Twitter Marketing in 2020: A Guide to increase Engagement for your Brand

Twitter Marketing in 2023: A Guide to increase Engagement for your Brand

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most unique social media platforms out

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most unique social media platforms out there, especially for businesses. Twitter marketing enables brands to distribute their content and network with others in their niche as they reach out to their target audiences seamlessly.

People from all over the world visit this social media channel in search of news and updates from their favorite brands and influencers. This means that if your brand isn’t already active on Twitter, it might be missing out on a large market.

However, it’s not enough to follow the latest trending topics or have a popular hashtag. Finding success on Twitter requires a proactive approach to showcasing your brand and engaging audiences.

Twitter Marketing Strategies For 2023

Here are some strategies that successful social marketers use on Twitter to help increase brand awareness and engagement:

Use The Right Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way for your brand to gain exposure and encourage audiences to reTweet.

These are particularly useful in generating campaign awareness, where brands can create unique hashtags for themselves or hop on to the bandwagon for some popular ones, in the hopes of marketing their products/services.

So it’s no wonder that Tweets with hashtags receive 2x the engagement.

When you group same-topic conversations, your posts become easier for Twitter users to find, increasing the likelihood that they will engage with your Twitter Marketing.


Source: Buddy Media

Follow Trending Topics

When users search for a hashtag or click on one, the results show the most discussed and trending topics on Twitter.

This means that your best chance to get traction on Twitter is to use some of these top trending hashtags, images, and videos in your Tweets.

Marketers often rely on Twitter trends to pick out the hashtags and topics they need to Tweet on. This helps them jump on the bandwagon of events and news that people are talking about.

However, given that it is a generalized approach, we find that the best Twitter marketing strategy for social marketers is to make use of social media monitoring tools. A service like Mentionlytics can provide you with insight into trending topics that your business can take advantage of.

Pick The Right Time To Tweet

A creative Twitter marketing strategy can expand your reach, letting you share and promote business content in a matter of seconds.

But it is vital that you pick the right time to Tweet out your content (videos, images, blogs, etc.) because this platform moves fast. So figure out when your niche audience is online and then pick an hour to send out your Tweets to ensure maximum impact.

Remember, thousands of businesses are online, and they are all vying for attention – make sure your business gets seen before everyone else’s by timing the Tweets right.

This is important because a Tweet could quickly disappear down the feed in a matter of minutes and be completely invisible to your followers.

This makes it vital that you post consistently at the right times, so your followers know when to expect your posts and engage with them.


Use Twitter Analytics to track the progress of your Twitter marketing initiatives to get insight on your followers and find the optimal time to Tweet. You can also locate their geographic locations to identify time zones for the best time to post.

According to HubSpot, an excellent time to Tweet lies around 8-10 am, as well as 6-9 pm. However, if you aim to increase your retweets and maximize your click-through rate, Tweet at noon or between 5-6 pm is the best time. Schedule your posts a week in advance so you can ensure consistent engagement.

Although workdays work better, you may find that some content will have a larger audience over the weekend. So experiment with your Tweets until you find the magical hour when likes, retweets, and replies are at their maximum.

Know The Ideal Length For Your Tweets

Ever since Twitter raised its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters, there have been a variety of Tweets of different lengths with plenty of success stories. But what’s the right length for your Tweets?

Well, Tweets between 71 and 100 characters tend to generate the most engagement on Twitter.

In fact, ‘100 characters’ seems to be the magic number as Tweets of this size receive 17% more engagement than others. Consequently, data suggests that Tweets under 20 characters generate very little engagement.

What’s more, you can also incorporate links in your Tweets to drive traffic to your website or landing pages that you want to target.

Coming down to it, there’s no concept of long Tweets, instead short snippets are bite-sized chunks of info are vital for your Twitter marketing.

Take the opportunity to experiment: GIFs are a great way to spike your audience’s interest. The short, quirky animations are quick to load on mobile devices, even when users have a weak signal.

In a study of 3.7 million accounts, Twitter found that Tweets with a GIF saw 55% more engagement than those without.

Experiment With Twitter Chats

Your main goal for Twitter marketing is to get more followers. But while you may be tempted to focus on quantity, it’s the quality of your following that matters – and the only way to do this is to boost engagement with the right kind of audiences.

