Social media tracker tools for brands and agencies

Top 15 Social Media Tracker Tools for Agencies & Brands

Social media management requires constant evaluation to make sure your digital marketing campaigns keep on improving. The only

Social media management requires constant evaluation to make sure your digital marketing campaigns keep on improving. The only way to do that is to rely on a social media tracker.

Evidently, tools with social media monitoring features can handle the entire social media performance.

In this list, we’re going to cover a list of the 15 best social media tracker tools. After reading this, we want you to know how to choose which social listening tool works best for your company.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of  03/04/2023

What is a Social Media Tracker?

A social media tracker is basically an analytics tool that monitors the performance of your social media content. Its monitoring features provide marketing teams with key metrics to improve their social media strategy.

As of 2022, there were 4.49 billion social media users worldwide. If some of them can be your potential customers, then wouldn’t you want to know how to approach them?

Marketers today love social media monitoring tools because they make their job easier. There’s no doubt that managing all social media accounts for a company can become chaotic. However, social media trackers offer valuable data, real-time analysis, and graphs to help you evaluate your social media activity.

Social media tracking may mean checking your brand mentions, social data, and online conversations. Nevertheless, it can also mean benchmarking your performance to your competitors’ performance.

Basically, a social media tracker has more than one capability for you to use. First, let’s see the best options in the market, and then, we’ll go through the capabilities!

Tool #1: Mentionlytics

An all-in-one monitoring tool, Mentionlytics tracks your brand mentions while offering you insightful social media analytics for your marketing strategy.

A screenshot of Mentionlytics's Social Media Tracker homepage.

Mentionlytics is one of the most successful AI-empowered web and social media monitoring tools. Working with a fast social media monitoring software, it tracks all of your brand’s social mentions. Evidently, Mentionlytics is one of the few social listening platforms that offer a wide channel variety for mention monitoring.

In fact, the fields of the tracking process include everything on the web and a number of social media platforms and forums. For instance, find out what’s being said about you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Google Reviews, Reddit, and more.

Furthermore, by tracking multiple social media channels, as mentioned above, Mentionlytics guarantees the quality and quantity of data provided to users.

Data mining and visualization can become too much for users, especially when they’re inexperienced. Nevertheless, the simple and well-organized dashboard makes the platform user-friendly.

Moreover, a social media management tool like Mentionlytics can improve your content marketing performance. If you’re wondering “How?”, the following are just a few of the answers:

  • Its software gives you helpful insights about your target audience and top mentioners
  • It shows you important brand awareness metrics, like social media engagement, brand mentions,…
  • The platform offers you further analysis of these metrics to help you understand their importance
  • It makes helpful suggestions for your future actions based on your audience

In short, Mentionlytics offers users the following solutions:

Mentionlytics Features

Ideal for PR crisis management, as well as organizing future strategies, Mentionlytics has a great number of promising features. Some of the most prevalent features are:

  • Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA), a feature that offers personalized advice to help you improve your brand’s social presence
  • Advanced Boolean search that filters your results by combining keywords and hashtags with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR
  • Social Media Report Builder that allows you to create customizable reports based on your own professional preferences and needs
  • Ability to alert your team members about mentions with easy-to-use tags, labels, and task assignments
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis of brand mentions in 24 languages
  • Social media management that focuses on post scheduling and publishing

A point often overlooked is that these features keep on developing to meet the endless needs of every consumer.

The app offers you 3 different reports:

  1. Top Mentions Report
  2. Top Mentioners / Influencers Report
  3. Share of Voice

Mentionlytics Pricing

Mentionlytics has created 6 different subscription plans to help you find your best match. It’s all about accurately choosing which one fits your company’s size, needs, and capabilities. The 6 plans are the following:

  • Basic ($49/month)
  • Essential ($99/month)
  • Advanced ($199/month)
  • Pro ($299/month)
  • Agency ($450+/month)
  • Enterprise (from $950/month)

You have the option to pay monthly or annually. The second option saves you 2 months from your total subscription. You can start a free trial today and find out if it suits you the best.

Still have questions? Book a free live demo to talk to learn all about Mentionlytics. You can also create a free account and start exploring it!

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Tool #2: Hootsuite

When your engagement rate is getting higher and higher, your social media reactions require constant attention. The problem is that usually, a “bigger” brand, has more trouble finding time to manage its multiple social channels.

