12 Best Brand24 Alternatives for Brand Monitoring [2022]

12 Best Brand24 Alternatives for Brand Monitoring [2023]

Have you been looking for Brand24 alternatives? Then, that’s the list for you. We gathered all the necessary

Have you been looking for Brand24 alternatives? Then, that’s the list for you. We gathered all the necessary information and the12 best alternatives to boost your social media monitoring game. This guide will help you understand the functionality of social listening tools and the SaaS industry, and learn more about their features, and pricing details.

Staying updated about industry trends, managing your brand reputation, and improving your social media presence is a must in the digital world. So, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is collected from publicly available websites as of this article’s publication date, February 9th, 2023.

What is Brand24?

Brand24 is a media monitoring and brand management tool that allows marketers and marketing teams to access mentions from the entire web. The tool helps brands protect their online reputation, check customers’ sentiments, set and receive alerts, and improve their relationship with their audience.

Discovering online conversations, taking instant action, and engaging with your audience is what this tool is all about. There is a mentions feed and a discussion volume chart which allows you to detect any sentiment change and problems before they get out of hand. Managing your online presence is a must in the digital world. Brand24 comes with an influencer score, analytics, and sentiment analysis for a better understanding of industry trends and customer experience.

Keep in mind that setting the right alerts, data export, and filtering your results to generate the most important ones, are some of the most valuable features of this tool. And don’t forget that you can also create customizable reports tailored to your needs.

Brand24 combines social listening, brand tracking, and data monitoring. Checking social media KPIs, measuring performance, and boosting your virtual presence are essentials for every brand. In addition, marketers and teams can create customizable reports to check their process and measure your campaigns’ results.

However, you might be searching for Brand24 alternatives. Here are some suggestions:

Tool #1: Mentionlytics

If you have been looking for Brand24 alternatives Mentionlytics is the tool for you. It helps both marketers and teams to track hashtags, mentions, and keywords about what is important to you and your brand.

A screenshot of Mentionlytics's Social Media Tracker homepage.

With Mentionlytics you don’t have to worry about getting results solely from the web or social media platforms, as it works for both.

The app generates results in multiple languages, more precisely 24, and helps brands collect social data, customer insights, and sentiment. Companies and individuals can find influencers, discover marketing leads, and form collaborations to enhance their online presence and position in the industry. Being able to protect your online reputation in real-time is one of the major benefits of Mentionlytics.

Having a tool that assists in monitoring your social conversations, managing customers’ reviews, responding to requests, and building up the way you deal with crises seems like you found everything in one place. On that note, the app comes with a Social Intelligence Advisor, which is great for gathering as much data and audience insights as possible. This feature provides you with suggestions tailored to your needs and personalized insights to ensure that you stay on top of your competitors and manage your brand efficiently.

Mentionlytics is available for mobiles as well; there is a mobile app for everyone who wants to be aware of their mentions even if they are not at the office and stay updated at any time.

Mentionlytics features

Mentionlytics pricing

  • Basic Plan costs $49 per month
  • Essential Plan costs $99 per month
  • Advanced Plan costs $199 per month
  • Pro Plan costs $299 per month
  • Agency Plan starts at $450 per month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $950 per month

Tool #2: Mention

Mention is a social media listening and monitoring tool that helps individuals and teams to better understand how their audience perceives them across the web and social media.

mention dashboard

The tool is designed to assist in monitoring online conversations, providing insightful analytics regarding their position in the market, and measuring your brand’s impact.

Mention allows marketers to track conversations to ensure they have all information they need for their marketing strategies. Sharing content with online communities and building their audience base are some of the most important features of Mention. All in all, monitoring, listening, and publishing are the three words that best depict Mention as a tool. You can discover trends, filter and analyze social media data, connect with your users, and so empower your online presence. The tool also allows you to outline, schedule, and post on various channels.

Mention features

  • Social Media Management
  • Media Channels
  • Geographic Coverage
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring and Listening
  • Data Management and Analysis

Mention pricing

  • Solo Plan costs $29.00 per month
  • Pro Plan costs $99.00 per month
  • ProPlus Plan costs $199.00
  • Company Plan upon request

Tool #3: Brandwatch

Our next Brand24 alternatives solution is pretty well-known. Brandwatch is a social media monitoring tool providing access to several data sources, apart from the same old demographics. Analyzing sentiment and social analytics are also part of the tool’s features.

A screenshot of Brandwatch's Homepage

Brandwatch’s Consumer Research collects social data to share valuable information with brands, track sentiment, and analyze their presence on social media. Brandwatch’s report analysis includes social media, blogs, forums, and news sites. Marketers can look for data by using the search box, which includes text and image searches. Some of the main Brandwatch features are charting, categorization, and sentiment analysis. The app is great for market research, discovering trends, and managing and monitoring a brand’s marketing performance and online presence.

Brandwatch features

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Platform Reporting
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis

Brandwatch pricing

Brandwatch hasn’t provided pricing information.

Tool #4: TalkWalker

TalkWalker is a social listening and analytics tool designed to help brands enhance their business credit and impact.

A screenshot of Talkwalker's homepage.

TalkWalker comes along with its AI-powered feature; software that gathers numerous suggestions from customers finds what needs improvement, and makes the necessary so marketing teams can reassess their social media strategies and evolve their decision-making process, which is vital for the company’s well-being. On that note, TalkWalker gives brands access to social intelligence and consumer intelligence data in real time, allowing them to form a holistic view of how brand management and discovering industry trends works.

