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How to Find the Right Digital Influencers

Digital influencers are well known personalities with access to large audiences/followers, who can persuade others through their reach,

Digital influencers are well known personalities with access to large audiences/followers, who can persuade others through their reach, authenticity and credibility within a specific industry. They are social media mentors that have a remarkable affect on their loyal following opinion and behaviour, so you could benefit to your advantage. You could, for example, get them write for you in order to generate high-quality traffic for your blog. But how can you reach them?

While there are several ways of finding digital influencers, most of them require your team to put in long hours into the collection, organization, and analysis of vast amounts of data. For simplifying the process, you need to make use of a social listening tool that can automate the process for you.

A step-by-step guide on Finding the Right Digital Influencers

We recommend that you make use of Mentionlytics for this purpose.
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Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use Mentionlytics, towards finding the right digital influencers for your blog:

  1. We will begin with the basic setup of Mentionlytics. In the main dashboard, click on the plus (‘+’) sign next to Brand Monitoring.Mentionlytics dashbord
  2. A pop-up for adding the Mention Tracker Name will open. Enter the name of an entity that you are looking to monitor under Mention Tracker Name and click on Save.
    Name keywords group
  3. You should now be able to see the new Mention Tracker under Brand Monitoring in the main dashboard. Click on the plus (‘+’) sign next to the Mention Tracker.
    Keyword setup
  4. You will now be able to see two options on your screen: Keyword and Social Profile. Click on the option for Keyword.
    Keyword setup
  5. Now, add the keyword that you want Mentionlytics to monitor under the Main Keyword tab. Be sure to add a single keyword or phrase only. Click on Save once you have entered the keyword. For this example, “Social Media Monitoring” is the keyword in case that you need to find digital influencers from this business sector.
    Add keyword
  6. You will now be able to see the added keyword under your Mention Tracker for Brand Monitoring.
  7. To add another keyword, click on the plus (‘+’) sign next to your Mention Tracker again.
    Add keyword
  8. Select the option for Keyword from the pop-up that opens up on your screen.
    Keyword setup
  9. Enter the keyword under the Main Keyword tab and click on The second keyword for monitoring will now be added to your Mention Tracker.
    Add keyword
  10. Repeat Step 7 – Step 9 of the setup for adding all main keywords to the Mention Tracker. Remember, one keyword at a time!
    Mentions Overview
  11. For finding digital influencers that are actively sharing content related to your target keywords, click on the Top Mentioners tab in the side panel. A list of all digital influencers details such as followers, mentions, and description will be displayed.
    Identify social media Influencers
  12. You can sort the results by channel (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) by clicking on ‘All Sources’ next to Channel.
    Top Mentioners - Sort by social channel
  13. If you are looking for digital influencers that have mentioned the target keywords the most times, you can sort the results by Mentions as well. Simply click on the ‘Mentions’ column to sort the results.
    Top Mentioners - Sort by mentions
  14. If you are looking for digital influencers that have the most followers, click on the ‘Followers’ column to sort the results by followers.
    Top Mentioners - Sort by followers
  15. If you want to preview the social media profile of a top mentioner, click on their name.
    Top Mentioners - Influencer's profile
  16. You can even send a tweet/message to the digital influencer directly from within Mentionlytics. Simply click on the ‘@’ under the name of the top mentioner to open up a pop-up tweet box.Connect directly to digital influencer
  17. Enter the text for the tweet and click on ‘Tweet’ to reach out to the digital influencer without having to leave the Mentionlytics dashboard!
    Directly tweet digital influencer
  18. If you want to preview all the mentions that a digital influencer has made related to the target keyword(s), click on their number of mentions.
    View all infuencer's mentions
  19. The information about the digital influencer’s profile will open up within the Mentionlytics dashboard allowing you to view their tweets, followers, mentions, and bay area.
    View influencer's profile
  20. If you wish to view a specific tweet by the top mentioner, click on the ‘Open’ button under the tweet.
    View influencer's tweets
  21. You will now be redirected to the tweet on Twitter from where you can perform actions such as Retweet, Share, and Reply on it.
    Digital Influencers - Retweet, Share, or Reply on Twitter
  22. Finally, you can also save the results to an Excel sheet for offline use and presentation. Click on the Download button on the top right corner of your screen to download the report in Excel format.
    Digital Influencers - Download report in excel format

That’s it! Using the right keywords for your industry, not only you can find the right influencers but you can get in touch with them right away!

You can start with a free trial at Mentionlytics!

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