A screenshot of Hootsuite's homepage.

Hootsuite is a famous social media scheduling tool that concentrates its power on managing your social media platforms. In addition, it allows clients to take a glimpse of their competition’s content game.

The platform enables users to manage their comments and messages on any social medium. Furthermore, it provides them with valuable insights into their rival brands’ performance.

After all, analyzing your competition is what helps you plan the next best step for your brand reputation’s enhancement.

Hootsuite Features

Certainly, the main focus lies in enhancing your social media game. However, Hootsuite provides users with a wide variety of useful features:

  • All-in-one social media management
  • Online presence and specific keywords monitoring
  • Creating, scheduling, and publishing top-performing content
  • Social media coaching and training from experts
  • Professional campaign planning and management
  • Analyzing social data, like the performance of specific keywords

In short, this tool offers a number of helpful services, like advertising optimization.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite’s features are available to use in four provided annual billing plans:

  • Professional ($99/month)
  • Team ($249/month)
  • Business ($762/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom solutions are provided after contact)

The first two options offer a free 30-day trial, while the other two demand a demo request.

Tool #3: Sprout Social

A social media tracker tool must provide a comparative glimpse at your competitor’s social media posts and performance.

A screenshot of SproutSocial's homepage.

As a well-known user-friendly platform, Sprout Social focuses on monitoring social media activity and offering customers important social analytics. Moreover, their software utilizes social listening and gives insightful suggestions based on what’s currently trending on the market.

Sprout Social Features

Sprout Social specializes in managing and analyzing your social media profiles for you. Some of its best features include:

  • Content marketing improvement via social listening
  • Social media post scheduling and publishing
  • Digital presence measuring via engagement scaling tools
  • Target audience demographics about your target audience
  • Website traffic-driving sources detection
  • Report Builder, a feature that offers premium users the opportunity to customize their reports according to the metrics they want

What must be remembered is that identifying and understanding customer sentiments is the key to an increased engagement rate.

Sprout Social Pricing

Sprout Social offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Standard ($249/month)
  • Professional ($399/month)
  • Advanced ($499/month)

A free trial is available at all times. You’re also offered additional premium solutions for every plan you choose to follow.

Bonus: Explore alternatives to Sprout Social and its competitors.

Tool #4: Buffer

Above all, what marketers want is to save time, but also have their needs and tasks understood by real people.

A screenshot of Buffer's homepage

Buffer identifies as an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform. Buffer’s team’s passion and commitment to each client have earned the trust of many brands, companies, agencies, and individuals.

The goal is to help drive organic audience and engagement on social media. Buffer lets you track social performance and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in no time.

Apart from valuable insights to help you grow your brand online, Buffer offers handy tools like an easy-to-use post scheduler.

Buffer features

Buffer focuses on successfully executing its three use cases of publishing, analyzing and engaging. Some of its main features include:

  • Direct scheduling and posting
  • Post insights boosting
  • Account, stories, and post analytics
  • Audience demographics
  • Organizing unanswered comments in one simple dashboard to be replied quickly from your desktop
  • Quick interaction with fans and important conversations prioritizing

In addition, Buffer offers users the chance to create their Start Page for free.

Buffer pricing

Buffer includes a free social media tools option, but it also provides users with 3 subscription plans:

  • Essentials ($6/month per social channel)
  • Team ($12/month per social channel)
  • Agency ($120/month for 10 social channels)

Paying annually will save you 2 months. In addition, there’s a free trial option for each plan.

Tool #5: Keyhole

When tracking social data you must set goals to improve your social strategy, but also your impact on the industry.

A sceenshot of Keyhole's homepage

Keyhole​ is a real-time social media tracker tool that offers automated social media analytics for agencies, marketers, journalists, and executives. The tool’s easy-to-use dashboard allows customers to create and share reports in no time. A cool feature is that it allows users to filter influencers based on geo-location and keywords in their bios.

The goal is to help users accurately measure social data, both real-time and historical. In any case, the information is visualized and kept simple, in graphs, layouts, and numbers.

The tracking process focuses on hashtags, keywords, URLs, and social media accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keyhole features

Often used for real-time brand and campaign monitoring and optimization, brand monitoring and optimization, Keyhole provides many interesting features, like:

  • Influencer Tracking and Monitoring
  • Social Media Account Monitoring and Reporting
  • Publishing & Scheduling
  • Hashtag and Keyword Tracking and Analytics
  • Twitter Historical Data
  • Social Media Analytics API

In fact, when you’re tracking hashtags, you get suggestions of other hashtags commonly used with your main one.

