About John Kopanakis

John is a co-founder of Mentionlytics supervising Business Development and Business Processes. He is a Professor of Business Intelligence with interests in Data Analytics and Innovation.

We have new digital platforms coming up, and customers are adopting different communication methods. As these changes take place, businesses also want to measure the social sentiment on every social media mention of their brand, products or services.

Gone are the days when PR agencies made cold calls and door to door sales to find new clients. These have been replaced by social selling, a sales tool that comes with the higher potential for finding clients. Social selling refers to the use of social media to target potential prospects.

Building a brand as an authority in your niche or industry needs the best marketing approaches to be adopted. One of the best approaches is to use a platform that allows you to answer customer’s questions online.

There are several factors that together help an entrepreneur achieve success. One of the critical factors is the marketing strategy. For any business to succeed, they must know how to find the target customer.

When social media platforms were first developed, some people saw this as a passing trend. Little did they know that future social media trends were taking shape. Ideally, only the developers were optimistic that social media was here to stay.

Each year presents you and your customer’s opportunities to take a break from the busy daily activities. Summer is such one time of the year when your customers want to be away as they enjoy the summer holidays.