How to Successfully Execute Reputation Management for Individuals

How to Successfully Execute Reputation Management for Individuals

It has become essential for anyone with an influence to build a solid online reputation. However, this is

It has become essential for anyone with an influence to build a solid online reputation. However, this is easier said than done since a lot goes into creating a good standing, online and in real life.

This reputation can be altered by several factors: how you present yourself online, what you post, who you follow, and most importantly, what people say about you.

According to recent research, 71% of consumers rely on online reviews before purchasing a product. Similarly, when people want to know about someone, their first step is searching for them by name online.

This makes reputation management for individuals pivotal for increasing their following. So, being careless or ignorant towards your online reputation can do significant damage in various ways.

Social media and search engines are powerful tools these days. They can build your image or break it down to zero. Using this power smartly can potentially even take you to the top. All you need to know is how to take advantage of these tools.

Importance of Reputation Management for Individuals

Suppose someone carries out an online search and sees something negative in the search results about you; the person won’t be inclined towards doing business with you. Or, if your followers see one of your posts that puts a dent in your image or makes it questionable, they might start unfollowing you.

Executives believe that 49% of a company’s standing is built on the reputation of its CEO. This makes it all the more critical for business leaders to manage their online reputation because in case their popularity goes down, other names associated with them will also suffer.

People believe they can learn more about a person online than they can in person; they also tend to trust this information more. This is why reputation management is vital for individuals who want to build and retain their eminence or relevance among their audiences.

Statistics suggest that 90% of people form an impression depending on what they see on the first page of search engine results. So, if all the negative stuff shows up on top, your followers will instantly form a negative impression without doing further research.

Even if you’re not an influencer, your online presence still matters.

These days, employers like to see what a possible candidate is like as a person. And they find this info online. For example, suppose the applicant demonstrates negative and trollish behavior on social media. This helps hirers determine whether they want that person to be a representation of their organization.


Reputation management works in your favor to only promote positive material and bury the harmful material deep down in the SERPs. It eliminates the risk of creating a negative impression on people and keeps you in the best possible light.

Social media monitoring apps like Mentionlytics assist in effective reputation management for individuals.

How to Successfully Execute Reputation Management for Individuals

Your online reputation is how you deem it to be. It is adjustable, bendable, and variable. The effect of a negative side can be diminished with reputation management for individuals. Take charge of your online presence and become a well-founded name on the internet.

Here are a few things you can do to set the positive image you want people to see.

Regulating Search Results

Whenever anyone wants to know about a product or an entity, they ask Google. And whatever they find on the first page of the search result, true or false, real or forged, negative or positive, they believe it. Not just that, but they also form their opinion based on it. This is why regulating search results is an essential part of reputation management for individuals.

Google Yourself

The first thing you need to do is determine if there is something on the internet that you should worry about. The best way to figure that out is to google yourself. The search results will tell you what your fans, followers, friends, and potential clients think of you. google-interface-individual-reputation-management

If you see a potential problem that could harm your reputation, here are a few easy fixes to start right away:

Create New Social Media Profiles And Populate Them

The first thing that Google picks up in search results is social media profiles of the name you search for. What people see on those social media profiles is in your power. If you don’t have social media profiles named after you, other links that are not in your control would appear on top.

This is why having a social media profile is vital to reputation management for people.

So, if you don’t already have social media profiles, you should establish your presence on multiple platforms. It would be best to keep them updated with relevant information so that people will likely want to learn about you. This will help in pushing down negative articles to page two.

Tackle SEO For Your Site And Social Pages

You can take down the harmful information about you that showed up in the search results by the way it got up – through keywords. Open the article with negative remarks about you and figure which keywords brought it to the top search results.

Once you have the keywords, create a positive article to counter the negative one and post it. This will help bring the positive ones on top and push the negative ones out of the spotlight.

Create A Personal Website

Having a personal website will boost your reputation as a public persona. You can define your aims, goals there and offer services to move towards them. To make sure it rises and stays at the top, do robust SEO. This website will define you in a positive light and take up space in the first-page search results, leaving none for the negative posts.

Once your website is all set, please keep track of it to ensure it doesn’t go down in search rankings.

Maintain Social Media Profiles

Create social media profiles - Reputation Management for Individuals

Social media optimization is as essential as search engine optimization. In addition, it plays a considerable role in reputation management for individuals. Staying active and posting regularly is the key to gain more followers. No matter how famous you are, if your followers don’t get to see you every day, they will most likely unfollow you.

Beware of what you like and follow on social media because your followers would create an opinion over everything you do. One wrong like can ruin the reputation you built over the years. Like JK Rowling, the most loved author became a target of public criticism after her take on specific subjects.

Moreover, you also need to keep a check on your old posts; if something you said could be twisted and used against you today, take it down before it gets noticed.

Use Mentionlytics to Monitor Social Media

Just having a social presence isn’t enough; keeping a regular check on the activities on your pages is also necessary. Using a social media monitoring app, you can conveniently get all the updates of your social media pages on social media.

Here are a few other advantages of Mentionlytics:

  • Find Marketing leads: You can use this app to find marketing leads and discover real customers
  • Explore Your Industry: Mentionlytics helps you to explore the industry you operate in by consistently monitoring its trends and your competitors
  • Track Reviews: It allows you to track what press, fans, or random people are saying about you on social media, online news, blogs, and other industry websites
  • Monthly Reports: The app generates monthly reports for you with the data collected from your social media

Hence, Mentionlytics can serve as an excellent resource for reputation management for individuals.

Positive Reviews & Feedbacks

A massive chunk of your online reputation depends on what opinion people hold and share on the internet about you. Therefore, you need to keep track of what someone has posted about you on a social media network, a news site, a blog, or a forum. This social listening can be done conveniently with the help of Mentionlytics.

The app will track the post for you then you can reply, like, or share it on your profile. This will increase your credibility. Also, interacting with your fans will augment positive emotions for you, eventually benefitting you.

You can also take the support of another influencer or celebrity. Their positive reputation can help you to cultivate a favorable image for yourself on the internet. Collaborating with them will allow you to get positive reinforcement from a reputed persona. This will also get you acknowledgment and likeness in another section of the audience. Besides just increasing your positive reputation, it will also bring more followers and leads to your page.

To Sum Up

Reputation management for individuals is not a very tough job; however, it is a job that demands time and consistency. Keeping track of everything on the internet and acting on it is nearly impossible without this powerful app. In fact, the presence of Mentionlytics in your life will make everything a little easy for you.

If you’re an individual struggling with reputation management, subscribe to our service today!

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