Keyhole pricing

Keyhole has 3 types of plans to offer:

  • SMB & Freelancers plan for $99/mo
  • Corporate plan for $299/mo
  • Agency plan for $599/mo

You’ll get 20% off if you bill your plan annually.

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Tool #6: TalkWalker

Talkwalker is a well-known Consumer Intelligence Acceleration platform that features AI-powered tracking tools which focus on social listening.

A screenshot of Talkwalker's homepage.

Thanks to its competent platform and product development, Talkwalker is currently considered one of the top competitive intelligence tools.

Furthermore, it’s known for its wide source coverage. For example, you can acquire both public and internal data (like surveys and emails) to sketch more efficient customer-centric strategies.

Thanks to its market presence and customer base, companies can better understand the constantly changing consumer scene.

Talkwalker Features

Talkwalker tracks, identifies, and analyzes customer feelings and market trends. To emphasize, some cool features include:

  • Quick campaign and social channel management
  • AI-powered intelligent content and trend analysis
  • Social Content Ratings (SCR) for social performance bulk measurement
  • Social intelligence monitoring for customer and market insights
  • Talkwalker Activate professional consulting for performance enhancement
  • Flexible Boolean searches with smart filters for data fragmentation

Talkwalker’s management of your social media performance doesn’t stop there. In fact, their system sends you notifications for important updates on your digital presence.

Talkwalker Pricing

Talkwalker’s subscription plans are divided into 3 categories:

  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Basic

According to G2, the Basic plan costs $9,600/year. However, the official website doesn’t display public information about their pricing. Instead, it urges you to contact their team and get a personalized price for your needs.

Tool #7: Brandwatch

If your reputation truly precedes you, then Brandwatch is safe.

A screenshot of Brandwatch's Social Media Tracker Homepage

A universally acclaimed tool, Brandwatch identifies as the world’s pioneering digital consumer intelligence platform. To clarify, Brandwatch is basically a social listening platform that’s used by some of the most globally famous brands.

Powered by AI software, it aims to provide users with insightful key metrics. In this case, marketers get to understand their customers and market better. As a growing digital consumer intelligence suite, Brandwatch has expanded its platform with six different products:

  • Consumer Research (for brand & market intelligence)
  • Audiences (for audience intelligence)
  • BuzzSumo (for marketing intelligence)
  • Vizia (for intelligent reporting)
  • Reviews (for product intelligence)
  • (for social media management)

Undoubtedly, Brandwatch has primarily focused on social listening. However, its new partnerships and products have turned it into a powerhouse in all social media and digital marketing.

Brandwatch features

Brandwatch includes software features like AI image and data analysis, as well as auto data segmentation. Furthermore, its features help with the following use cases:

  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Democratization
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market Research

Brandwatch pricing

Brandwatch has not provided its website’s visitors with pricing information for the services it offers. In order to learn more about the subscription plans and additional costs of the tool, you have to contact them.

Here you can discover a collection of Brandwatch Alternatives and Competitors.

Tool #8: NetBase Quid

A common problem with today’s over-saturated marketing scenery is that sometimes things don’t make sense.

A screenshot of NetBase Quid's Homepage

NetBase Quid describes itself as the next-generation consumer and market intelligence platform that aims to offer clients contextual insights. These insights should be able to help clients better understand business trends, consumer personalities, and competitors.

NetBase Quid provides companies and individual users with AI-powered consumer and market intelligence solutions for multiple use cases. Some of them include:

  • Brand Health & Perception
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Trend Analytics
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Crisis Management
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Influencer & KOL Marketing

The large amount of data that is being processed aims to help clients make smart, data-driven decisions effortlessly and quickly.

NetBase features

NetBase Quid delivers a well-planned platform to make marketers do their jobs more efficiently. Some of the platform’s many features include:

  • Influencer Identification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Measurement and Reporting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Follower Tracking and Analysis
  • Paid Campaign Tracking

In addition, the platform gives valuable insights, most of which you can customize according to your own business’s needs.

NetBase pricing

It appears that NetBase doesn’t provide public information about their pricing on their website. In any case, you should contact their team and get a personalized offer.

