Brandwatch Alternatives

Brandwatch Alternatives

If you’re looking for Brandwatch alternatives, it means you’re already familiar with social listening. Overall, a functioning tool

If you’re looking for Brandwatch alternatives, it means you’re already familiar with social listening.

Overall, a functioning tool doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs. Excluding pricing, what makes such platforms stand out? It can be the variety of monitored channels, the ease of use of the platform, or the frequency of alerts. The point is that users often turn to alternative options in order to be sure they chose the best product.

Furthermore, social media monitoring tools can be quite expensive for your company’s marketing budget. Free tools are always accessible on the internet, but they don’t provide you with insightful data and further analysis. As a result, free tools, like Google Analytics, can’t always help you figure out your next moves.

Searching for a web and social media monitoring tool would be a more profitable solution for your business. However, if you’re new to this or don’t pay attention to each platform’s details, you might get confused.

Want to know which monitoring tools are the best Brandwatch alternatives for your brand?

Firstly, you need to know what Brandwatch does, in order to compare the other tools to it.

What’s Brandwatch?

Best Brandwatch alternatives.

Brandwatch self-identifies as the world’s pioneering digital consumer intelligence platform.

In other words, Brandwatch is primarily a social listening platform that’s used by some of the most globally popular brands.

Powered by AI software, its main goal is to provide users with insights to understand their customers and market better. As a growing digital consumer intelligence suite, Brandwatch has expanded its platform with six different products:

  1. Consumer Research (for brand & market intelligence)
  2. Audiences (for audience intelligence)
  3. BuzzSumo (for marketing intelligence)
  4. Vizia (for intelligent reporting)
  5. Reviews (for product intelligence)
  6. Falcon (for social media management)

Brandwatch includes software features like AI image and data analysis, as well as auto data segmentation. Moreover, its features help with the following use cases:

  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Democratization
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market Research

While this growth is admirable, it’s safe to assume it’s somewhat pricey. With offices opening in many parts of the world and new products launching, Brandwatch is targeting big companies and corporations.

Their platform doesn’t provide public information about their pricing, but it doesn’t seem like an affordable plan for a small and/or medium business. Perhaps that’s the reason why you’re reading this piece.

Or maybe you want to know every option before you decide what tool suits you best. In any case, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for you to try.

So what are some of the best Brandwatch alternatives for social media monitoring?

Tool #1: Mentionlytics

An all-in-one monitoring tool, Mentionlytics helps you handle your brand’s mentions and offers you insightful analytics for your marketing strategy.

One of the best Brandwatch alternatives. Mentionlytic's homepage.

Mentionlytics is an AI-empowered web and social media monitoring platform. That is to say its software tracks every mention of your brand online. In fact, Mentionlytics is one of the few tools that offer a wide variety of channels for mention monitoring. The fields of the tracking process include everything on the web and a number of social media platforms. Namely, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Google Reviews, Reddit, and more.

Tracking multiple channels, as mentioned above, Mentionlytics’ strengths include the quality and quantity of data provided to users. While data mining and visualization can get tricky, the straightforward dashboard makes the platform user-friendly.

Furthermore, a tool like Mentionlytics can improve your content marketing performance. If you’re wondering “How?”, the following are just a few of the multiple ways.

In detail, the tool manages to:

  • give you valuable insights about your target audience and top mentioners
  • offer you important metrics, like engagement, demographics, and trending topics
  • provide you with further analysis of these metrics to help you understand their importance
  • make helpful suggestions for your future actions based on your audience

A screenshot of Mentionlytics's Share of Voice Report

In short, Mentionlytics offers users the following solutions:

  • Brand monitoring
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Review monitoring
  • Competition monitoring
  • Crisis management
  • Influencers marketing

Mentionlytics Features

Ideal for crisis management, as well as strategic planning, Mentionlytics has a great number of profitable features. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA), a feature that offers personalized advice to help you improve your brand’s web and social presence
  • Advanced Boolean search that filters your results in detail by combining keywords with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR
  • Social Media Report Builder, creating customizable reports based on your personal preferences or needs
  • Ability to alert your team members about mentions with tags, labels, and task assignments
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis in 24 languages
  • Scheduling and publishing posts on social media

What’s important is that all segments keep on evolving to meet every customer’s growing needs.

