Top 11 Social Media Scheduling Tools (Features & Pricing)

Top 12 Social Media Scheduling Tools (Features & Pricing)

Social media scheduling is the process of planning your posts and arranging for them to be posted at

Social media scheduling is the process of planning your posts and arranging for them to be posted at a particular time/date on your social media accounts. This saves social media managers time and helps them build a better online presence and social media strategy.

In this article, we’re diving deep into some of the best social media scheduling tools, like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Mentionlytics. But, there are many more to be discussed, so stick around!

{Updated on December 05, 2023}

What’s a Social Media Scheduling Tool?

A social media scheduling tool is any software that helps marketing teams plan their content before automatically publishing it.

You can find scheduling features in most social media dashboard tools, or basically any social media management platform. Social media automation tools allow users to easily schedule posts simultaneously across all social networks and preview their tweets, Instagram posts, etc.

Whether you’re a big-brand social media manager, a small-business owner, or an individual influencer, you need a scheduling platform to help you streamline your online presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Scheduling Tool

A custom graphic image visualizing the benefits of using a social media scheduling tool

So, how can social media management tools with post-scheduling software help you optimize your content marketing and workflows?

  • Save time

By automatically managing multiple social media accounts at once, even smaller brands that lack resources can save valuable time. It’s also crucial to determine the best time to post on social media to maximize engagement and reach.

While a content planning tool takes care of your social media posts, take the time to focus on improving your social media marketing –perhaps a social media audit can help.

  • Be proactive

Social media channels are active 24/7 –you can’t. Create and bulk schedule a bunch of posts for the weekend or a holiday period. Extend your social media engagement, presence, and reach, without even logging on to your social profiles!

  • Maintain brand consistency

A clear brand identity is important for content creation –and content curation, as well. Social media marketing tools will help you look at the bigger picture. For example, you can spot inconsistencies in your visual content and text copies across your social media channels!

  • Check-in with your content calendar

Another benefit of social media scheduling tools is seeing your monthly planning altogether. Check your social media calendar from the beginning until the end of the month and see what’s coming up. You can still make quick changes and adjust your social channels in order to improve your digital marketing strategy.

  • Make it easier for your team members

Marketing teams have been working together on projects for a while now. Social media management platforms make team collaboration effortless. Now, all members are able to log in to the brand’s content library and create, review, edit, and schedule content.

Top 12 Social Media Scheduling Tools

Here’s a list of the best social media scheduling tools to boost your social media campaigns and overall online presence.

  1. Buffer

A screenshot of Buffer's homepage

Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform. Clients use it to schedule posts, publish high-quality social media content, and raise their engagement rate. Ideal for small businesses and individuals, Buffer offers unique features, like complete Instagram scheduling –including Insta posts and stories. Additionally, the tool’s AI-powered software offers post-inspiration and fast writing assistance.

Buffer features

  • Social media post-scheduling and publishing
  • Start page creation and flexible links for online selling
  • Social media management and engagement boost
  • AI assistance and content creation ideas
  • Social media analytics and audience insights
  • App integrations and extensions

Buffer pricing

While Buffer offers a free plan for individuals and starting businesses, most features are included in the tool’s paid plans:

  • Essentials ($6/month per social channel)

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  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite's Homepage

Hootsuite is a popular digital marketing suite that helps users manage and improve their online performance effortlessly. The marketing platform offers cool features, like Instagram scheduling, social listening, managing social profiles, and analytics. In fact, Hootsuite allows users to review their competitors and upgrade their content marketing in 35 supported social media channels.

Hootsuite features

  • Content creation and content curation assist
  • Advanced social media calendar planning
  • Social listening and Share of Voice measurement
  • Unified social inbox and engagement boost
  • Social media analytics and reporting
  • Social networks, mobile apps, and tools integrations

Hootsuite pricing

  • Pricing starts at $99/month
  1. Mentionlytics

A screenshot of Mentionlytics' homepage.