Tool #9: Tailwind

Sometimes, the old-fashioned way of handling your marketing strategy’s creative and managing director positions seems tiring.

A screenshot of Tailwind's Homepage

Tailwind brands itself as “the tool that feels like a marketing team”. In other words, it’s a tool that makes most time-consuming procedures and actions automated. Constantly thinking of new ideas or trying to guess what’s going to work isn’t always a smart way of doing business. With these processes being handled fast and easily, marketers have the time to shine at what they do best and be creative.

Moreover, this time-saving automation tool is an official Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest partner, scoring over a million users.

Tailwind features

Focusing on helping businesses grow smarter and faster, Tailwind’s software leaves little to the marketer’s imagination.

Tailwind pricing

Tailwind offers customers a “Free Forever” option, with limited features and 3 pricing plans:

  • Pro ($15.99 /mo)
  • Advanced ($31.99 /mo)
  • Max ($63.99 /mo)

Annual billing will save you 6 months, also known as half of the original annual price.

Tool #10: Hubspot

The division between different digital marketing spots gets tricky from time to time. Hence, busy and growing marketers tend to invest in platforms that can do everything at once.

A screenshot of HubSpot's Social Media Tracker Homepage

HubSpot is an all-included CRM platform. It contains social media solutions and digital tools to help you manage and plan all of your marketing actions. Going into the platform, you’ll find 5 different hubs:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub

HubSpot makes a marketer’s job easier. Besides, all of these solutions are gathered in one platform, organized, and easy to use. Obviously, this saves the marketing team valuable time and money as they monitor their conversations, mentions, and social media followers.

Hubspot features

The Marketing Hubspot software offers a bunch of cool features to help upgrade your engagement, audience drive, and management skills.

  • Lead generation and visitor attraction via blogging, social media, ads, etc.
  • Visitors-into-Customers conversion with marketing automation, email, landing pages, ABM, and more.
  • ROI Tracking with Revenue Attribution Reporting
  • Trends Monitoring by Tracking Specific Keywords and Analytics
  • Contacts Database and CRM Software Integration
  • Cross-platform Scheduling of Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Channels Unified Management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

Apart from mainstream platforms, like Facebook, HubSpot’s software also supports channels like Xing and blogging platforms with RSS feeds.

Hubspot pricing

Hubspot’s pricing includes 3 subscription models. In general, all of them change their pricing according to the number of marketing contacts you’re asking. The original cost and contact number of each plan are:

  • Starter (€41/mo for 1,000 marketing contacts)
  • Professional (€740/mo for 2,000 marketing contacts)
  • Enterprise (€2,944/mo for 10,000 marketing contacts)

Paying upfront annually will save you 10%.

Tool #11: Social Mention

SocialMention is a social media search and analysis platform which combines content based on users’ preferences from all around the globe into one information flow. It’s a free tool that helps you with tracking and measuring what is being said in real-time about your brand, product, and everything else on social media accounts. Social Mention works for 100+ social networks.

Social Mention

The app offers search and analysis, daily alerts on social networks, and API. More specifically, Social Mention’s API allows developers to connect with the app’s website programmatically. The API offers a single flow of search data combined from numerous social media platforms. It’s built in a way that makes it feasible for anyone to approach and accommodate social data into other apps. Apart from social data, the tool provides access to trends; selecting trend data from several sources to offer actionable insights into everything mentioned on the web.

Social Mention features

  • Social media monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand management

Social Mention pricing

It’s a free social media tool.

Tool #12: AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a social media tracker that works on managing social media messages and at the same time helps with planning, posting, discovering influencers, monitoring social channels more specifically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and creating reports.

Agorapulse, a social media tracker

The app comes with an inbox tool that is designed to help brands save time, manage requests as soon as possible, create and publish social media posts, and take advantage of tools for building a stronger team and way to collaborate. Easy-to-use software that makes sure nothing will be missing from your results.

AgoraPulse features

  • Automated Publishing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Contact Management
  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Gamification
  • Influencer Tracking

AgoraPulse pricing

  • Pro plan (€59/month)
  • Premium plan (€99/month)
  • Advanced plan (€149/month)
  • Enterprise plan (upon request)

Bonus: Read about the best Agorapulse alternatives.

