9 Effective Tips to Boost Your Social Media Engagement and Get a Better Reach

9 Effective Tips to Boost Your Social Media Engagement and Get a Better Reach

With the ongoing hype around social media platforms these days, brands strive to build their online communities. With

With the ongoing hype around social media platforms these days, brands strive to build their online communities. With their followers’ list growing long each day, it is vital to build a network that interacts with your business. This is where social media engagement steps in. It is not enough to have a large audience connected with you online but instead, it is crucial to have them engaged with your products and services.

Studies suggest that a user spends close to two and half hours on social media on an average daily basis. It is essential to grab the attention of your prospective clients here while he is online. This helps you discover real customers and boosts your sales in the long run.

Growing your social media engagement can seem to be overwhelming at times. So, here we have the top 9 effective tips to help you get a better reach while having meaningful connections.

9 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Engagement and Reach

#1 Analyze & Monitor your Engagements

Your social media growth is dependent on how you engage with your followers. The more you engage, the more positive outcomes tend to appear. This is why you need to efficiently analyze your social media engagement and plan strategies to increase it further.

Various analytics tools are provided by social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to help you measure your growth easily. Detailed insights regarding the engagement of your followers, profile visits, and impressions are all included in such tools. They retrieve data within the desired time span and suggest unique ways to attract your audience.

Monitoring your social media engagement helps get an extra edge over your competitors and build a powerful online presence. By simply tracking the messages you received, the user segments that liked your posts, and prospects who reshared your stories— you can know a lot about how your reach is over the platform.

#2 Define Goals and Strategize

Social media platforms are best driven when associated with specified goals and result-oriented strategies. You must clearly set your main objective before building your social media profile.

Having your goal in place helps backtrack your journey, telling you what immediate step to take next. This allows you to strategize your online efforts in the right direction.

If your goal is to have more sign-ups for your newsletter, your social media strategy will be oriented towards making people aware of your presence. On the other hand, if you wish to get more purchases for your product, your social media engagement will likely be focused on compelling the users to buy.

This is how different goals give rise to varying strategies for each brand. Interesting, isn’t it?

#3 Create Original and Attractive Visuals

According to reports, 4.41 billion people are expected to actively use social media channels by the year 2025. With such statistics in place, it is vital to take steps that attract your target customers and keep them hooked with your brand. Posting attractive visuals is one way that lets you connect with your audience in a fun manner.


Source: iberdrola.com

Visuals don’t just cater to the younger audience, but everyone gets driven by interesting graphics that provide value on social media platforms. Various online platforms tend to witness a dip in their engagement rates if the posts lack pictures.

You must add GIFs, emojis, colorful background images, or any attractive elements that grab the attention of the user. Original and out-of-the-box themes nudge the audience and boost your social media engagement.

Imagine simply including a video or a short animated clip; you can attract a huge audience base of distinct interests. People are likely to hop on such posts where it is easy to consume the information provided. Consider turning your mundane content into exciting feeds as the secret sauce to engage your followers with ease!

#4 Interact with your Audience

As a business-oriented social media account, your top-most priority needs to be your audience. Keeping them in the first position and answering all their queries is what makes you more credible. People tend to form impressions of your brand based on how you respond to them.

Here’s a tip- always make them feel engaged and connected. By doing so, you not only make them a significant part of your brand but also build a loyal community. Since they would eventually head over to your website once they get looped in, you also generate traffic for your business. Now that’s a double win!

To encourage interaction, here’s what you should do:

  • Respond to the questions with specific names of the audience. This makes them feel an important part of your brand and tends to increase your following rate.
  • Ask for their feedback, so they get a space to express their opinions and views freely. Let’s face it; everyone loves to be heard.
  • Curate polls that allow them to be a part of a decision. This makes them feel empowered and valued.
  • Lastly- initiate contests, and conduct giveaways. All these efficiently contribute to growing your social media engagement and building a community attached to you.

#5 Don’t Forget the Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags play an integral role in attracting a vast audience on any social media platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. All these channels demand trendy hashtags to increase your social media reach and generate more brand awareness.

When you post simply, the content reaches only your existing followers, but it goes to people who are not even connected with you with hashtags. Along with generating considerable views and impressions, your followers count skyrockets as well!


Source: louisem.com

To know the most trendy hashtags- keep a check on the viral content over that specific platform. This is an efficient and impactful way through which people can conveniently reach your social media account based on their interests.

#6 Maintain Consistency

Social media is a fast-moving platform due to which people do not plunge upon the same repetitive content for a long time. They demand fresh and useful content every day, which is the reason they stay connected to your brand!

Make sure you keep a routine of posting valuable content at a particular time throughout the week. Posting just for its sake can affect your audience, and thus it is also vital to keep up with your content quality. Your social media engagement starts to shoot up once you make your posts consistent.

Always keep your content updated and related to the ongoing trends. This attracts even more audiences and makes your brand seem popular. You can smoothly plan your social media activities and post content according to a fixed time by making a detailed content calendar. This way, people remain engaged to check out your profile for newly posted content every day. Bingo!

#7 Feature Your Fans

First of all, keep your social media community engaged by responding to their comments and keeping them updated with your brand. You can then start featuring your fans and making the audience a part of your online community. Turn them into brand advocates, and eventually, they will become your prospective customers in no time!

Encourage your audience to buy your products and to share photos of using them. Curate a specific brand-related hashtag which your audience can pick up and show that they have used your new products.

Not only this but once people tag you in their posts, ensure that you feature them in your stories. This is one of the efficient ways to increase your social media engagement since people love to be featured by brands.

#8 Show Them on Your Website

Many of your business associates would not even know that your social media account exists unless you link your channels on the website. This increases your profile visits and improves your social media engagement as now you let people ask questions to you easily.

Along with this, your website is also benefited through the linking of your social media accounts. New and potential customers can contact your company through various platforms if they are linked to your websites.

Don’t just make a specific social media account icon and link it, but also include the brand activities that you perform on your social channels.

#9 Post Your Recent Updates and Announcements

You must keep your audience connected with the various happenings of your businesses. This keeps them aware of your new updates and encourages them to buy your products after knowing their unique features.

By engaging your social media audience, you can generate potential marketing leads for your brand, which in turn results in increased revenues. Business announcements, product launches, or getting new people on board— all these updates receive active social media engagement. People share their wishes, shoot their queries, and show excitement on the suspense you tend to create!

How to Boost Your Social Media Engagements with Mentionlytics?

Having a solid social media engagement is a need of the hour for all brands to gain traction. It is vital for businesses to have meaningful conversations with their followers that make them more trustworthy and customer-centric.

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Various features offered by Mentionlytics include –

  • Routine tracking and monitoring of your engagements over various platforms
  • Data-driven insights to help you draft better strategies for getting an improved reach
  • Instant real-time notifications whenever you receive questions or mentions
  • Powerful, customized reports that assist you in visualizing your growth path

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We hope this blog post proves to be an insightful and valuable one for you. Stay tuned to our space for more such content!

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