Why Every Brand Needs Brand Evangelists to Increase Conversion Rates

Why Every Brand Needs Brand Evangelists to Increase Conversion Rates?

As a business owner, you need every resource to promote your brand and increase your conversions. After all,

As a business owner, you need every resource to promote your brand and increase your conversions. After all, the future of your brand depends on how many customers it can attract and convert in any given period.

However, attracting new customers is easier said than done.

When the competition is pretty intense, harness the power of brand evangelists to increase your customer count and boost conversion rate by 20%. They can be the knights in shining armor for your brand, rescuing it from damage done by disgruntled customers and negative reviews online.

What Is A Brand Evangelist?

A brand evangelist is a person that follows and strongly believes in brand services. They are passionate and loyal to the brand and openly promote brand services on every forum.

Brand evangelists are different from loyal customers who recommend the product to friends and family or leave good reviews online.

However, the brand evangelist advocates your products and services on a much grander scale. They commit to the brand and openly advertise it on every platform, convincing and encouraging others to become your loyal customer.

A brand evangelist needs to be an influencer in the niche. They must be connected to people to influence their opinion and convince them to follow the business.

Why Are Brand Evangelists Important?

New or small business owners often neglect the importance of the brand evangelist. Brand owners do not realize the power brand evangelists hold over their followers and the wonders they can do for their conversion rates.


According to research, 92% of people trust and use products recommended by a friend or close person. In contrast, only 24% of people buy a product after watching an advertisement.

So, an evangelist can multiply your customers, automatically increasing your conversion rates. Because the brand evangelists reel more customers in for your business, it is pretty easy to increase your revenue.

Who Can Become A Brand Evangelist?

To become a brand evangelist, you have to be interested in research and investigation. Brand evangelists are not typical customers. They follow your brand as a fan follows celebrity. They never miss an opportunity to promote the brand and its products.

What Are The Duties Of a Brand Evangelist?

Brand evangelists are highly committed to a brand. This is what they do:

  • Buy every product to create a connection with the company whether they need the product or not
  • Write detailed reviews
  • Recommend to friends and family
  • Provide free advertisement
  • Post pictures on social media forums with the product

How to Recruit A Brand Evangelist for Your Brand?

There are two ways to get them to promote your business:

  • Creating a brand evangelist
  • Buying a brand evangelist’s services

It is possible to buy a brand evangelist’s services to advertise your products. Many brands hire one to help them connect with more customers. However, you can also create a brand evangelist for your brand.


Why Create A Brand Evangelist?

It might seem an unnecessary hassle when you can buy the services of a brand evangelist. However, even though it sounds easy, it is not quite affordable or an intelligent strategy.

First, established brand evangelists charge pretty high rates for their services. Second, if you own a new or small business, there is no chance that you can afford them to promote your brand.

Third, a hired brand evangelist cannot advertise your brand like an evangelist you have created. They promote your company not because you have paid them to, but because they are impressed with your services. Therefore, their campaigns and posts are more passionate, and they put all their efforts into promoting the products as their goal is to help people gain benefits and improve their living.

How to Create a Brand Evangelist?

Brand evangelists are primarily loyal customers. When creating your brand evangelist, you have to look for the most loyal customers who promote your products on social media platforms through comments, posts, blog posts, and reviews. But before converting loyal customers into brand evangelists, you need to identify them.

Finding your social media active, loyal customers is like finding a needle in the haystack. However, Mentionlytics can simplify this impossible task. Mentionlytics finds your actual customers and marketing leads to grow your business. In addition, it can find any @mention your brand has received and connect to your brand’s social media active friends. So, after you find your potential brand evangelists through Mentionlytics, this is how you can ready them to become your brand influencer.

Start From Within

Your brand evangelist should be in touch with your customers. So you have to look for that person. No one can be more in touch with your customers than your staff. They know what your customers want and in which areas you generate the most sale. Therefore, you need to start from within and select a member from your staff to become your brand evangelist.

Moreover, your staff members are your enthusiastic fans and use your services on multiple bases. So, they know the best way to promote your services.

Focus On Demographics

The first thing you must do is focus on the demographics. Mentionlytics will identify the areas and people generating positive and negative posts on your services. First, however, you have to choose which person is more suitable to represent your brand. Additionally, select at least one person from every area your brand is available. So, you have a brand evangelist promoting your services everywhere.

Remove Your Shortcomings

You can only turn your customers into brand evangelists when you perfect your services. Use Mentionlytics to learn what your customers are complaining about your brand. Mentionlytics shows both good and bad posts and comments about your brand. So, review the bad posts and remove those flaws to improve your services. Then, when you are providing top-class service or products, it will convince you to become your band evangelist.

Open Communication

You have successfully identified your loyal customers with the help of Mentionlytics. But you have to open a line of communication to appreciate their efforts. In addition, your customers will know that you value their contribution, leading to more brand promotion. So, let your customers know that they are essential for the image of your brand.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Having some dissatisfied customers is perfectly normal. But even if they get satisfaction from your brand, your customer service department should be good enough to resolve their issues.

A good customer service department plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. It can elevate the customers’ interaction with your company. Therefore, you need to give your department the right tools and organize employee training to expertly handle your customers’ complaints. If your customers leave happy from your platform, they are more likely to return even after one bad experience.

Offer Giveaways

Giveaways are the best way of appreciating your customers. Due to giveaways, your customers know that you value them. Some customers are satisfied with the result they get from your products, but others want recognition for their contribution.

For those people, take out monthly or bi-annually giveaway contests. Advertise the winners on your website and acknowledge how they are an essential part of your service.

Types of Brand Evangelist

There are all types of people using your brand. So, it is not a surprise that there are different types of brand evangelists.

Local Promoter

Local promoters are impressed by the brand’s response and services, such as a good customer service response or a happy interaction with a store employee. These brand evangelists feel the connection with your brand and believe that your brand cares about them. Local promoters stay with your service for a long time due to the excellent service they receive. Moreover, they will keep promoting your brand to neighbors, friends, and anywhere looking for your brand-related services.

Product Lover

Product lover brand evangelists are forever connected with your services because your product offered them relief from a problem. They could be impressed with the quality or handiness of your product. Receiving a good quality product raised respect in the eyes of product lovers. It convinces them that your products are the best, so they will never buy anything from your competitors. You will always be their first choice, and they are sure to express it through good reviews.

Image Maven

When your company’s vision matches perfectly with the customer’s personality, they become image maven brand evangelists. Due to this, they presume your brand as part of their identity and never hesitate to promote your brand. In addition, the brand makes them feel more connected with themselves and feel trendy. Therefore, they take pictures while using the products and upload them on social media.

Ethical Admirer

Ethical admirer praises the moral vision of your brand. Every brand has some ethical rules and regulations they follow. Your brand’s ethical rules and regulations depend on the services you are providing. For example, your brand could be cruelty-free, environment-friendly, sustainable, baby-proofed, or contribute to human rights. When an ethical admirer supports your cause, it is unlikely to follow a service that doesn’t have these ethical restrictions. They will buy your products to help you flourish in your cause.

In Conclusion

Brand evangelists can promote your brand for free. They spread the word about your services and their benefits among different people. You can convert your existing loyal customers into brand evangelists by recognizing their efforts or just create your next biggest fan!

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