Proven Growth Strategies to Get More Clients for Your CRO Agency

Proven Growth Strategies to Get More Clients for Your CRO Agency

With the latest boom of social media, businesses have now started to rely on the power of their

With the latest boom of social media, businesses have now started to rely on the power of their digital presence to shoot up sales and revenues. Turning your online visitors into paying customers is the need of the hour, and that’s precisely where a CRO or growth hacking agency is likely to help you. As much as the global pandemic affected other industries and businesses, CRO agencies were impacted equally— leading them to lose their potential clients.

For a CRO agency to help other businesses get more conversions, they must generate sufficient leads for their own services first. This not only validates your work by becoming a concrete testimonial but also helps you gain improved prospective customers quickly.

Most brands consider conversion rate optimization as a wonderful tool that assists them in fetching genuine, interested leads. Whether it is the A/B testing technique or the integrated data management— a dedicated CRO agency takes care of all your aspects while boosting your conversion rate.

Why is it Important for a CRO Agency to Have Growth Strategies?


While all brands aim to thrive and increase their conversions, very few businesses actually implement CRO techniques for their services. Structured CRO strategies drafted by an experienced CRO agency are capable of turning around your revenue sheets. They can accelerate your sales in a positive direction and give you a much-needed push. Adoption of these strategies can also prove to be an integral factor in serving you with better leads and conversions.

One of the most significant aspects for a CRO agency to have powerful growth strategies is encouraging businesses to work on their conversions successfully. This guides them to a path of improved sales by getting better conversions on their applications and websites.

According to statistics, 26% to 70% of users bounce back and leave your website without taking the desired action. This leads to reduced conversion rates since most users turned around and did not find much value to proceed further. A CRO agency with firm growth strategies can reach such businesses and help them change their dynamics. This requires an intimate understanding of the brands you target while providing them concrete solutions for their pain points.

As per the studies, the Global Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is expected to reach a valuation of US $1,932.2 million by the year 2026. This has created an ever-growing need amongst CRO agencies to expand their horizons and target a wider clientele. By doing so, they can strive to stay relevant in the market and not get replaced by other competing businesses.

Proven Growth Strategies for Your CRO Agency

Once the importance of these growth strategies is established, next comes the effective ways to implement them. According to the 2020 State of Conversion Optimization Report, optimizers’ most common challenge was the need for better processes. While dealing with unexpected patterns and customer behaviors, conversion rate optimization saw a significant dip last year. This also made it difficult for a CRO agency to retain its old customers if not acquiring the new ones.


It is essential to understand your business and identify its mission for a long-term plan. This also helps in aligning with your customers better. The following aspects can help you get more conversions for your business while setting you on the path to success. If you own a CRO agency and strive to generate path-breaking results, you must keep these points in mind.

Slice and Dice Your Niche

For any brand to grow and expand, the firm must analyze its business across lengths and breadths. It is when you know your target audience that you can resonate with them better.

Diving into the granular details of your business— what are your ideal clients? How do you approach your work? What are your company values? What are your proven areas of expertise? Trying to fetch answers for these questions can help you in profoundly understanding your domain. This also assists you in gradually moving towards your niche domination.

While you analyze your processes, other sub-domains associated with your business can help you know your niche better. Some of these may include:

  • Competitor Analysis

One of the most crucial steps in knowing where you stand in the market is to have a detailed analysis of your competitors in the industry. To understand your niche, you must also go beyond your own business and look at your target segment as a whole.

In-depth competitor analysis helps you figure out what strategies your rivals implemented and what worked for them. Since you are likely to target a similar segment of the audience, such analysis also helps you identify the strategies that your competitors did not implement or the ones that did not work for them. This can guide you to arrive at more informed decisions based on your recorded data.

  • Problems You Solve

As a CRO agency, you can help other businesses optimize their conversions only when you know your area of expertise. Your clients can be struggling with various challenges, and thus you need to understand all problems you can address effectively as an agency.

