What You Need to Know For Successful Quora Marketing

Building a brand as an authority in your niche or industry needs the best marketing approaches to be

Building a brand as an authority in your niche or industry needs the best marketing approaches to be adopted. One of the best approaches is to use a platform that allows you to answer customer’s questions online. Quora is one of the best question and answer platforms for businesses that want to establish themselves as an authority in their industry/niche. In this article, we focus on Quora marketing.

So what is Quora? This is a popular question and answer platform, through which businesses can reach out to potential clients. This is by filling the knowledge gap when it comes to your brand and the products. At the same time, you will be ensuring that customers understand how your products can improve their experience. There are different approaches through which you can approach Quora marketing to establish your brand as an authority.  These include:

  1. using Quora to educate,
  2. For  informing people,
  3. Publishing interesting stories,
  4. Getting insights on topics that people want to learn about, and also
  5. To influence public opinion.

Quora has over 1.5 million monthly visitors all over the world. This is a huge audience with high potential for increasing your brand awareness. Through Quora, you can demonstrate your expertise on most relevant topics and also you can get insights on what clients are looking for. As you answer the questions that your clients ask on Quora, you are marketing your business. Share links to your business website to increase website traffic and therefore increasing your profits monthly. However, to achieve success, you need a good Quora marketing guide. Here are some of the insights you need to succeed in Quora marketing.

#1 Ensure that You Have the Optimal Quora Profile

There are various ways through which you can create your Quora account. These include using your other social media accounts to create a Quora account, or simply using your e-mail to sign up for a Quora account. Once you have an active account, you should then put some effort into optimizing the account. Remember that you want to use the account for marketing your brand. Therefore, it is important to come up with a professional profile.

As people read your bio information, they should be able to know who you are and that you have extensive knowledge on the topic you are handling. Remember to include a professional title because on every question or answer you publish Quora will show your bio on the tagline. For example, if you are a counselor, you can add on your bio “a professional psychotherapist/professional counselor”. Use the first 50 characters to indicate your professionalism.

In addition, you should also consider including links to your website and the primary social media accounts. You can add a link to your blog page so that people can read your other material. This will guarantee you some additional traffic as people seek to find out more about your brand.

Use the “Knows About” section to add and describe the experiences that you have. Include more details on your expertise, the interests and also the location. The other thing that is very important is including your contact details so that your audience can reach you directly in case they want to ask a private question.

Once you have this right, you are one step ahead, and so you can kick off your Quora marketing campaigns.

#2 Find Relevant Topics and Follow the Topic Contributors

Now that you have a ready Quora marketing profile, it is important you start finding relevant topics. Remember that Quora emphasizes on following topics rather than following people. This is different from other social media networks where you have to follow people to find interesting topics. On Quora, you can follow specific topics that you have interest in. However, you can still follow the person who asks the question or answers your questions.

To start finding the most relevant topics, use the Quora search bar. Once you enter a keyword, Quora will give you suggestions that are based on the entered keyword.

For example, when you enter the word Internet, Quora will generate suggestions for you as shown in the screenshot below:


Therefore, it is important that you research based on most relevant keyword. No matter what topic you want to cover, there are questions and answers you will find about the topic on Quora.

Another way to find topics is checking the “top stories” section on Quora. However, remember that Quora will show the top topics based on the areas of interest. Once you click on the topic that you are interested in, you will find details on when the question was asked and the answers it got. In addition, Quora will also display other related topics. The “related topics” on Quora is your keyword goldmine (Neil Patel). These related topics can be treated as long tail keywords. Remember that on Quora, the questions asked are your long tail keywords and therefore the easiest way to find trending topics.

#3 Editing and Formatting Your Content on Quora Rewards

Another most important thing that you have to take care of is how you edit your answers and general posts. Basically, treat Quora marketing as you would do with other content marketing or your personal blog. Ideally, if your target audience doesn’t like you’re formatting you will not get Quora upvotes. Ensure that readers can easily find answers to the questions you are answering. This is by using numbers and bullets, bolding the answers or using italics, or even underlining the answer for easier reading.

Consider that there are hundreds of people that are likely to answer the same question. Again, the readers will quickly browse through the topics to find the most relevant answers. Therefore, make it easy for the viewers to find answers in your post as they scan through other answers. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and make sure you add bullets and links where necessary. You can add links to related content on your blogging website as well. This way, people who want more details can click the link and be directed to your personal website.