Twitter Chats seems to be very effective at achieving this. Not only does it help you create a community around topics that involve your brand, but it also allows users to post their comments and remarks.


Source: Buffer

To optimize your efforts, schedule your question Tweets well in advance, or aim to end a chat by announcing the topic for your next one. Remind attendees to use your unique hashtag #BrandNameTWChat to join the conversation.

Re-engage attendees even after the event is over, so you can increase the likelihood that they’ll tune in the next time.

Consider Ranking On Twitter

Interestingly, Twitter works very well as a search engine.

Not only are you competing to have your Tweets rank on Twitter’s algorithm, but you are also vying for high rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing, which also monitor your Tweets.

As a result, you need to engage with your audience by Tweeting engaging content and replying to mentions regularly.


Source: Google

Take Forbes, for example – their Tweets rank first out of 188,000,000 results in response to our query “Forbes twitter account.”

If your posts offer users value, search algorithms will pick up your content, and have your Tweets rank well when someone uses Twitter’s search feature – making your digital marketing efforts a success!

Utilize Twitter Ads

A key aspect of Twitter marketing is tapping into the platform’s unique ads.

Brands that suffer from poor organic reach can use Twitter’s paid ads to reach audiences directly. These Promoted Tweets will expand on your reach and gain you more followers quickly.

Moreover, these promotions also increase the likelihood of your profile getting discovered by appropriate audiences, even if they don’t follow your profile or hashtags.

Promoted Tweets appear in people’s timelines who have similar interests to your audience. For a monthly fee, users can interact with your Promoted Tweets as they would with organic content.


Source: Hootsuite

The only difference? Promoted Tweets are marked as ads to ensure greater transparency within the app. That said, the ads aren’t overly promotional and do come across as genuine enough to attract engagement.

Focus on Building Authenticity

For any brand to stand out, you need to come across as original and authentic.

Your Twitter marketing campaign should focus on creating an environment that fosters genuine conversation with your audience. Not only will your followers feel more engaged with your brand, but it will also boost their willingness to buy from you.

Moreover, you can also hide replies, which comes in handy if you see the conversation going off-topic or out of hand. Future viewers can still choose to “view hidden replies” on a separate page but at the cost of losing out on the current conversation.

Leverage Analytics

Measure your Twitter marketing efforts so you can assess the success and failures of your strategies. As for Twitter, marketers rely on Twitter Analytics to get their data.

Additionally, with Conversation Insights, Twitter marketers provide in-depth information on your mentions across the platform as well as the types of accounts that tend to talk about your brand.

These analytics tools are an integral part of your marketing strategy and help you determine how you can get the positive conversations around your brand.


Source: Twitter

Deploy Video For Effective Twitter Marketing

Video marketing statistics is definitely on the rise this year, generating high engagement rates. However, Twitter simply isn’t the platform to go experimenting with.

Why? Twitter was created with a focus on bite-sized content so it’s going to have some limitations. For example:

  • Videos can’t be longer than 2 minutes and 20 seconds
  • The maximum resolution for videos is 1920 x 1200 and 1200 x 1900
  • Your videos should have a maximum FPS (frame rate/second) of 40 frames
  • Tweets under 30 FPS suffer from a drop in quality

Ready To Incorporate Twitter Marketing Into Your Overall Social Media Strategy?

You must have a strong social media content strategy in place when you market your brand online.

Not only does this help you visualize your brand goals, but it also enables you to make the most out of your presence on each platform – and your Twitter strategy should align with your overall marketing initiatives.


Following best practices can empower you to build a Twitter presence that helps your business achieve its goals.


As the social media platform continues to evolve, marketers must adapt to these changes by proactively reviewing your Twitter marketing strategy.

There’s no better time to get started. With Mentionlytics, brand monitoring never looked easier.

Not only do we automatically gather all your data for you daily, but we also analyze it to provide you with useful insights to help your brand tailor your marketing strategy to success.

What’s more? You can monitor industry-related keywords and gain customer insight in real-time. Stay ahead of your competitors, at half the cost of a research agency.

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