Top 10 Domain Name Tools for Finding the Best Domain Names

The domain name is an integral part of your website that is important not only for the outlook

The domain name is an integral part of your website that is important not only for the outlook of the website but for search engine optimization as well. However, choosing the right domain name can be quite a daunting task, especially because of the lack of availability of most names. In this article, we take a look at the solution to this problem of picking a domain name through the use of domain name suggestion tools. While there are thousands of tools available today, we take a look at 10 of the most advanced and capable domain name suggestion tools:

  1. Lean Domain Search:

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Lean Domain Search is a web domain name suggestion tool that helps you look for a proper domain name for your site. It uses a search engine, in which you can enter a keyword that you want in your domain name. The tool also shows 30+ most popular available suggestions; if a suggestion you make gets popular, you will find it on that list. Once you have entered the word of your choice, you can filter results according to length, popularity, or alphabetical order. There are also options to find domain names, starting or ending with the entered word.

This search engine will show you the number of available domains, depending upon the word. For example, it shows that for the term ‘clothing’, there are 1,689 results, with all domains having a .com extension. The suggestions are categorized, according to colors – yellow meaning that they are favorite ones, red that they have already been registered and green ones are available for registration.

You can ‘favorite’ a domain name and instantly check whether it is available or not, using the availability checker tool on the website. You can also see statistics about your word upon clicking on the option at the bottom right of the results page. For example, ‘house’ is the 51st most popular term on the Internet in terms of domain count, while ‘gold’ is at 52, and ‘ad’ is at 50. Lean Domain Search allows you to copy the list to the clipboard and also look at the searches you have made in the past.


  1. Bust a Name:

bust a name


This searching tool contains a lot of filtering options that help you in finding the domain name you were looking for. You can filter by a keyword, and then choose options like ‘ends with’ or ‘starts with’ for a more customized search. You can also filter, according to the character limit. There is also an option to check the availability of a domain name and filter all the results by extensions. There are suggestions for similar keywords at the bottom of the page. Moreover, you can click the ‘Make a Random Domain’ button, if you are not sure of a keyword.

  1. Name Tumbler:

name tumbler

Name Tumbler allows you to use a keyword combined with basic words, adjectives, places, animals, common objects, different suffixes, buildings, business nouns, countries, computer terms, fields of study, business verbs, financial terms, country codes, compound words, cities, nationalities, abbreviations, names, nouns, last names and more. You set the search to whether you want hyphens or not, and to start or end with a particular word. There will be a long list of suggestions on the results page. You can copy them into your clipboard and then use a registrar from the list to check which ones are available. This tool does not allow you to mark a name as a favorite, or check availability then and there.

  1. Domain Puzzler:

domain puzzler

This is a simple tool that contains many options. You can add your desired keywords, search for ideas and choose the extensions. Unlike most other domain name generators, this tool lets you enter more than just one keyword. It combines the words you enter into different variations. You can add search results to your favorites list and also go for a more advanced search.

  1. Name Mesh:

name mesh

Name Mesh is probably the most colorful domain search tool you will find. Green color means you can read about checking the availability of the most popular names, orange means checking the availability of new names, light green is to look for alternatives, dark and light blue are for popular names and suffixes, and red is to check for some SEO advice, violet means you should use more fun and engaging techniques for your domain name and pink means you should look for a shorter name.

Apart from this, there are testimonials from web programmers, website owners, managers, and designers to give you some good advice. You can enter a keyword or a group of words and reset settings, according to different options like registrar name companies and extensions. Name Mesh also lets you mark favorites, set length, and hide registered domains. There is an additional feature that generates the best names for your type of business.

  1. Domains Bot:

domains bots

You can add a keyword in Domains Bot and get results based on that word, combined words, or words similar to that. You can look for the domain name that you want, check availability, and purchase through links to domain registrars. Filter results by language, synonyms, extension, etc.

  1. Impossibility!:


Impossibility is similar to Name Tumbler, as it allows searching through a combination of words. The website contains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for help and a comment section for reviews. You can only enter letters for searching – hyphens, space, and special symbols are not allowed. This tool only gives you 20 results and has a lot of bugs that can cause problems to the user.

  1. Wordoid:


Wordoid lets you create low, medium, and high-quality words in many different languages. The character length can range from 5 to 15 and it can begin with, end with, or contain a keyword you write. The results are the ones having .net or .com extensions and you can pin the ones you like. Note that Wordoid requires you to sign in with your Google or Facebook account before using it.

  1. Dot-o-Mator:

dot o mator

Dot-o-Mator is for those, who have no idea about what domain name they want. You can choose categories for the beginning and ending of your name, and get a wide range of results. Their Web 2.0 Name Generator can give you random business or domain name options.

  1. Name Stall:

name stall

Name Stall is another tool you can use to find the best domain name according to a keyword, or a combination of words. You can filter results based on extensions, hyphens, or numbers. The search results show the availability of the names, along with other domain-related details. Name Stall also offers $100 yearly and $10 monthly packages for advanced searching.


There are several factors that make up a good domain name. These include the length, meaning, availability, extension, and memorability of the name. Choosing the right domain name for your business website is essential because it leaves a lasting impression on your customers and improves the visibility of your website to search engines as well. The domain name suggestion tools that we have described above can help you out, in choosing the best domain name for your website.


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