How to Increase Twitter Reach for Higher Customer Engagement

How to Increase Twitter Reach for Higher Customer Engagement?

Twitter is a powerful medium for many brands. From being a fast spreader of information to direct access

Twitter is a powerful medium for many brands. From being a fast spreader of information to direct access to celebrities and influential figures, Twitter is a flexible platform for your startup. With 330 million average monthly users, it has gained massive popularity in a few years. You will be surprised to know that the average time spent on Twitter is 3.39 minutes per session. This implies quick communication provided that you know the best time to communicate. It is essential to increase Twitter reach.

Now, its popularity as an outlet for brand promotion is on the rise so much that it has become the best means for businesses. It takes a moment for brands to share an update and spread the word about what they do.

Whether it is Netflix’s cultural content or Oberlo’s inspirational quotes, Twitter is the quickest way for brands to reach their target audience. But what if your brilliantly crafted tweets didn’t get even a single link? It can be frustrating as you put in great efforts to grow your presence. So, now, if you ask whether you can get 10,000 followers in a day, then let us tell you, it is not possible.

Building a massive presence on Twitter takes time. However, there are some strategies and techniques you can use to increase Twitter reach. In this article, we are going to discuss some easy and effective tips to hack your way into a huge fan following. Keep reading to discover ways to make your tweet reach the targeted audience at large. But, let’s first begin with a basic understanding of increasing Twitter reach and why it is important?

What is Twitter Reach and Why it is Important?


Twitter reach is defined as the number of people who see your tweet or content. It is represented by the size of the audience involved in a conversation. Also, brands consider potential reach that includes the total number of followers and the ones who retweeted their brand message. Here every account that retweets the brand message is important as they also get added on. It gives a fair idea about your tweet as to how far it has reached.

Now the question is, why brands run after follower count and increasing their reach?

You would see many brands jump into social media marketing and post content, but what’s the use if you don’t have enough people to watch it? Is there any sense in posting regular content when you have no followers? You are not going to yield any return from such content. The first step is to get popular, make yourself important for your audience, and get established. All this is only possible through an impressive follower count.

The more followers you have, the more people your brand message is going to be exposed to. You have a better chance to invite as many people in a conversation and create brand awareness. On social media platforms like Twitter, increased reach is equal to improved brand awareness. We know you will be tempted to increase your reach; so, we have covered in the later section of this blog. But, before that, let’s understand how Twitter works and what it takes to increase your follower count.

Understanding Twitter Algorithm


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Twitter runs numerous tests every month, and its algorithms are constantly changing from a daily to weekly basis. It considers the three broad categories of tweets that include:

  • Ranked Tweets
  • Missed Tweets, and
  • Remaining Tweets

When you open Twitter, you will see these broad categories of tweets that Twitter considers to determine the reach and engagement of a brand. The intent is to present the best tweets and content before the audience, so they don’t mind engaging with the tweets for a longer time. Let’s understand these three categories in detail:

Ranked Tweets

Have a look at your Twitter timeline. Ranked tweets that are relevant to you will appear at the top. However, these appear in reversed chronological order based on the tweets you are interested to see. Also, you would notice that these tweets are many times liked or commented on by the accounts you follow. This way, Twitter classifies such tweets and conclusively places these tweets at the top with the possibility that you will interact with them.

Missed Tweets (In Case You Missed It)

When it comes to missed tweets, you might have experienced that there are specific tweets that you miss, which you might be interested in. If you have seen tweets quoting 12 hours ago, 7 hours ago, or such are missed tweets. Missed tweets appear on your timeline at the time when you might have been away from your Twitter account. These tweets appear based on the relevance they hold in context to things that interest you.

Remaining Tweets

After you have identified ranked tweets and missed tweets, the remaining tweets appear on your Twitter timeline also hold importance. These tweets generally follow the authentic and organic reverse-chronological order. As you see many retweets, promoted tweets, some suggested accounts, featured events, and much more relevant to your interests fall into this category.

Apart from this, the important factors that Twitter always consider while ranking a tweet are:

  • The Tweet- It considers the content that is tweeted whether it is an image, GIF, or video. Also, the conversation it sparked when it was tweeted.
  • The Author- How you interacted with the author of the tweet, your relationship, the number of times you engaged with the given tweet.
  • You- Your past history in context to what you liked, and times you often use Twitter.

So, now you have got a heck of how the Twitter algorithm works, let’s move forward. We will discuss the ways you can increase your reach and promote your business in the section below.

6 Ways to Increase Twitter Reach


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Growing Twitter followers is not a night task, but it requires dedication and continuous efforts on your part. Here are six ways you can increase your Twitter reach. Let’s have a look:

#1 Know Your Audience

The concept of the target audience is relevant in X/Twitter marketing. Why? Because you aren’t here to please everyone but surely to those who like your content and have vested interest. Thus, you should identify your target audience before you move forward with your campaign. Your target audience is going to be beneficial for your business in terms of:

  • Understanding your customer preference
  • Evaluating your brand
  • Understand what people think of your competitors
  • Find better ideas to run campaigns

You are required to track mentions, hashtags, and specific keywords to know where people are discussing your brand. What is their perception, and what are they expecting from you in terms of content? This way, you will be able to give what your audience wants and increase Twitter reach.

#2 Choose Your Topic Wisely

By choosing the apt topic, we mean exploring the gaps in the market and discovering conversations that aren’t being heard. It has been noticed that there is an audience on every social media network. The Twitter audience pretty much likes news, expert opinions, and light-hearted relief; why? You will see people have easy access to celebrity accounts from different walks of life that invite attention either for entertainment or current happenings. So, whenever you decide to post content or craft your 280 words, make sure it falls into these broad categories.

