Sprout Social Alternatives: 9 Social Media Tools to Choose From

Sprout Social Alternatives: 9 Social Media Tools to Choose From

Searching the web for Sprout Social alternatives? It’s important to realize that an effective online marketing tool doesn’t

Searching the web for Sprout Social alternatives?

It’s important to realize that an effective online marketing tool doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs. While they seem somehow similar, there are key differences between most social media management tools.

The differences can be traced in the pricing, the features, the platform design, or the channel variety.

One of the most popular social media management platforms is Sprout Social.

In this article, we’re going to review some of the best social media tools as alternative solutions to Sprout Social.

What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is one of the most popular social media tools for today’s marketers and social media managers. Users can benefit from the software’s automated workflow and social listening insights that help improve their online presence and engagement.

A screenshot of SproutSocial's homepage.

Basically, Sprout Social tracks what’s currently trending on the market. Therefore, the tool helps users deal with content management on multiple social media channels. Namely, these include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Sprout Social’s focus lies on scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and analyzing social media profiles. It’s usually praised for its simplification of operational actions, as well as its intuitive user interface.


All things considered, Sprout Social is known for handling your social channels for you. Some of its top-selling features include:

  • Social Media Content Marketing Improvement via Social Listening
  • Social Posts Scheduling and Automated Publishing
  • Engagement Augmentation and Social Media Presence Evaluation
  • Audience Targeting and Customer Conversion Tracking
  • Customizable Report Builder, for premium users with specific metrics in mind
  • Campaign Management and Analytics
  • Competitor Monitoring and Analysis

Best for

Branded as a great solution for every business and individual, Sprout Social is quite advanced. Hence, it’s more suitable for enterprises and big marketing agencies that want to save time promoting their products. Certain limitations, like the ones in keywords, as well as user-based pricing, make Sprout Social not fitting for beginners. However, it’s worth mentioning that the user-friendly platform provides users with a great social media customer experience.


Sprout Social offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Standard ($89/month for annual payments and $99/month for monthly payments)
  • Professional ($149/month for annual payments and $169/month for monthly payments)
  • Advanced ($249/month for annual payments and $279/month for monthly payments)

While Sprout Social’s features are impressive, there’s a chance you’re looking for results of similar value at a lower cost.

Best 9 Sprout Social Alternatives

So what social media monitoring and management tools are the best Sprout Social alternatives?

Let’s find out!

Alternative #1: Mentionlytics 

Mentionlytics is an all-in-one mention tracking tool that provides users with insightful social media analytics for their marketing strategy.

A screenshot of Mentionlytics's Social Media Tracker homepage.

Without a doubt, this digital marketing platform is a universally acclaimed AI-empowered web and social media monitoring tool. Operating with a fast social media monitoring software, Mentionlytics tracks your brand mentions. In fact, it offers a wide variety of social platforms for its social listening services.

By all means, the data tracking process areas include everything on the web, a number of social media platforms, as well as, review sites. Find out what’s being said about you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Google Reviews, Reddit, and more.

Moreover, Mentionlytics promises quality and quantity of mentions and insights about multiple important metrics. For example, you should always track and analyze your target audience, top mentioners, and engagement.

Surely, data mining and visualization can become too much for users. As a matter of fact, users are overwhelmed when they’re inexperienced. Nevertheless, the simple and well-organized dashboard makes the platform user-friendly.

As a social media management tool, Mentionlytics sets to improve your content marketing performance. The Publisher feature allows you to create and schedule successful posts across all your social media profiles. In short, Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts are automatically published. Evidently, this makes a social media manager’s job much easier.