Mentionlytics is an all-in-one media monitoring tool that offers valuable insights to marketers. Operating with AI-powered monitoring software, Mentionlytics scans websites and social media platforms for brand, competitor, and industry mentions. Brands can discover what’s being said about them on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook pages, Google My Business reviews, etc.

In addition to social media analytics, Mentionlytics offers cool social media management features, like post scheduling and publishing content on multiple social media profiles. Use the Mentionlytics app’s Publisher feature, to post social media content simultaneously to your Instagram account, Twitter account, and more.

Mentionlytics features

Mentionlytics pricing

  • Pricing starts at $69/month

Enjoy two weeks of using ALL premium features for free:

Try Mentionlytics for FREE

  1. Planable

Planable homepage

Planable is a social media collaboration tool designed to facilitate seamless teamwork for marketing teams. This collaborative tool simplifies your team’s marketing tasks by enabling seamless feedback sharing through comments and replies conveniently located beside the posts.

With Planable, you get to make your own review and approval process, no matter how big your team is. There are four approval levels to choose from: none, optional, required, and multi-level. This helps you stop any posts that aren’t ready from going live.

Planable Features

  • Supports biggest social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google My Business, Linkedin, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Multiple ways to view and plan posts: list, feed, grid, and calendar view.
  • Effective collaboration on the posts via comments, replies, and suggestions.
  • Supports planning and collaboration on long-form content (blog, newsletter, campaigns)
  • Easy to learn and designed to mimic the flow of social media pages.

Planable Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $11/user/month, and a free plan with unlimited features for the first 50 posts
  1. CoSchedule

A screenshot of one of the best social media scheduling tools, CoSchedule's homepage

CoSchedule is a Marketing Calendar solution that offers marketing tools, ranging from a free plan for individuals to advanced paid plans for agencies. Known for its all-in-one content calendar, the platform helps clients to schedule content and publish across multiple social networks. The suite’s intelligent software helps marketers focus on their work while improving team collaboration.

CoSchedule features

  • Unified marketing calendar and workflow optimization
  • Time management, work predictability, and flexible error management
  • Headline Studio for better headlines and traffic boost
  • WordPress plugin, Browser extension, and app integrations
  • Brand asset organization with customizable taxonomies
  • Social media marketing courses and actionable training

CoSchedule pricing

  • Pricing starts at $19/month
  1. Later

A screenshot of one of the best social media scheduling tools, Later's homepage

Later is a visual marketing platform, trusted by brands and social media platforms for scheduling organic and evergreen content. It’s mostly used for social media management and analytics, as well as planning and publishing across all mainstream social channels. Moreover, Later’s known for helping business owners and social media managers deal with tricky tasks, like influencer marketing and team collaboration –with permissions.

Later features

  • page building for customer conversion
  • Bulk scheduling and publishing automation
  • Visual planner and feed rearrangement
  • Social media analytics and engagement
  • Unified social media management and trend monitoring
  • Content creation and hashtag suggestions

Later pricing

  • Pricing starts at $25/month
  1. Loomly

A screenshot of Loomly's homepage

Loomly is a social media marketing platform that helps companies with content planning, posting, and social media management. In addition to simple scheduling and publishing features, the platform offers valuable insights and analytics for marketing strategy optimization. Loomly assists brands in audience targeting and future interactions, as well as in measuring the success of their online performance.

Loomly features

  • Unified social media content management and team update alerts
  • Manual and automated publishing for major social networks
  • Post ideas, based on Twitter trends and RSS feeds
  • Intuitive library and unified asset management
  • Post and ad creation and preview
  • Team collaboration and approval workflow

Loomly pricing

  • Pricing starts at $35/month
  1. Sprout Social

SproutSocial's homepage

Sprout Social is a well-known social media management tool that focuses on scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and analyzing social media profiles. The software’s intelligent functionality and automated workflow help users improve their social media management game. Sprout Social helps social media managers streamline and upgrade their content marketing with unified social inbox and scheduling features. For instance, businesses can manage conversations across multiple social media accounts with real-time alerts.