#3 Post Engaging Content Regularly


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After you have identified the area you would want to pick, it’s time to craft your content and post it regularly. Well, you don’t need to post frequently, but at least to a limit where people remember you. Always try that you be on their minds. Make sure that the content you post matches your brand identity.

Another important thing to note here is that whatever content you post, it doesn’t have to be pushing sales. It has to be such that it addresses your audience’s concerns. People like it when they are made to feel important, and that evokes interest leading to conversations favoring your brand. Make sure you are talking to your audience about them and not always about your brand.

What can you do to be engaging and empathetic?

Follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your content should be addressing your audience’s concern and 20% is promotional. Also, stick to relevance and content that offers value to your audience. You can include jokes, light-hearted humor, or can also reuse old tweets to spark conversations and make your brand interesting on Twitter. Following these, you would be able to gather attention and increase Twitter reach. Another important thing is that you should post more visual content than microblogging. Visuals give your scrollers or audience a stopping point and encourage them to have a look.

Apart from this, here are some other tips that you can follow to make your content engaging on Twitter:

  • You can use more powerful words in your content to make it appealing.
  • Talk big. We mean talk more about big brands, celebs, and influential people.
  • Always add shorter links in your content.
  • You can invite retweets and ask questions to build engagement.
  • Don’t try to be overly refined. It’s better to be simple and straightforward in your approach because everyone has a different level of understanding.
  • Share more visual content like videos and images.

#4 Optimize Your Twitter Profile and Posting Time

The most important thing people generally ignore is optimizing the Twitter profile when they are genuinely looking for ways to increase Twitter reach. Twitter has been redesigned, due to which you will discover that your profile looks a little different than others. For instance, profile photos are round as compared to the earlier version with a square design. So, make sure your profile is aligned with the latest version.

Your Twitter picture is the focal point when someone visits your profile. We will recommend you to use some really good high-resolution images. If you don’t have one, consider resizing it because your profile photo helps people to associate with you. Also, pick an interesting username appropriate to your brand.

Apart from this, time your tweets such that it reaches the right audience and increases Twitter reach. We are indicating the optimization of posting time because there is no use in posting content when your audience is not available.

Ask yourself, for whom are you posting content? Your audience, so it is important that your audience should be available at the time when you post content. If you don’t know when your audience is most active on Twitter, go for some online tools.

Online tools like Mentionlytics will help you figure out the best times to post on Twitter, ensuring your content is more likely to be seen by your followers.

#5 Unleash the Power of Hashtags


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When it comes to Twitter, how can we complete a tweet without hashtags? You can’t expect a tweet to complete without a single hashtag when you are building a community and trying to increase Twitter reach. Hashtags are of great importance not only for the audience to follow you and find you on Twitter but also to your brand. If you don’t know, then tweets that have hashtags have noticed a 1,065% increase in engagement.

We aren’t supporting the practice of using the “N” number of hashtags, but you should use at least one in each tweet. It doesn’t matter whether you use the branded hashtag or the relevant ones, but hashtags should be a part of your content. It makes for you and your audience to tap into the trending topics, which increase Twitter reach and engagement.

#6 Add Relevant Call-To-Actions


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Adding a CTA can increase Twitter reach and conversion rates. You can craft an engaging direct message and pin it to the top of the profile with a CTA. This practice will enable other profiles and users to engage with you easily. The most effective call to action covers different action-oriented campaigns that include:

  • Asking for a download
  • Installing an app
  • Asking for a retweet
  • Asking your audience to follow you on other social media channels
  • Asking your audience to visit your website

When you include CTA’s directed to specific actions, it evokes a personal interest in your targeted audience. To make it more appealing, we would recommend you to always use a conversational tone. It is the best way to humanize your brand where a user feels important and diligently addressed. You can use your user’s or audience’s name in the reply combined with other informative and valuable content.

Measure Your Reach and Upgrade Your Twitter Strategy with Mentionlytics

Measuring Twitter reach is important to analyze where you stand in comparison to your competitors. It also gives a fair idea of how strong your Twitter community has come out to be. You can resort to Twitter analytics for measuring not only reach, but it also provides critical information on various other aspects that determine your success. You can get quick access to all the crucial information by clicking on the profile picture placed in the top right corner. Go and click on analytics in the drop-down menu to check all the Twitter dynamics of your profile.


Well, if you are looking for more in-depth reporting, there are other tools available online to help you track critical information. One such tool is Mentionlytics. Taking note of your need to track key social media metrics, Mentionlytics is the best online tool that offers incredible benefits. Whether it is tracking mentions, hashtags, or analyzing reach, it plays an important role in growing your brand reputation online. We know tracking key social media metrics is challenging for businesses, while they need tools that help them save time and energy. Mentionlytics is the ideal option for them.

Increase Twitter reach - Mentionlytics

Let’s have a look at what Mentionlytics has to offer to your brand:

  • You can collect important insights that will aid your market research,
  • You are able to track your followers
  • You can discover current trends and strategize your campaign
  • You can get easy access to mention insights,
  • If you are struggling to find the right influencers for your brand, you can get through Mentionlytics.
  • It will help you grow your brand’s reputation and sales
  • You can easily understand competition and gain insights about your competitors, products, and industry by keeping a close eye on their strategies
  • You will get to discover different public perception at a time. You will know the current feelings of the public and what it has to say about your brand
  • It gives you complete media coverage, including social media, online news, blogs, and any website.
  • You can also join in forum discussions, comments, and blog posts to spread awareness about your brand

Get started with a free version here!

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