Vasiliki Kati

About Vasiliki Kati

An enthusiastic person who loves working in international teams. Vasiliki is a junior content writer at Mentionlytics, passionate about marketing communications and languages.

Are you looking for an alternative for Mention? Finding the right social listening tool is no piece of cake, it requires a lot of information and research. But don’t worry! We gathered the 10 Mention alternatives you need to nail your social media monitoring. 

If you’ve been looking for meltwater alternatives this is the article for you. Finding the right social media monitoring tool that meets your needs is a long process and needs a lot of attention.

Digital PR is a set of strategic actions used to raise brand awareness with online methods. Of course, it has similarities with traditional PR but it can reach a wider audience, as offline methods sometimes can be limiting.

How to set up google alerts is a very common question, that’s why we decided to create this step-by-step guide to help you with taking your first steps into the world of mentions tracking and monitoring. 

A reputation management software is everything your business needs, as everything your existing and new customers have to say about you forms the way your brand is being perceived by the public eye. So, it is necessary to be aware of customer conversations and monitor them in the way that suits you best.