Through these tactics, your Quora marketing will pay off big time. This is because people will get to read your content giving you more votes. Poorly formatted content will not attract reads. Therefore, you will not achieve success if you don’t write the content in a way that attracts reader’s attention.

In summary, the tactics you need to ensure your content is well written include the following:

  • Detailed text
  • Catchy images,
  • Facts and Data
  • Use real-life examples
  • List your personal experience
  • Use influencer achievements as examples to back up your answers.

Ideally, you don’t need to be an expert in blog writing to succeed in Quora marketing. All you need to ensure is that you answer the questions in the best possible way to get noticed. This means more votes on your answers, and in addition, you will enjoy more traffic.

#4 Promote Your Quora Content on Other Social Media Platforms

Quora marketing can be taken to other social media platforms. Take advantage of the Quora link to other social media networks to increase your content views. These include Twitter, Facebook and also LinkedIn (Quora). If you have an established network, you have higher chances of increasing your Quora marketing campaigns.

When you signup using the social media accounts, you will be prompted to give permission for Quora to view your friends and the likes. By so doing, Quora follows the friends that have Quora accounts and also the topics you have shown interest in. You can disconnect the linked accounts anytime you want. However, before you unlink the accounts, note that this leads to deletion of related raw data that is gotten from the created connection.

All you need to do to start sharing Quora marketing content on other social media platforms is to link these platforms through the Quora settings (socialmediaexaminer). On the Quora account settings view; you will see “linked accounts”. Make sure you have added the business social media accounts so that you target the right audience.

Use a compelling headline so that your social media followers will be attracted to click on the link and read the content. If possible, promote the post so that you can maximize engagements. Remember that Quora will also promote content that gets the most Upvotes. Therefore, you can encourage your social media followers to read and Upvote the content.

Lastly, remember that by adding the Quora link to your social media also helps in building the social media accounts. This is because the interested followers will definitely share the links so long you have the resourceful content.

#5 Make use of Quora Analytics To Find out What Works Best

For effective Quora marketing, it is always important that you post the content that your audience wants to read most. This is actually the reason why you need to perform keyword research to find out the most interesting topics. However, in addition to researching hot topics on Quora, you need to follow up how the content you post performs. Quora will give you free analytics, and therefore you can always find out the topics that perform better. You will find the topic with a high number of views and also the Upvotes helps to gauge the content performance.

Once you find a certain topic has a high number of Upvotes, you can alter the content and post it again. Through content refocusing you will be able to increase your content rating which is important when doing Quora marketing. You can view how the content performs over a period of time. This is the last week, last month or also the last quarter.

#6 Engage Your Audience

It is important to ensure you respond to topics that your customers ask on Quora. Apart from the questions, they will respond to your posts through comments and likes. Note that your customers will discuss brands through Quora and therefore it is important to track mentions. To track the mentions, you can use third-party tools that will effectively alert you whenever your brand is mentioned. Watch out for new customer comments often and respond personally. This is good for Quora marketing because it helps to show your audience that you are concerned about their comments. Take this further to other social media platforms. Watch out for the comments sent on other social media platforms, and respond appropriately. This way, you will be able to win over new customers and increase your posts engagements.

To Sum Up

Quora marketing is one of the best ways through which you can increase your brand online presence. Over the years, Quora has grown to become a knowledge tank for brands and clients. According to research, customers will discuss brands on Quora. Therefore, it is appropriate for brands to watch these conversations and respond appropriately. Quora allows customers to ask specific questions that relate to brand products. As businesses respond to these questions, they get to increase the brand online awareness which is an important factor. However, it is important to make sure that before and while practicing Quora marketing, you familiarize yourself to these important guidelines.

Make sure you have a very good Quora marketing profile. Mention your professionalism and competencies before you begin Quora campaigns. Once you have a compelling Quora headline, go ahead and search for relevant topics. Follow the topic contributors and make sure you link your other social media accounts. Through linking your social media accounts, Quora will help to track the posts and conversations that your friends are part of. Therefore, you will be able to watch their interests so that you can come up with appropriate Quora marketing content.

Quora free analytics is also an important feature to use. This allows you to monitor how effective the campaigns are. Therefore you can be able to make sure you repurpose the content that gets you maximum engagements and upvotes on Quora.

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