your audience. It is fun to create the stories and at the same time, for the audience, it’s fun to consume the content. This has led to Instagram stories attracting 400 million users daily!

#3 Make use of Instagram Hashtags and Location tags

Hashtags and location tags in social media help to expose content to a targeted audience. Using the right hashtags on Instagram lets you target a potential audience. This is an audience that has shown interest in your products. As a result, your business is put in the limelight increasing the chances of getting new Instagram followers. Instagram also allows you to follow the popular hashtags. Past Instagram industry report (pdf) shows that hashtags are a good bet for growing free Instagram likes.

For businesses that target a particular geographical region, location tagging exposes them to free Instagram followers. This is because location tagging focuses on a particular audience. Targeting a particular audience also means you appear on Instagram news feed relating to that location. This is a better strategy when you are targeting audience in that particular location. Getting relevant Instagram hashtags for your posts is simple. You can use third-party tools that give you hashtags analytics. Instagram also has a way of promoting popular hashtags. Use the most popular hashtags to target new Instagram followers.

With hashtags and geotagging, the goal is to gain visibility. More so, you are narrowing down to a particular audience. This means you need to use analytics to determine potential hashtags. These are the hashtags that your target audience is using. Some experts will recommend using a certain number of hashtags. When you are seeking to increase your Instagram followers, you can ignore this advice. Some businesses have indeed ignored the advice and ran wild with it.  The truth is that the more the hashtags you add in your comments and fresh posts, the higher the visibility.

#4 Re-share other peoples Post / Share User Generated Content

Some businesses have achieved a high Instagram following as a result of reposting other peoples content. However, social media ethics teaches that you should credit the original poster. This will let you walk away from being flagged. Through sharing the user-generated content, it shows that you are embracing their content. In addition, it makes your brand visible to the other followers. Some businesses start a hashtag and use it when embracing the content of other Instagram users. A good example is Buffer.com. The company uses the hashtags #buffer stories and also #buffer community when showcasing unique stories from the companies’ followers.

This has a double effect. First, it’s a way of ensuring you retain a loyal audience. When you share their content, it shows you appreciate them. Secondly, through sharing their content, you are targeting their followers as well. Instagram notifies people in a shared conversation of the recent sharing. When you share content that already has a high number of views, these viewers will get notified of the activity.

This exposes your brand to these followers with a high potential of getting a follow from these users. Start analyzing your user’s potential on Instagram and share posts from the loyal followers. As a result, you could also end up gaining Instagram followers. This is as you tap on the list of users who follow your loyal customers.


Most businesses will share content that mentions their business. You can use special analytics tools that track mentions on Instagram. A good example is Mentionlytics that notifies you when your customers mention your business online. Mentionlytics lets businesses keep track of online mentions. This includes mentions on social media platforms like Instagram. Sharing the posts where your brand is mentioned helps in retaining the loyal followers. In addition, it increases the chances of getting free Instagram likes.


#5 Join the Instagram Engagement groups

Since the latest Instagram algorithm was introduced, a lot has changed. This includes a way of deciding who and how many people to show your posts. With the latest algorithm, it depends on the engagements your post gets. The higher the engagements, the more the chances of being seen by a large number of potential followers. This is where the idea of engagement groups comes in. These groups focus on supporting each other. The primary focus is engaging with others posts. Thus, Instagram will be able to show the content with a higher engagement rate.

The Instagram engagement groups help to increase the organic reach. Although this is a better tactic for the beginners, it is also being used by experienced marketers. The primary focus when joining is to get your post into the top posts. This helps to gain your organic growth. The participants in the Instagram engagement groups are ready to engage with the member’s content. Watch out for the engagement groups rules before joining. Instagram engagement groups will have rules for members. This helps to ensure you comply. For instance, these engagement groups have a certain time of the day when members post. This helps to get more Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Here is a screenshot showing a list of engagement groups you can join to increase the followers on Instagram.


#6 Consistency is key

Instagram users are changing their focus from the present to the future. Instagram users will follow brands that seem focused on the future. They want to be able to predict what next. That is the reason why consistency is important for Instagram follower’s boosts. Let’s say you post your content at midday. It is important to retain the timings. This is the time when your followers are expecting to hear from you. Thus, don’t skip the posting. It is important so that you can retain the current followers. Most importantly, the current followers will share the content you have posted. This lets you increase the Instagram followers. If you are used to posting content related to a certain topic, be sure to remain on focus.

Consistent style and theme is a branding strategy on social media. It helps your Instagram followers to easily recognize content you have shared. They want to see more of that content. This is the reason why they follow you, share your content, like and comment. Remember that these engagements will help to increase Instagram followers.

To Sum Up

Instagram has become one of the popular social media platforms for businesses. This is based on the large user base that Instagram enjoys. Marketers want to ensure they have a large following on social media. This is why it is important to focus on growing your Instagram following. The effect is that the more the followers, the higher the chances of increasing your sales. Through the above strategies, a business can be able to increase Instagram followers.

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