Overall, Mentionlytics has a great number of promising features. Obviously, many features serve as solutions for crisis management and future strategy organizing. Significantly, some of the most prevalent features are:

  • Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA), a feature that offers personalized advice to help you improve your social media presence
  • Advanced Boolean Search for Result Filtering via keywords and hashtags combinations with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR
  • Free Social Media Report Builder for Customizable Reports, based on your needs and preferred metrics
  • Simplified Team Collaboration, with real-time Alerts, Tags, Labels, and Task Assignments
  • Review, Competition, and Social Media Monitoring and Analytics
  • Intelligent Sentiment Analysis of Mentions in 24 Languages
  • Influencers and Top Mentioners Tracking and Analytics

Best for

In general, the tool’s reasonable pricing hints that it’s targeting SMB and freelancer marketers. Nevertheless, the variety of features offered suggests otherwise. In fact, Mentionlytics is a good fit for both smaller and larger companies. Subsequently, it offers solutions for individual social media managers and marketers as well.


Mentionlytics has created 6 different pricing solutions to help you find your best match. The subscription plans are the following:

  • Basic ($49/month)
  • Essential ($99/month)
  • Advanced ($199/month)
  • Pro ($299/month)
  • Agency ($450+/month)
  • Enterprise ($950+/month)

You have the option to pay monthly or annually. The second option saves you 2 months from your total subscription.

Alternative #2: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a well-known social media scheduling tool that focuses on managing and improving your social media accounts.

A screenshot of Hootsuite's Homepage

As one of the most popular social media marketing tools, Hootsuite offers users the chance to effortlessly accomplish multiple tasks.

In short, they can schedule posts, track brand mentions and handle all social media conversations and messages. Moreover, Hootsuite’s publishing tools include image editing, post creation, and publish automation.

Surprisingly, the platform supports 35 different social networks. Hence, it’s safe to assume that Hootsuite is one of the best social media management platforms.


Overall, the focus lies in improving your social media accounts’ performance. However, Hootsuite provides users with a wide variety of useful features:

  • All-in-One Social Media Content Management
  • Online Presence and Keywords Monitoring
  • Social Media Scheduling and Social Posts Publishing
  • Digital Marketing Coaching and Expert Training
  • Campaign Planning and Social Inbox Management
  • Social Media Analytics Tools and Reporting Features

Best for

Based on its popularity and customer support functionality, we’d argue that Hootsuite is a fit for large agencies and enterprises. Nonetheless, there are pricing options for medium-sized businesses as well.


Hootsuite’s marketing tools are available to use in four provided annual billing plans:

  • Professional ($39/month)
  • Team ($109/month)
  • Business ($669/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom solutions are provided after contact)

Alternative #3: Buffer

Buffer is another valuable social media management tool that acts as one of the best Sprout Social alternatives.

A screenshot of Buffer's homepage

Basically, Buffer identifies as an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform. The team’s passion and commitment to each client gained Buffer a good reputation for customer experience and team collaboration improvement.

As a social media scheduling and monitoring tool, it allows users to schedule content and post on multiple platforms. Up to the present time, social media profiles include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t stop there. Contrarily, Buffer offers social listening and reporting features, cementing itself as a competent analytics tool.


Buffer divides its marketing tools into 3 use cases: Publishing, analyzing, and engaging. Some of its main features include:

  • Social Posts Scheduling and Publishing Automation
  • Instagram Post Insights Boosting
  • Social Media Accounts, Stories, and Post Analytics
  • Target Audience Demographics
  • All-in-One User Interface for simple and quick Replies and Messages
  • Mobile App & iOS functionality

Best for

Based on pricing, we’d have to categorize Buffer as a great fit for freelance marketers and social media managers.


Buffer includes a free plan for certain social media tools, but it also provides users with 3 subscription plans:

  • Essentials ($6/month per social channel)
  • Team ($12/month per social channel)
  • Agency ($120/month for 10 social channels)

Alternative #4: Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media scheduling tool that gets global praise for its customer support.

A screenshot of one of the best Sprout Social Alternatives, Agorapulse's Homepage

The social media management platform offers users social CRM and reporting features to help them improve their social media presence. Moreover, clients get to save time and effort by managing messages in a simplified app that includes all social platforms.


