How to Run a Successful X/Twitter Campaign

How to Run a Successful X/Twitter Campaign

Do you know why and how to run a Twitter campaign? X/Twitter is an integral part of social

Do you know why and how to run a Twitter campaign?

X/Twitter is an integral part of social media marketing. In fact, even after the rebrand, 36% of Americans under 30 use X to get news. Furthermore, Χ helps businesses with:

  • Brand visibility
  • Real-time engagement
  • Customer feedback
  • Website traffic
  • Brand authority

As the platform evolves, more and more businesses dive into X/Twitter advertising. Whether organic or paid, effective Twitter campaigns can help you achieve your business goals by: 

  • Aligning Twitter campaign objectives with broader sales goals
  • Targeting audiences based on demographics and interests
  • Offering interactive features for creative storytelling
  • Allowing you to measure your results

This article guides you to X marketing success. Read below to learn how to create a Twitter campaign, track your results, and more!

What is an X/Twitter Campaign?

An X/Twitter campaign is a strategic series of tweets brands post on the platform. Organic campaigns and Twitter paid ads are a large part of Twitter marketing. Unlike occasional or individual posting, marketers plan campaign tweets with clear goals and targeted messaging.

In detail, here’s how an X/Twitter campaign is different from simply posting on X:

  • Campaign Planning: This needs careful planning to ensure everything matches the business goals.
  • Specific Objectives: It targets precise outcomes, like brand awareness, leads, or product promotions.
  • Consistent Messaging: It focuses on keeping it cohesive on topic, hashtags, and tone of voice.
  • Trackable Results: You can use Twitter metrics to measure campaign success.

You can find multiple X/Twitter campaign types, based on goals, cost, or content styles. Here are the main ones: 

  1. Brand Awareness Campaigns
  2. Lead Generation Campaigns
  3. Product Launch Campaigns
  4. Engagement Campaigns
  5. Offers and Promotional Campaigns
  6. Event Attendance Campaigns

Why Should You Run Campaigns on Twitter/X?

Successful Twitter campaigns offer many benefits to your brand. Let’s focus on 3 reasons to run them.

To Boost Your PR Campaigns

In general, using social media in PR increases visibility and engagement. Effective PR needs a strong presence across all social networks. Thus, experimenting with X/Twitter campaign types maximizes your chances of boosting your cross-network marketing.

To Increase Your Brand Awareness

Brands mostly use X/Twitter campaigns to leverage the platform’s huge number of engaged users. In fact, X has a monthly user base that exceeds 550 million people. Marketers use popular hashtags and multi-media content to become viral and increase brand awareness.

To Encourage UGC

The best Twitter campaigns capitalize on encouraging user-generated content to involve their target audience. In fact, UGC marketing amplifies content credibility. It also helps you create an engaged brand community. For example, businesses post contests and challenges to inspire Twitter users to get creative.

Effective Ways to Run X/Twitter Campaigns

We’ll look at a fictional scenario to showcase how to run Twitter campaigns. For example, let’s say that you own a brand in the athletic footwear industry. You’re wondering how to launch a Twitter campaign for a new pair of sneakers.

You can follow two different ways; Either X/Twitter advertising campaigns or organic efforts on the platform. The best solution is to follow both options and create an all-in-one X marketing strategy. We’ll examine each way separately below.

Through Organic Efforts

The first method is going cost-free and targeting non-paid social media growth. Organic efforts for Twitter are similar to strategies for other social networks, like Instagram and Facebook.

You can start by posting cohesive content and interacting with your audience. Additionally, create a few campaign hashtags. You probably want to increase engagement and make your content go viral.

So, let’s focus on each step and look at examples of successful Twitter campaigns.

Create a Dedicated Campaign Hashtag

Creating a unique hashtag is the whole nine yards for X/Twitter campaigns. Smart hashtags catch the scrolling viewer’s eye. They also distinguish random posts from cohesive campaign tweets.

In our scenario, your new sneakers campaign couldn’t start without creating a dedicated hashtag. You could go safe by adding a hashtag that includes your #NewProductName.