Sprout Social features

  • Social listening and content marketing optimization
  • Social post scheduling and automated publishing
  • Engagement boost and online presence evaluation
  • Interactive calendar and asset management content library
  • Simplified collaboration with user-level permissions for team members
  • Social media campaign management and analytics

Sprout Social pricing

  • Pricing starts at $249/month

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  1. SocialPilot

A screenshot of SocialPilot's Homepage

SocialPilot is a user-friendly social media marketing platform that offers social media automation, management, analytics, and insights. The platform provides clients with performance evaluations and valuable advice on how to expand their reach and increase their engagement. Meanwhile, SocialPilot is known for its white labeling that allows agencies to create and customize their own tool interface.

SocialPilot features

  • RSS feeds and CRM functionality integration
  • Content creation, social media calendar, and content library
  • Bulk scheduling and social media post publishing
  • Social media analytics and insights
  • CRM functionality and conversation management
  • Team management and workflow optimization
  • RSS feed automation and app integrations

SocialPilot pricing

  • Pricing starts at $25/month
  1. Adore Express

A screenshot of one of the best social media scheduling tools, Adobe Express' homepage

Adobe Express is a cloud-based media creation app that helps users with social media content creation. Having acquired ContentCal’s scheduling software, Adobe Express Content Schedule offers a unique marketing suite that focuses on social media presence. The tool provides a social media calendar planner, high-quality templates, and stock images to help users schedule posts and raise engagement.

Adobe Express features

  • Social media scheduling and content calendar planning
  • Content creation and editable templates
  • Image and video editing and converting
  • PDF creation, editing, and export
  • QR Code Maker and Adobe Fonts
  • iOS, Android, and desktop app option

Adore Express pricing

Adobe Express offers a free plan of two posts per month. However, the real Content Scheduler features are only available through the Premium plan ($9.99/month).

  1. Planoly

A screenshot of one of the best social media scheduling tools, Planoly's homepage

Planoly is a social media scheduling tool that strives to simplify social marketing. In fact, the platform’s focus lies in helping social media managers create and schedule content. However, Planoly also allows users to improve their social media strategy, offering a user-friendly visual content calendar that saves time.

Planoly features

  • TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram scheduling (posts and reels)
  • Customizable content templates and Canva integration
  • Social media management and team collaboration
  • Shoppable gallery creation and content monetization
  • Content creation, repurposing, and sharing across social channels
  • Social media analytics and social strategy suggestions

Planoly pricing

  • Pricing starts at $13/month
  1. MeetEdgar

A screenshot of MeetEdgar's homepage

MeetEdgar is a female-founded social media scheduling tool, with a unique spin on it. The cloud-based software aims to help freelancers and small businesses schedule posts and never run out of content to share.

While most scheduling tools discard your content after posting, MeetEdgar stores them in a limitless library. Then, when you don’t have ideas for new content, the tool draws previously published content and repurposes it. Hence, your evergreen content always feels fresh, new, and updated in the eyes of your audience.

MeetEdgar features

  • Bottomless library building and evergreen content curation
  • Social media scheduling and publishing
  • Weekly automation time slots for content repurposing and republishing
  • Usable social update generation and content creation
  • Engagement monitoring and A/B test variations
  • Social media analytics and growth monitoring

MeetEdgar pricing

  • Pricing starts at $29.99/month

Now Over to You

So, that’s all you need to know about social media scheduling tools.

Planning, editing, and scheduling content to be automatically published is currently essential for effective social media management.

Finding social media trackers with high-functioning scheduling features isn’t easy, but intelligent tools, like Mentionlytics, are always up for the challenge.

You can try Mentionlytics for free to test all the features.

Try Mentionlytics for FREE

Have more questions? Book a free live demo with Mentionlytics and allow our experts to explain how our scheduling software can help you.

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