Τhe platform offers you 3 different reports:

  1. Top Mentions Report
  2. Top Mentioners / Influencers Report
  3. Share of Voice

Mentionlytics Pricing

Mentionlytics has come up with 5 subscription plans, depending on the size of your business, to help you find your best match.

  • Basic ($49/month)
  • Essential ($99/month)
  • Advanced ($199/month)
  • Pro ($299/month)
  • Agency ($450+/month)

You have the option to pay by the month or by the year. The second option saves you 2 months from your annual subscription. You can start a free trial today and find out if it suits you the best.

In conclusion, Mentionlytics does Brandwatch’s job, but it costs less.

Tool #2: Sprout Social

Sometimes you need to peek at rival brands’ online posts and benchmark your performance against similar businesses.

A screenshot of SproutSocial's homepage.

As an acclaimed user-friendly platform, Sprout Social specializes in monitoring social media profiles and providing customers with insightful analytics. Furthermore, capitalizing on social listening, the system offers helpful suggestions for your future actions, based on the market’s current trends.

Sprout Social Features

With Sprout Social, the focus lies on your social media profiles and your better handling of the process. Some of its best features include:

  • Social listening for content marketing plan advancement
  • Scheduling and publishing posts on social media
  • Engagement scaling tools to measure your digital presence
  • Insightful demographics about your target audience
  • Detections of sources that drive more traffic to your website
  • Report Builder, a feature that offers premium users the opportunity to customize their reports according to the metrics they want

Identifying customer feelings is the first step towards a publishing plan for increasing engagement rate and organic traffic to your webpage.

Sprout Social Pricing

Sprout Social’s subscription plans are divided into three categories:

  • Standard ($89/month for annual payments and $99/month for monthly payments)
  • Professional ($149/month for annual payments and $169/month for monthly payments)
  • Advanced ($249/month for annual payments and $279/month for monthly payments)

A free trial is available at all times. You’re also offered additional premium solutions for every plan you choose to follow.

Tool #3: Hootsuite

An engagement rate increase requires your constant attention to your social media reactions. But the “bigger” the brand, the harder it is to manage its multiple social profiles.

A screenshot of Hootsuite's homepage.

Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool that specializes in managing your social media channels. In addition, it enables customers to spy on their competitors’ content. This all-in-one platform helps users handle comments and messages on any social channel. Furthermore, it offers them insights into their rival brands.

As mentioned previously, analyzing your competition helps you plan the next best move for your brand’s digital image.

Hootsuite Features

Certainly, the main focus lies in enhancing your social media game. However, Hootsuite provides users with a wide variety of useful features:

  • All-in-one management of your social profile relationships
  • All-in-one monitoring of your online presence and specific keywords
  • Creating, scheduling & publishing successful content
  • Social media coaching and training from experts
  • Professional planning of your next campaign
  • Analyzing monitoring results, such as how well did a specific keyword performed

In short, this tool offers a number of helpful services, like advertising optimization.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite’s features are available to use if you choose one of the four annual billing plans they offer:

  • Professional ($39/month)
  • Team ($109/month)
  • Business ($669/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom solutions are provided after contact)

The former two options offer a free 30-day trial, while the latter demands a demo request.

Tool #4: Mention

Marketers must listen carefully to what their audience has to say about their brands and use this knowledge as power.

A screenshot of Mention's homepage.

As mentioned above, Mention is a popular social listening that helps brands understand what the audience thinks of them online. With Menion, you’ll be able to monitor your company’s online presence, as well as its market and trending keywords. Moreover, you can receive an in-depth analysis of your findings. As a result, you can estimate your brand’s performance and your marketing strategy’s impact.