However, you could also create a catchy hashtag and build an authentic brand image. For instance, hashtags like #NewSneakersWhoDis would announce your launch in a fun way.

An example of a famous brand is Coca-Cola using the #BelievingIsMagic hashtag. They included magic in their hashtag campaign, boosting positive engagement through beautiful visuals.

Twitter Campaign Example - Coca-Cola

Source: Coca-Cola

After creating your dedicated hashtag, don’t forget to track hashtag performance. You can measure campaign success and gain insights. Hashtag tracking tools, like Mentionlytics, can help you monitor Twitter campaign hashtags and identify top posts and influencers.

Post A Series of Engaging Tweets

Once you’ve created a campaign, post eye-catching tweets to drive traffic to your Twitter account! Captivating your audience’s interest is important. Various content formats work well on Twitter.

Brands engage their target audience with high-quality visuals, like images and videos. You have more options, such as polls, questions, and Calls to Action (CTA).

Based on your goal, there are different ways to drive engagement. For example, let’s say you want the viewers to engage with your new sneakers launch. First, you must include a memorable image, from the promo shoot.

Furthermore, you can create a fun video, like “How to style our new sneakers”. Scoring video views is a priority in online marketing. In fact, 4 out of 5 X user sessions include watching videos.

What about wanting your brand community to engage with one another? In this scenario, you can create a poll, asking everyone’s opinions. For instance, Nike promoted a new collection and asked which generation wore it better.

Twitter Campaign Example - Nike

Source: Nike

Twitter Campaign Example - Nike

Source: Nike

Pro tip: Link your campaign to Twitter trending topics to increase visibility. For example, if there’s a fashion trend discussion, join the conversation and promote your sneakers.

Mentionlytics can lead you directly to trending hashtags, keywords, and discussion topics in your industry. We’ll dive into these features later in the article!

Engage with Your Audience 

You want to create a campaign that targets users and makes them engage with you. However, you also want your brand to be able to engage with users as well. Reply to comments, retweet user-generated content, and listen to your audience.

When brands and users interact with each other they create online communities. This increases brand loyalty and social media engagement. Starbucks is an excellent example of customer engagement. They often interact with their followers, making them feel appreciated.

Twitter Campaign Example - Starbucks

Source: Starbucks

Let’s return to the footwear scenario. You need to reply to customer queries quickly and usefully. So, you want to notice all notifications that alert you when someone tags (@) you. But what about posts that don’t include your Twitter account tag?

Mentionlytics assists users by gathering all their Twitter mentions in one place. This allows them to respond to all mentions (positive and negative). The app’s software ensures you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

In detail, Mentionlytics notifies you whenever someone tweets about your brand. This includes both tagged mentions and non-tagged mentions. So you’ll always be sure you know exactly what people say about you.

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This is how to run a Twitter campaign through organic efforts. Now, let’s dive into paid advertising.

Through X/Twitter Advertising

The second way goes beyond organic efforts. It involves X/Twitter ad campaigns. Some brands may focus on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, most businesses choose to advertise on Twitter/X as well.

An X/Twitter advertising campaign offers various ad formats and reach targeting options. X also features account analytics to help you understand how to run Twitter campaigns effectively.

So, let’s dive into paid Twitter campaign details and look at each step separately!

Decide on the Ad Format

Firstly, choose what types of Twitter ads fit your brand image. Businesses can run different X/Twitter ad campaign types. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Promoted Ads: This is the most popular option. You pay the platform to show specific tweets more prominently. They include text, images, videos, or GIFs. You can target them based on demographics and interests.
  • Promoted Accounts: You can use this to increase your followers. X promotes your account with a “follow” button for users who see the ad.
  • Twitter Takeovers: High-impact ads at the top of timelines or the Explore tab.
  • Twitter Amplify: This is about video content promotion. It offers two options:
  1. Pre-roll Ads: Boost your video ad by showing it before other videos on X. These videos are part of the topic categories you selected.
  2. Sponsorships: Sponsor specific videos from relevant publishers to ensure your ad appears alongside that content.

