7 Proven Strategies to Build Your Social Media Community

7 Proven Strategies to Build Your Social Media Community

Social media has been the newest buzz around the marketing techniques implemented to connect with your customers. With

Social media has been the newest buzz around the marketing techniques implemented to connect with your customers. With the global exchange of thoughts and ideas, this virtual network has significantly boosted communication across borders. Studies show an overall increase of 115.59% in the users who have been actively using social media in the last six years. With these statistics in place, one can certainly imagine the user base these platforms have gained over time!

Brands have not stayed behind in using the power of social media to their advantage. Aiming at building an impactful social media community, business owners have now included these social channels in their comprehensive outreach strategies.

Your social media community serves to be a significant aspect in establishing an effective relationship with your target audience. It is also instrumental in promoting engagement with your prospects and increasing your brand visibility. A well-nurtured social media community helps you attract more followers and builds an affinity towards your brand! Interesting, isn’t it?

Proven Growth Strategies for Building Your Social Media Community


Diving deep into your customer personas helps you understand your target niche better. This is essential to improve your offerings and know precisely what your prospective clients are looking for.

With these insights, you can also build a solid and loyal social media community fostered with trust. Here are the top 7 proven strategies that guide you to develop your social media community in the right way.

#1 Determine Your Goals and the Target Audience

Social media platforms are an open stage that provides you with a wide range of opportunities to build an entire audience. Set your goals and take constructive action towards them for creating an engaging social media community.


Search for distinct ways to grab people’s attention over social media platforms and accordingly include activities that drive users to your accounts. Make sure you also set up a reasonable budget following your defined targets and objectives. This would give you a transparent vision of your expenses towards achieving your goals, which eventually increases your followers.

Additionally, ensure that you research well and determine your target audience. Once done, jot down the ways to create content as per their interests. This not just makes them happy but plays an integral role in connecting them with you.

#2 Interact with Your Audience

Social media platforms provide you with various engaging tools to keep your audience updated at all times. Building your social media community demands regular interaction with the people who follow and admire you. Your social media community stands out to be the most powerful support only if you engage and respond to their queries.

If you choose to ignore your follower’s questions and feedback— they tend to feel left out and not engaged in any conversation. This way, your followers consider your social media account not so relevant. Interacting and responding to your social media community brings them closer to you and your brand, leading to increased revenues and lead generations. Finding the Right Social Media Agency is a vital thing to get an authoritative presence online. Hire an agency that has a proven track record and good reviews. Never choose a random agency to make things quick. You will not get anything out of it in the long run. Choose the best agency and keep things discussed here in mind while doing it.

#3 Keep a Track of Your Insights using Social Media Monitoring Tools

Along with a bunch of tools, social media platforms also serve you with an insight option that yields valuable information about your account performance during a specific time. This primarily includes the amount of reach, engagement rate, and dynamic count of your followers. It is considered one of the most efficient ways to give out the analytics of your social media activities, which helps you improve your outreach efforts.


Insights derived from these dedicated social media monitoring tools, like Mentionlytics, also assist you in making informed decisions for your marketing strategies. As these help you shape your actions towards building an active social media community, they also help you increase followers and enhance engagements.

#4 Post Quality Content

Producing qualitative content is also one of the necessary critical elements in building your social media community. Along with an increased content publishing frequency, you must also ensure that it resonated well with your target audience.

Whether your brand is well-established or it is just starting, smart and compelling content stands out to be a powerful driving force in attracting your audience. Quality content garners a considerable amount of users and keeps them engaged with your brand performance. Since social media keeps changing, make sure that your content is fresh and reliable always.

Keep track of the current trending content and accordingly plan your social media marketing strategies. Content that performs well on a particular social media platform such as Instagram may not have significant reach on other platforms. This is why you need to have a watchful eye and build distinct content marketing strategies for each social media platform for your business.

Research New Ways to Deliver Content

There is a wide range of ways through which a particular brand can spread its voice to a vast community. Since new brands are constantly emerging, you need to track your competitors and accordingly implement result-oriented strategies. Though consistency is essential, it does not only rely on posting the same and repetitive content everywhere.

You need to research new and creative ways to attract people and deliver valuable content to your social media community. The same old format and style of posting may bore the audience and result in losing engagement. They may even unfollow you and not recommend other people to have a look at your social media account. If you keep changing your content, you’ll be able to deliver value more excitingly. Now that’s a win-win deal!

#5 Maintain Consistency

Let’s face it— in order to grow your social media community, you need to be consistent! Keep track of the content you post since its relevance and engagement depend on the time you post. You need to connect with your audience at the right time to influence and keep them engaged with you.

By curating a detailed content calendar, you can monitor all your social media activities regularly. It schedules your daily routine social media activities and helps have a regular touchpoint with your followers. Even if you are aiming to spread your brand voice, consistency plays an integral role there.

Since consistency drives your audience and keeps them connected, you need to ensure that your social media activities are always on time. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer you many reminders and countdown tools that help you be on track. This keeps your community aware of your consistent timings of posting content and keeps them close.

#6 Build a Safe Place Online

You must ensure that your social media platform is a safe space for people to come and connect with you. You should build a social media account where people love to go and gain helpful knowledge with the help of your content. Plan strategic actions towards creating a safe online place because it’s also one of the critical elements in building a solid social media community.

Trust plays an integral role over social media platforms. You need to gain the confidence of your followers through your actions. This can be done if you keep your activities following the given guidelines of that particular social media platform and spread optimism.

Be aware and make sure your account does not include any harmful or sensitive content. Your social media platform should not promote any type of dangerous activity or go against sentimental comments.

#7 Include Relevant CTAs and Hashtags

The growth of your social media community is highly dependent on the actions you take to attract your target audience. Whenever you post content on any social media platform, it is necessary to include relevant Call-To-Actions (CTAs) in the end. This can consist of your website URLs, next upcoming brand activities, or your next time posting content on social media.


Source: Instagram

It brings immense engagement and keeps your community highly connected. Along with making your audience feel a part of your life, it also effectively increases your social media followers. Your post should also inculcate relevant and trending hashtags.

You can also include the links to your social media pages and accounts at the end of our website and blogs CTAs. This is considered one of the powerful ways to attract more people to your company’s social media accounts and drive relevant traffic towards them.

How to Build Your Social Media Community With Mentionlytics?

With the help of these proven strategies, we now know how relevant insights can be valuable in building a social media community. There are various dependable tools available that assist you in monitoring your social media effectively.


Mentionlytics is one such tool to build your social media community with the help of valuable insights provided by the platform. It offers you suggestions and ways through which you can grow your social media accounts. By keeping a regular track of your social media insights, you can identify the type of content that your audience loves the most. This way, you can create and post content that makes your social media community more converting.

Here’s what Mentionlytics does for you –

  • Analyze your social media mentions and keep you updated on each one of them
  • Gather impactful insights and present them in easy-to-understand ways, including pie charts and graphs
  • Regular assessment of your online performance to improve your social media strategy
  • Provide suggestive, risk-managing steps to deal with possible issues

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The platform serves you with detailed analytics and provides you with a wide range of recommendations that help align your content calendars. It also indicates the best time to post relevant content, which would eventually boost engagements and build an active social media community.

We hope to have provided insightful information in this blog post. Stay tuned for more helpful content!

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