Apart from the ability to schedule content and publish posts on social media, Agorapulse offers users many features, like:

  • Customizable Social Media Reports by date range
  • Unified Social Inbox
  • Social Listening & CRM
  • Team Collaboration Tools to improve the communication between team members
  • Contact and Content Management
  • Influencer Tracking and Analytics

Best for

Opinions tend to differ in this one. On one hand, some say that the pricing for most features makes it unattainable for freelancers and small businesses. On the other hand, others say that Agorapulse is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Our best pick would have to be agencies and digital marketers who want to schedule posts and track important metrics.


In addition to a free plan, Agorapulse offers 3 pricing plans, according to the number of team members:

  • Pro (€79/mo)
  • Premium (€199/mo)
  • Enterprise (Customizable pricing after contact)

Alternative #5: Sendible

Sendible is a great social media management platform that’s known for its customer support and engagement.

A screenshot of Sendible's Homepage

Overall, social media managers and marketing agencies use Sendible’s social media marketing tools to get the job done. The results come not only quickly but also successfully. In short, Sendible allows users to schedule content and publish it across multiple social networks through a centralized hub. Subsequently, they get to monitor their overall performance.

Furthermore, Sendible offers marketers reporting features to help them evaluate their working progress. The platform’s social media reports contain helpful information, valuable insights, engagement metrics, and social media analytics.


Sendible is an outstanding publishing and scheduling tool that provides users with multiple cool features. Some of them include:

  • Canva Graphics Editor
  • RSS Feed Importer
  • Team Collaboration Features
  • Contact, Competitor, and Content Management
  • Google My Business Integration for simplified workflows
  • Customizable One-Click Reports

Best for

On one hand, this social media scheduling tool is targeting freelancers and SMMs. On the other hand, it offers solutions for corporate marketing teams and digital agencies as well. Overall, we’d argue that it’s a great fit for startup and growing agencies.


Sendible provides users with 4 subscription plans:

  • Creator ($29/month)
  • Traction ($89/month)
  • Scale ($199/month)
  • Expansion ($399/month)

The annual payment will save you 15%.

Alternative #6: Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the most popular social media tools that act as Sprout Social alternatives as well.

A screenshot of Zoho Social's Homepage

Overall, Zoho Social is a popular social media scheduler that offers monitoring and publishing tools. Evidently, these tools aim to improve the clients’ social media presence. Moreover, Zoho Social allows marketers to manage multiple social media profiles, assign tasks to team members and get valuable insights.

Without a doubt, Zoho Social is known for its many successful integrations. In short, some of them include Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, Canva, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Desk. All of these features make Zoho Social a well-rounded social media marketing solution.


As a digital marketing platform, Zoho Social doesn’t stop at scheduling social media content and publishing across multiple social media accounts. Contrarily, some helpful features include:

  • Social Listening and Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Workflow Definition and Team Collaboration Tools
  • Brand Monitoring and Conversion Tracking
  • Contact and Content Management
  • Customer Engagement and Segmentation
  • Social Media Analytics and Reporting Features

Best for

While there are options for small and medium-sized businesses, we’d say Zoho Social’s focus lies on agencies and marketing teams.


Zoho Social divides its subscriptions into two categories: Businesses and Agencies.

The pricing plans for businesses are the following:

  • Standard (€10/month)
  • Professional (€30/month)
  • Premium (€40/month)

The pricing plans for agencies are the following:

  • Agency  (€230/month)
  • Agency Plus (€330/month)

Alternative #7: MavSocial

MavSocial is another social media scheduling tool and one of the best Sprout Social alternatives.

A screenshot of one of the best Sprout Social Alternatives, MavSocial's Homepage

Overall, MavSocial is a standard social media management tool. Markedly, users are given the opportunity to track conversations, reply to messages and improve their social media presence. Moreover, they’re able to schedule content, like tweets and Instagram posts.

By all means, they can publish social posts on multiple mainstream platforms, like Facebook and Linkedin. Nonetheless, they can post on more niche platforms as well, like Google My Business and Tumblr.