For our X/Twitter campaign scenario, you want your new product launch to go viral. Then you will choose Twitter campaign types that help with brand awareness and reach. For instance, you can use a Twitter takeover or Promoted Ads.

Select the Right Audience

Your paid Twitter campaign will work best if your message resonates with the right users. Here’s where buyer personas and audience targeting come in. Twitter offers targeting options to ensure your ads reach the right audience. Here’s a breakdown of key targeting categories:

  • Demographics: Your tweet reaches users based on geo-location, gender, language, age, device, or mobile carrier. Create buyer personas by selecting the demographics of your target audience.
  • Audience Features: This one has multiple sub-categories. You can target conversations, like users who actively tweet about specific topics or keywords. Also, you can target users based on their interest in events, movies/TV shows, and more. You can target people who interact with your tweets and users who are similar to your followers.
  • Custom Audiences: This option allows you to create a custom audience list. For example, you can create user groups for retargeting, exclusion, or expansion. It helps brands exclude active haters and target valuable leads.

In the footwear scenario, you would target users who actively tweet about sneakers. Monitor Twitter campaigns and exclude people who spoke negatively about your products in the past.

Set Up Your X/Twitter Ads

Ready to create your ads? Here’s a quick overview of how to start a campaign on Twitter ads. You just need to follow 6 simple steps:

  1. Set up a Twitter Ads account: Visit and sign in with your Twitter account.
  2. Choose your Twitter campaign objectives: Define your ultimate goal. Some examples are brand awareness increase, website traffic generation, engagement boost, or app installs.
  3. Define your target audience: Use age, location, and interests to find your audience.
  4. Create your ad: Design your ad, write a catchy copy, and add high-quality images. Also, choose your ad format and review your design.
  5. Set your budget and bidding strategy: Pay with a daily budget or per billable action. The latter means X charging you only when your desired actions (e.g.: follow) happen. The Twitter campaign cost is up to you.
  6. Launch and Monitor: Click “Launch Campaign” and start your paid Twitter campaign. Monitor your campaigns using Twitter Ads Manager and optimize your performance.

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5 Practical Tips for Better Campaigns on Twitter/X

Here are 5 simple tips to elevate your X/Twitter game:

1. Have a Clear Goal

Before launching a campaign, define your X/Twitter campaign objectives. What do you want to achieve? You need a clear mission, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, engaging leads, or boosting sales.

Add more details to your goals. You can choose specific timeframes and cost limits. For instance, an example of a goal is gaining 500 new followers monthly.

2. Leverage Trending Hashtags to Maximize Reach

Adding X/Twitter trending hashtags to your post expands your campaign’s reach. Attract attention and boost engagement simply by being part of what’s trending. For example, brands often use hashtags like #BlackFriday to join conversations.

You can find trending hashtags manually by using X/Twitter advanced search. However, tools like Mentionlytics automatically identify trending keywords and hashtags in your industry.

Mentionlytics Keyword Cloud

3. Find the Best Times to Tweet

Timing is everything for reach and engagement. Creating a compelling tweet and posting it when your audience is less active makes no sense. Before scheduling your tweets, search for the best times to post on social media.

Mentionlytics can help you! In fact, the app’s Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) analyzes your performance, industry, and audience. SIA then offers personalized tips on social media growth, including the best posting times.

4. Make Your Ads Look Good

You know what they say; An image is worth a thousand tweets! Visually appealing ads attract more eyes. High-quality images and clear copies are the recipe for visual success. For example, your ad should feature attractive photos/videos of your new products.

5. Track Your Performance

Monitor Twitter campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t. The best social listening tools can help you track tweets and measure key metrics.

Focus on engagement, reach, and sentiment analysis.

Create a Successful X/Twitter Campaign with Ease

Ready to plan your organic efforts and paid campaigns to dominate Twitter/X? Sign up for a free trial with Mentionlytics and create the best Twitter marketing campaigns!

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