About Vasiliki Kati

An enthusiastic person who loves working in international teams. Vasiliki is a junior content writer at Mentionlytics, passionate about marketing communications and languages.

Some of the best brand monitoring tools are Mentionlytics, Brandwatch, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social. In this list, we’re going to demonstrate how your business’s reputation and longevity are linked to monitoring your brand's public perception.

Does the phrase data-driven marketing strategy ring a bell? Well, the modern marketing world offers more customer insights than ever before, so hearing this phrase is more than common.

Instagram hashtags are still considered one of the best ways to get more attention and engagement on your Instagram posts. But, have you been wondering about how you should use them and which are the right ones for your brand?

Have you been wondering about social media monitoring tools? How do they work, what are their features, how do they benefit your brand and help you grow your brand awareness, and the most crucial question, which one to choose? We’ve got your back.

The challenge of the digital world is to always keep up with trends, especially in a world where trends constantly come and go. The mystery of this world is that trends do not last, they change rapidly and sometimes overnight.