This assists you in serving your prospective clients with better value proportions and provides integrated solutions to their genuine problems.

Expand Your Services Across Domains

Gone are the days when as a CRO agency, you had offered limited services and still managed to attract potential customers. With the increasing number of CRO agencies these days, it is vital to stand out from the crowd and make your agency more holistic in approach.

It is important for you to expand your offerings and serve your clients across multiple domains and industries. Narrowing down your services tends to make your customers look for other alternatives. By making this essential change in your business, you can become people’s go-to CRO agency in just no time!

Follow What You Say

It is ironic to come across a situation where an agency that is dedicated to helping brands increase their conversions faces challenges in finding them itself. If you do not pay attention to getting leads and conversions for your own company, your CRO agency might actually run out of potential clients in the longer run.

CMOs are the most critical decision-makers in the marketing sphere who drive strategies for their clients in order to boost the CRO. Such strategy and plans must also be followed by you— putting your techniques to test on your agency. When you start practicing what you have preached all the way, it will provide you with a sense of confidence while increasing your conversion rate.

Social Listening

Listening to your social accounts and becoming a part of the virtual world is essential to keep up with the times. You must always be where your audience is while regularly checking the mentions you get on these social media channels

Social listening assists you in monitoring your audience easily while guarding your online reputation. As a CRO agency, you must be aware of what is being said about you in the domain. This also helps you identify areas that you did review before.

Recognize Loyalty

What’s better than having customers who not only love your work but also advocate for it?

Loyal clients are nothing less than gold mines— walking with you for a long way. These brands trust your expertise and feel responsible enough to recommend it further to people. Identifying such customers and rewarding them for their loyalty helps retain them for a long time while generating repeat business for you. It is a well-known fact that customer retention is easier than acquiring new clients from scratch. This stands true even in the case of a CRO agency that can efficiently hold on to their exciting customers by serving them with nothing but the best!

Leverage Personal Selling Techniques

By embracing personal selling, you can engage leads directly, addressing their unique challenges and showcasing firsthand the solutions you offer.

For instance, rather than waiting for potential clients to find your content online, why not directly approach decision-makers with a customized proposal? This proactive strategy shows that you’re keen on providing real value, making it more likely for you to secure a client.

One of the most compelling personal selling examples is tailoring product demos to address a potential client’s specific needs. Instead of a generic presentation, customize the demo to highlight how your CRO solutions can address their unique challenges, making it easier for them to envision working with you.

Remember, while other strategies cast a wide net hoping to capture interested parties, personal selling lets you zero in on promising leads, building meaningful relationships, and ultimately converting more clients for your agency. It’s time to make personal selling an integral part of your growth strategy.

How to Get More Clients for Your CRO Agency With Mentionlytics?

Whether it is social listening, competitor analysis, or analyzing your customer base— all of these are best implemented with the help of a reliable social monitoring tool. This also provides us with regular reports and keeps us updated about the changes taking place on a daily basis.


Mentionlytics is a robust social media monitoring tool that helps you track and analyze your web accounts. It enables you to keep a bird’ eye-view on all your social channels and identify the audience segment more effectively. This feature-rich tool is phenomenal in aligning your social presence, helping you reach your target audience with ease. It is an integrated solution made suitable for both medium to large-sized enterprises. Mentionlytics is also instrumental in setting the foundation for marketing leads at small startups.

This powerful tool also offers exciting features that include:

  • Scout your communication media and keep track of your mentions
  • End-to-end social media management that helps you better connect with your audience
  • Manage your online reputation with a vigilant eye on the reviews and feedback
  • Monitor your competitions and analyze their growth

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Choosing Mentionlytics to leverage your social presence and optimize it to your advantage can be the turning point for your CRO agency. Not only will it save you from expensive deals, Mentionlytics will also ensure accurate and precise data records for adequate reference.

We hope to have provided insightful information in this blog post. Stay tuned with our space to stay updated about the latest market trend!

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