About Nicolas Braoulias

Passionate about social media and communication, Nicolas is a junior content writer at Mentionlytics. His interests include writing & editing, pop culture, and graphic design.

Social media scheduling is the process of planning your posts and arranging for them to be posted at a particular time/date on your social media accounts. This saves social media managers time and helps them build a better online presence and social media strategy.

In 2023, businesses don’t just guess how people feel about their company, they use sentiment analysis tools. Social media sentiment analysis is the process of interpreting a customer’s perception of a brand, product, or service.

Are you looking for Talkwalker alternatives? Known for its wide source coverage, Talkwalker is currently considered one of the most popular media monitoring solutions. Features include campaign and social media management, trend analysis, Boolean search, and more.

Do you know how to calculate Share of Voice? While it's relatively popular among marketing metrics, some people are still not familiar with it. For instance, do you know why measuring Share of Voice is so important when it comes to digital marketing efforts?

At the present time, numerous business owners and social media marketers monitor social media for negative reviews. However, not all of them know how to deal with negative comments on social media efficiently.

Every marketer faces a big social media analysis dilemma: Social listening vs social monitoring. Perhaps you’re already wondering: What's the difference between social listening and social monitoring?

Obviously, most social media managers and people working in marketing agencies are already familiar with social media sentiment analysis. But are you sure you know everything that’s related to it?

Communications professionals are often asked: What does media monitoring mean? Since it’s a very important process for businesses who want to know what people think about them, you should know. Well, if you’re not completely familiar with the term, good news! 

Have you ever conducted a brand audit for your business? You may often wonder why some things don’t work for your company, while others do. There are even processes that don’t exactly work for you, but you’ve seen that they’re successful for others.