John Kopanakis

About John Kopanakis

John is a co-founder of Mentionlytics supervising Business Development and Business Processes. He is a Professor of Business Intelligence with interests in Data Analytics and Innovation.

As a business owner, you need every resource to promote your brand and increase your conversions. After all, the future of your brand depends on how many customers it can attract and convert in any given period.

With the latest boom of social media, businesses have now started to rely on the power of their digital presence to shoot up sales and revenues. Turning your online visitors into paying customers is the need of the hour, and that’s precisely where a CRO agency is likely to help you.

Businesses only succeed when they can set their products and services apart from a sea of similar offerings. Sure, quality matters too, but what good is a superior product if no one knows of its existence or trusts your expertise? The answers can be found with competitor analysis.

With the rise in data overload on social media, it is quite challenging to keep the audience hooked and interested in your brand's online presence. Their feelings play a significant role in deciding the longevity and lifespan of almost every brand.

Are you aware of all the messages, comments, and conversations about your brand on social channels? You should be. Unattended requests and disregarded comments left on your pages can escalate to bigger issues before you can tell what went wrong.

Understanding your audience is essential in building a workable and successful social media strategy. Luckily, today, brands and businesses can use a variety of audience intelligence tools to gather useful data on how people move in digital spaces, what content they find entertaining and valuable, and how to get them engaged with social media accounts.

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