G2 badges | fall 2021 | Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics awarded as “Momentum Leader” in Social Media Monitoring on G2 review platform!

You speak, we listen, and we couldn't be happier when reading your thoughts on Mentionlytics! Fall 2021 found

You speak, we listen, and we couldn’t be happier when reading your thoughts on Mentionlytics!

Fall 2021 found us holding 9 badges from the G2 review platform in Social Media Monitoring and we think we look pretty good together, don’t you?

But first things first, what is G2?

Well, G2 is a well-known leading global tech marketplace and review platform, with more than 1,4M authentic reviews from real users. In other words, it’s one of the most trusted places for buyers when they want to choose the right software for their business. And it’s also the go-to place for users when they want to leave a review on software, based on their experience.

G2 badges | fall 2021 | Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics got its first badge in the very early days of its establishment as a company, back in 2017. It was the “Users Love Us” badge, and until today, it remains our favorite one! Keeping our users satisfied has always been our major priority and we felt extremely grateful to witness our efforts taking place!

Since then, we have been adding 1-2 badges to our precious collection every year, by paying extreme attention to our users’ feedback and also to our team goals for our product. In 2021 we got the most badges, 9 in total, with a major one among them: that of the “Momentum Leader“, received when a product ranks in the top 25% of its category’s products by their users.

The other 8 badges include 3 as “High Performer“, 2 as “Users Most Likely to recommend“, 2 as “Best Support“, and our beloved “Users Love Us“.

Highest Rated Social Media Monitoring Software - G2

More than that, we were thrilled to be recognized as one of the highest-rated products in the Top 20 for Social Media Monitoring, based on user satisfaction.

Mentionlytics Users Ratings fall 2021 G2

Our users make everything clear. Mentionlytics gains points against other competitive tools, in areas such as Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Ease of Setup, giving us a remarkable 4.9 out of 5-stars as a general rating. To put it in another way. All of our users, and by that we mean 100% of them, rated Mentionlytics 4 or 5 stars. That’s pretty awesome people!

Mentionlytics Users Ratings fall 2021 G2

Following are the five categories on G2’s Fall 2021 Market Reports, in which Mentionlytics is featured:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Management

And here are some recent reviews from Mentionlytics users on G2:

“Great support and excellent tracking results”

Mentionlytics gives me the feeling of being supported in my project at all times. The support is exemplary and the implementation extremely fast. Even customised special requests were implemented immediately, so that I have a report that is completely tailored to my needs.

5-star review
Managing Director
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“Beyond any expectation!”

I find Mentionlytics easy to use and easy to set the right keywords for your business!
Great aggregator, quick results and for sure in that way you minimize the time you spend googling! Great! I would definitely recommend that!

5-star review
Freelancer Digital Marketeer
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“High Value, Excellent Service”

Mentionlytics’ customer service has been top notch throughout the entire process, from initial interest to becoming a customer. The platform also provides a robust amount of data about who is mentioning us and on what channels, but we find most of the data very useful. Other tools — and we’ve looked at many of them — sometimes provide many not-so-useful bells and whistles which of course also come at a premium.

5-star review
Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

We are truly thankful for all your inspiring reviews and we promise to go on with one goal in mind.

To make your social media monitoring life easier! 

If you haven’t seen Mentionlytics in action, you can always try it for free!

You can read all the reviews for Mentionlytics on G2, and you can also leave your own words!

We will listen! Because that’s what we do best anyway!

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