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Passionate about social media and communication, Nicolas is a junior content writer at Mentionlytics. His interests include writing & editing, pop culture, and graphic design.

Searching the web for Sprout Social alternatives? It’s important to realize that an effective online marketing tool doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs. While they seem somehow similar, there are key differences between most social media management tools.

Marketers often have to turn in a social media report to show their work so far. If you’re wondering about the term or the practices it involves, in this guide, we’re going to cover the following: What’s a social media report, Why do you need one, How to make sure it’s successful, What data should such a report include.

Does your marketing strategy include dedicating time to monitor Facebook groups? Social media marketing depends on knowing your target audience as well as possible. Paying attention to forums and secret groups are great ways to do so.

If you want to excel, you need to examine your work in comparison to your competition. Thankfully, there are many competitor analysis tools that track your rival brands’ performance, while you focus on outranking the market.

If you are representing a brand’s digital image, you are probably already familiar with hashtag campaigns. However, there is a chance you don’t know how you should plan and execute these strategies correctly. What is this type of social media campaign really about?