Users of the Mention dashboard can respond to social media dialogues quickly and prove that they consider their audience’s voices.

Mention Features

Mention’s main features include:

  • Wide variety of instant alert options to select the one that fits you best
  • Real-time web and social media monitoring
  • Insight-driven listening of the key metrics that you find important for your performance
  • Social media strategy enhancement with publishing planning and optimization
  • Comprehensive Retail and Finance industry tracking
  • Training and digital marketing onboarding with no extra charge

With Mention, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the entire industry of your brand and especially your competition.

Mention Pricing

Firstly, if you’re looking for free alternatives to Brandwatch, Mention offers a “Free Plan for individuals who want to get started”. Secondly, it provides its customers with 4 subscription plans:

  • Solo ($29/month)
  • Pro ($99/month)
  • ProPlus ($199/month)
  • Company (custom payment solutions after contact)

The first three options offer a free trial and an annual billing option that saves you 2 months.

Tool #5: Meltwater

An easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for PR and social media, Meltwater helps customers make informed decisions.

A screenshot of Meltwater's homepage

Above all, Meltwater specializes in media intelligence. In other words, its software tracks and analyzes public data, like online articles, news, podcasts, reviews, and social media posts. Subsequently, it provides users with valuable knowledge and intelligent suggestions to help them make smart choices and dominate their market.

Furthermore, Meltwater’s API (connectable to Microsoft BI, Domo, and more platforms) makes sure you’re able to collect data all around.

Meltwater Features

As a multi-functional marketing intelligence platform, Meltwater provides users with the following features:

  • Custom reports that you can export
  • Social media monitoring and publishing
  • Social listening and consumer insights
  • Brand management and instant alerts
  • Market research and influencer identification
  • Press and newsletter distribution

With Meltwater, you can also use these custom reports to find out how your competition is performing compared to you.

Meltwater Pricing

The Meltwater platform doesn’t provide public information about its pricing plans. In any case, if you’re interested, you could try booking a demo. Subsequently, you’ll be able to talk with executives and figure out a subscription model that works for your needs.

Tool #6: Talkwalker

Known as a popular Consumer Intelligence Acceleration platform, Talkwalker features AI-powered tracking tools that specialize in social listening.

A screenshot of Talkwalker's homepage.

Thanks to its efficient platform and product development, Talkwalker is currently a leading competitive intelligence tool. Moreover, it’s popular for its source coverage. For instance, you can find public and internal data (like surveys and emails) that help you create profitable customer-centric strategies.

Likewise, using its market presence and customer base, you’ll be able to understand better the constantly changing consumer scene.

Talkwalker Features

Talkwalker’s software focuses on tracking and identifying customers’ feelings and market trends. Its main features include:

  • Easy campaign and social channels management
  • AI-powered intelligent content and trend analysis
  • Social Content Ratings (SCR) for social performance bulk measurement
  • Social intelligence monitoring for customer and market insights
  • Talkwalker Activate professional consulting for performance enhancement
  • Flexible Boolean searches with smart filters for data fragmentation

Talkwalker’s management of your social profiles doesn’t stop there, since it sends notifications for important updates on your digital presence.

Talkwalker Pricing

Talkwalker’s subscription plans are divided into 3 categories:

  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Basic

According to G2, the Basic plan costs $9,600/year. However, the official website doesn’t display public information about their pricing. Instead, it urges you to contact their team and get a personalized price for your needs.

To Sum Up

To sum up, these are our suggestions. If you’re reading this, you’re probably been looking for Brandwatch alternatives. In this case, we hope we have helped you. We certainly gave you a clue to help you understand what’s fitting for your brand. Nonetheless, if you think any of these is worth it, you should try looking up more information about them.

To clarify, there are more Brandwatch alternatives out there, if you feel like our options didn’t meet your needs. Therefore, it’s time for you to do your own personalized research and decide for yourself or your company.

All things considered, it’s not hard to find efficient Brandwatch alternatives, like Mentionlytics. So why don’t you sign up for a free trial and find out if it suits your needs?

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