Hootsuite + Mentionlytics = ❤️ A match made in heaven ☁️

We are thrilled to announce that Mentionlytics is now available within Hootsuite, the most popular Social Media Marketing platform with

We are thrilled to announce that Mentionlytics is now available within Hootsuite, the most popular Social Media Marketing platform with some 15 million users! Now you can harness the power of Social Media Monitoring & Listening and combine it with the amazing posting/scheduling capabilities of Hootsuite.

Mentionlytics App on Hootsuite?  https://apps.hootsuite.com/apps/mentionlytics

Powerful Social Media Monitoring & Listening on Hootsuite

Mentionlytics offers a complete Web & Social Media monitoring solution wrapped in an intuitive interface. From day one our driving force has been the needs of our users and we could not help but notice the popularity of Hootsuite as their platform of choice for effective management of their Social Media profiles.

Although Hootsuite allows for the user to add streams of data including @-mentions to your profiles you would be missing the non-@-mentions to your brand, which usually are much more. This is whenever someone writes a comment or a post that refers to your brand but he is not interested in letting you know about it. It could be just a warning for their friends, or an exciting moment he wants to share.

Many brands are unaware of these mentions, but this oblivion can be very careless, restricting their view to only a fraction of reality. With Mentionlytics you can see the big picture: Find out what everyone says about your brand on Social Media and Web sites.

Although Mentionlytics is an extremely powerful monitoring tool, and while it does provide some basic capabilities for replying to discovered mentions, it was never designed as a publishing tool. Our users, however, often asked for more publishing capabilities. This is why we decided to team up with Hootsuite, the most popular publishing service!

Introducing Mentionlytics stream app for Hootsuite

Mentionlytics is a complete Web & Social Media Monitoring / Listening solution. Discover everything that is being said about your brand (company, products), your competitors, or any keyword. Our monitoring engine will scan for your mentions (not just @mentions) on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and all web sources (news, blogs, forums, etc.) and display them as a Hootsuite stream

If you already have Hootsuite and Mentionlytics accounts, you only need to add the Mentionlytics app to your Hootsuite dashboard. You will then have to log in with your Mentionlytics account information and you will have access to all your mentions data instantly.

Don’t Have a Mentionlytics account? Signup for free

If you don’t already have a Mentionlytics account, don’t worry. Just add the Mentionlytics app to your Hootsuite streams, type the keyword you want to monitor, and we will hook you up with a free account so that you will be able to see your mentions and try our service.

Mentionlytics App on Hootsuite?  https://apps.hootsuite.com/apps/mentionlytics



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