Obviously, MavSocial is mostly known for its ability to simplify the workflow and communication for all team members. However, some other cool features include:

  • Social Media Content Management and Curation
  • Image Purchasing and Payment Automation
  • RSS Feed and UTM Tracking
  • Social Media Reports, Metrics, and Analytics
  • Bit.ly Integration
  • Audience Targeting and Unified Inbox

Best for

Due to its pricing and functionality, MavSocial is a great fit for freelancers and small businesses. However, there are pricing plans with more features for bigger agencies and companies as well.


MavSocial’s subscription plans are as follows:

  • Advanced ($19/month)
  • Pro ($78/month)
  • Business ($199/month)
  • Enterprise (Customizable pricing plans after contact)

Annual billing will save you 2 months.

Alternative #8: SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of today’s great social media scheduling and publishing tools. It provides users with easy solutions for every essential content marketing procedure. Hence, SocialPilot is successful at pleasing small businesses and marketers.

A screenshot of one of the best Sprout Social Alternatives, SocialPilot's Homepage

Basically, clients use SocialPilot to schedule posts for all social media channels. In short, these include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr. Moreover, it provides solutions for publishing tools on platforms like Google My Business and VK.

Furthermore, SocialPilot allows users to create and share customizable social posts, embellished with emojis, videos, images, and GIFs.

As a successful social media management platform, SocialPilot offers advanced social media analytics and reporting features for social media presence improvement.


Undoubtedly, SocialPilot is known for its social media calendar and scheduling functionality. Nevertheless, it’s filled with many cool features. Some of them include:

  • RSS Feeds and CRM Functionality Integration
  • Team Collaboration and Client management
  • Proactive Spam Monitoring
  • Advanced Bulk Scheduling
  • Content Management and Curation
  • Influencer and Lead Tracking

Best for

SocialPilot’s features offer solutions for digital marketing agencies and enterprises. However, based on the offered features and pricing plans, it’s clear that their main client focus lies in small-sized businesses.


SocialPilot’s pricing falls under 4 subscription plans:

  • Professional (€29/month)
  • Small Team (€48/month)
  • Studio (€96/month)
  • Agency (€119/month)

Annual billing will save you 15%.

Alternative #9: Everypost

Everypost is an all-in-one publishing solution that simplifies across-platform multimedia content posting for you and your brand.

A screenshot of one of the best Sprout Social Alternatives, Everypost's Homepage

Everypost is a valuable social media marketing solution that allows clients to curate visual content. Moreover, users get to schedule and publish posts across all social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Searching for the right media content from sources like Youtube, Flickr, and RSS feeds isn’t always easy. In fact, you’d call it time and energy-consuming at times. With Everypost, these procedures come and go in a fast-paced, effortless, and successful way.

Undoubtedly, visually pleasing content is what makes a brand’s social media feed attract more and more viewers. As a result, the number of followers and the engagement rate tends to rise.


Apart from scheduling and publishing successful across-platform content, like Tweets and Instagram posts, Everypost’s valuable features include:

  • Content Management and Curation
  • Customer Segmentation and Multi-Account Management
  • Keyword Filtering and Analysis
  • Reporting Features and Social Analytics
  • Customizable Social Posts
  • Team Collaboration and Workflow Improvement

Best for

Since Everypost’s pricing plans are not public, we can’t really tell whether it’s suitable for large, medium, or small-sized businesses.


Everypost doesn’t provide pricing details for public viewing.

Whether they’re focused on social media management or competitor analysis, these popular social media tools will improve your online performance.

Now Over to You

Are you working in the great social media industry or trying to improve your brand’s social presence?

Take notes then! Because the 9 platforms mentioned above are some of the best Sprout Social alternatives.

Don’t forget to look into details and decide which one suits your self, brand, or company better.

After all, social media analytics tools, like Mentionlytics, help marketers get the job done fast and successfully.

You’ll be surprised to find out more and more cool features as you’re using it.

So, start your free trial at Mentionlytics today!

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