Tool #13: Zoho Social 

Zoho Social is a social media tracking tool that assists with evolving and enhancing social media appearance. Scheduling posts, monitoring, creating customizable reports, and analyzing social media performance are some of the main features of Zoho Social.

Zoho Social's Homepage

With Zoho Social, you can preview your scheduled posts, reschedule, and manage your content, all from one screen. On that note, you can design listening columns to check reviews, mentions, and keywords to find trends, and take part in online conversations related to your market industry. Collaborate with your team on all socials, for example, you can discuss with teammates about reports, and engagement, and work in collaboration on drafts either by chatting, audio, or video calls. The tool helps brands uncover their followers’ origin, the content they prefer, and what is being said about them. Analyzing brand performance is a crucial feature.

Zoho Social feature

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Content & Collaboration
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis

Zoho Social pricing

  • Standard plan (€10/month billed annually)
  • Professional plan (€30/month billed annually)
  • Premium plan (€40/month billed annually)

Tool #14: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a one of the best social search engines and a social media tracker, specializing in searching for content and performance insights based on data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. The tool is great for content analysis, discovering influencers and trends, as well as setting social media notifications.

A screenshot of BuzzSumo's homepage

BuzzSumo aims to make it easier and simpler for businesses to uncover industry trends, understand their customers, and monitor their brand’s presence by gathering articles and social engagements and incorporating them into the search app. Meaning they get insights to create competitive and appealing content.

Data-driven research helps brands create top content that generates high engagement and impressions. With the software, you can also monitor your competitors’ actions, your brand’s mentions, and industry updates. Alerts make sure you don’t miss out on any important events and get lost through the social media avalanche.

BuzzSumo features

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Results
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis

BuzzSumo pricing

  • Pro Plan ($99/month)
  • Plus Plan ($179/month)
  • Large Plan ($299/month)
  • Enterprise Plan (upon request)

Tool #15: Awario

Awario is a social media tracker and monitoring tool, with which you can track mentions, monitor your competitors’ actions, and discover influencers and growth opportunities while engaging with online audiences.

A screenshot of Awario's homepage

With Awario you can use your brand’s name as a keyword, uncover online discussions, and join them in real-time. Promoting your products, services, or content on social networks, and the web is a way of approaching a potential audience and generating the WOM (word of mouth) strategy. Information is everywhere and it is necessary to sort it out to understand your audience better and improve your marketing campaigns.

Tracking and monitoring mentions, sentiment, and reach, and creating customizable reports are some of main Awario’s features. Tracking mentions, answering requests, analyzing positive and negative feedback, and at the same time discovering a potential audience and similar brands are some of the app’s benefits; turning prospects into leads.

Awario features

  • Social Measurement
  • Influencer Identification
  • Brand monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Reporting
  • Social listening
  • Social selling

Awario pricing

  • Starter Plan ($39/month)
  • Pro Plan ($119/month)
  • Enterprise Plan ($399/month)

What Does a Social Media Tracker Do?

As has been noted social media trackers are made for multiple use cases. The capabilities of a social media tracker rely on tracking and analyzing social media posts, but they don’t stop there.

In general, social media monitoring tools are not identical. Instead, they present many significant differences when it comes to their cost, method, or range. Nonetheless, there are some specific capabilities that a social media tracking tool must possess.

For this purpose, along with the basic social media analytics results, each tracking tool should feature the following functions.

Capability #1: Brand monitoring

Without a doubt, protecting your brand reputation is vital to curating and maintaining a positive image for your company.

Brand monitoring is all about being reactive but also proactive. In addition, monitoring your social media channels lets you know what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

For example, if your social media platforms display negative comments about some of your products, you need to act fast. In that case, the best approach would be to reach out to social media accounts that commented on your posts. Find out what is it that they didn’t like. Is it something real or made up? Is there something that can be done to make up for your own deficiencies? In the long run, you’ll be pleased to have found out about possible mistakes early on in the marketing process.

Moreover, you can use brand monitoring tools to spy on your biggest competitors as well. It’ll help you know what people think about products of similar brands. Find out the results of their social media campaigns! How do they compare to your own social analytics?

Occasionally, a social media monitoring software can provide personalized advice to improve your content strategy and future actions.

Social media management tools are perfect for this type of digital marketing work. They track mentions of your brand automatically and send you real-time notifications.

