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Eva is a Digital Marketing graduate and Customer Success Director at Mentionlytics. You can find her on Twitter! Follow Eva on Twitter

Social media has become an integral part of business marketing strategies. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tik Tok, users devote a specific time in a day to these platforms.

Social media marketing for companies has come a long way. The audience's inherent need to share what they like with their friends and family has compelled brands to promote their content, hoping for it to inspire awe and excitement so it can go viral.

Do you lack a smart strategy? Are you struggling to streamline your social media management? If yes, then social media tracker is the magic tool to help you in shaping a versatile growth strategy for your business across different industry verticals.

Millions of consumers trust social media celebrities, like TikTok influencers, compelling to co-operate with them during the last few years. While it has become a staple of online marketing, it can be tricky to identify which social media platforms to leverage for influencer marketing since there are so many to choose from.

Social media insights for the beauty industry are reshaping the dynamics of the competitive commercial space. The beauty industry relies on social media ad campaigns to target audiences, find influencers, and market their beauty brands.