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Capability #2: Social media reporting

Social media marketing uses social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services.

But how do you know when your marketing campaigns are successful? At this point, the art of social media reports comes into play. There are several social media metrics for you to track and have a look at. For instance, the number of new followers or the engagement rate of your social media posts.

It’s important to realize what KPIs are important for your brand to track. Measuring and analyzing the right data points will help you improve your next big social media content strategy.

These insights are vital both for your team, clients, and boss. Firstly, your marketing team needs to know how to proceed next, based on your previous results. Secondly, your client or boss needs to know if their money has been well spent.

Find a monitoring tool and set a timeframe for it to track every important data number. Most times, an analytics tool that provides clients with monitoring features can create social media reports as well. If you’re lucky you’ll even be offered free templates to create your own reports.

Read more details about social media reports.

Capability #3: Social listening

Spotting brand mentions and online conversations on time is crucial for brands.

Listening to and interacting with customers effectively on all major social networks gets you better lead generation and conversion rates.

When it comes to the difference between social media tracking and social listening, it is similar to micro vs. macro. On one hand, social media tracking addresses the audience and its needs on a micro-scale. On the other hand, social listening has a macro look at the needs of customers.

While tracking social media, managers respond to customer queries and complaints and direct the customers to the right department. In contrast, social media listening involves tracking interactions that help you build a comprehensive view of customer perception.

To clarify, social media tracking can be done manually. While this may be true, it is time-consuming. Hence, marketers generally recommend that organizations automate the process to save time and effort. On the contrary, social listening is mainly automated, and there is no scope for it to be done manually.

While the two terms are interconnected, they remain different.

Moreover, social media listening is all about planning your future actions. To do that, you need to answer several important questions by listening to your next possible customers. For example, what does your audience want next? How are they responding to new industry products?

Capability #4: Influencer research

In 2023, influencer marketing is still an important social media trend.

Influencers help build brand trust. In fact, 49% of consumers admit to depending on influencer recommendations on social media to make their purchasing choices.

For that reason, your money would probably be best spent on influencer identification rather than a regular ad. After all, people listen to what other people have to say.

Tracking social mentions and knowing your audience can help find the right influencers for your brand. In any case, influencer identification can lead to a successful influencer marketing campaign.

How can a social media tracker help you with that? Find out what accounts have been talking about your brand, company, or products. In reality, there’s a chance that some of them have built a following for themselves.

Take a look at what they’ve been saying about you, reach out to them, and start planning your next big social media campaign.

Even if your brand mentions don’t include any influencers right now, take time to study your consumer network. Do they follow any influencers that could be useful in your industry? Chances are they do.

Capability #5: Market research

In the long run, it’s equally important to take a look at what’s been happening besides your own brand mentions.

Companies waste valuable time and resources repeating the same ineffective strategies. Instead, they could be tracking social platforms to identify the most effective steps to take for each campaign.

Tracking social mentions that are relevant to your industry or rival brands can help your own social media strategy.

For instance, monitor your market to take a look at this month’s social media trends. Then, your marketing team can act upon this knowledge and jump in on media trends to get your brand noticed.

In reality, social media trackers can give you a peek into market insights in an organized way. Surprisingly, this will help you grow your online awareness for your business. For example, track and compare mentions and activity for your industry on multiple social media platforms.

Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts. Currently, it sits at more than 2.89 billion monthly active users. However, is there a power shift in the platforms and their active usage? Based on your market-related mentions, is Facebook still the number 1 social media channel?

In any case, knowing the broad market field that you’re working in is proven quite helpful for your overall performance.

Capability #6: Prevent crises 

Social media trackers allow you to track your audience’s sentiment in real-time and stay on top of every change, negativity, and disappointment related to your brand’s name and how it’s perceived online.

On that note, being aware of every sentiment change could help you avoid crises before they even happen and build a better strategy across all channels. Of course, that includes any PR disaster that may appear.

The sentiment is powerful when it comes to managing audience feedback and using it in a way that benefits you. Solving problems can be a piece of cake if you make sentiment analysis a priority. Social media tracker and listening tools allow you to “make things right before they go wrong.”

Now Over to You

If you’re a marketer or an interested individual, this is all you need to know about social media tracker tools. We gave you all the information needed to let you make an informed decision. Do you understand now why you need a social media tracking tool when you navigate the fast-paced consumer scene?

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