Talkwalker features

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Platform Monitoring
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis

Talkwalker pricing

  • Basic Plan costs $9,600 per year
  • Corporate Plan upon request
  • Enterprise Plan upon request

Tool #5: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media management platform that tries to improve client relations, streamline workflows, form collaborations, and translate social media data into actionable insights.

A screenshot of SproutSocial's homepage.

Sprout Social is easy-to-use and indicated for posting, social listening, review monitoring, analyzing metrics, analytics, and APIs with a high ROI and user adoption. Brands can discover influencers, trends, and marketing leads, connect with their followers and understand their preferences while building up their marketing campaigns. The tool allows brands to approach a new audience; managing, scheduling, and publishing posts is the way to keep your followers engaged. Brandwatch helps you form better decisions derived from data analytics. The tool’s features make Sprout Social one of the most successful Brand24 alternatives.

Sprout Social features

  • Audience Targeting
  • Automated Publishing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Communication Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Contact Management
  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Engagement

Sprout Social pricing

  • Standard Plan costs $89 per month
  • Professional Plan costs $149 per month
  • Advanced Plan costs $249 per month

Tool #6: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media listening tool that assists marketing teams and agencies in enhancing their online presence, making stronger connections with their users, and reaching thought leaders by integrating social consistency.

A screenshot of Hootsuite's Homepage

Hootsuite helps you with scheduling social media posts, monitoring organic as well as paid content, tracking online conversations about your brand, and getting audience insights to make it easier for you to form business decisions. You can also check the recommended days and times for publishing your posts that will improve audience engagement and website traffic.

Keep in mind that results filtering, according to keywords or locations is also an option. The tool monitors online conversations offered in multiple languages and helps brands keep track of everything that’s going on in the world concerning social media and content marketing.

Hootsuite features

  • Automated publishing
  • Content management
  • Social media channel management
  • Social media scheduling
  • Brand monitoring
  • Customer engagement
  • Team collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics

Hootsuite pricing

  • Professional Plan costs €39 per month
  • Team Plan costs €109 per month
  • Business Plan costs €669 per month
  • Enterprise Plan (custom solutions)

Tool #7: Meltwater

Meltwater is a media monitoring and analysis tool which specializes in finding solutions for a better decision-making process. Meltwater has tools that assist teams and individuals in engaging, posting, and monitoring social media and news from a single monitoring platform.

8 Meltwater Alternatives for Seamless Social Media Monitoring

Meltwater allows you to find leads, pay attention to social conversations, and measure and report campaigns’ impact. Managing, creating, and scheduling content while monitoring reviews all in one single dashboard are features that make the tool stand out.

The tool focuses on social listening, salesforce, media monitoring, and intelligence that provide actionable audience insights. Don’t forget engaging and influencing, which comes along with publishing on social media, measuring media engagement, and streamlining marketing campaigns. On that account, Meltwater allows you to distribute newsletters, create alerts and customizable reports, and analyze metrics and analytics.

Meltwater features

  • Brand Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Media Relations
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Meltwater pricing

Meltwater has not provided pricing information.

Tool #8: Keyhole

The next solution for Brand24 alternatives is Keyhole. It’s a social scheduling tool that helps with tracking, evaluating, and evolving social media strategies. The tool’s services are centered around social listening, analytics, finding influencers, and improving social media marketing efforts.

A sceenshot of Keyhole's homepage

The dashboard is user-friendly and allows you to create customized reports. With the tool’s influencer metrics companies can analyze their audience and more precisely the strongest supporters who use hashtags when engaging in online conversations about a brand. Reaching out and filtering influencers according to geo-location and keywords, assists with increasing influencer and engagement ROI, exposure, and engagement rankings. Keyhole has also a necessary analytics tool for a better understanding of social conversations and customers’ preferences.

Keyhole features

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Influencer Tracking & Analytics
  • Profile & Competitor Analysis
  • Hashtag Tracking & Analytics
  • Social Publishing

Keyhole pricing

  • Basic Plan costs $49 per month
  • Plus Plan costs $99 per month
  • Professional Plan costs $199 per month
  • Enterprise Plan (custom pricing)

Tool #9: eClincher

eClincher is a user-friendly social media management software aiming to help brands grow their audience base and efficiently manage their online reputation on various social networks.

A screenshot of one of the best Brand24 alternatives, the homepage of eClincher

With this tool, you can publish and recycle content; offering the ability to publish it one time and then remove it from the calendar. The RSS feature helps users publish blog posts on their profiles. With eClincher’s visual calendar scheduling tool users have access to link shortening, images, GIFs, and videos. You can also use keywords to discover articles and share them with your followers.

eClincher comes with a Social Inbox that assists users in managing their all social profiles and interactions in one place, such as tweets, comments, likes, shares, mentions, and more. That way you can monitor your brand’s image, start conversations, and engage with your audience. On that note, another way to engage with your followers is to search for influencers based on topic, ranking, location, and interaction.

The platform offers a variety of analytics tools, custom-made reports, inbox workflow, and many more features that will advance the way you manage your social media.

eClincher features

  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Publisher & Visual Calendar
  • Social Inbox
  • RSS Feeds
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Team & Client Collaboration
  • Automation

eClincher pricing

  • Basic Plan costs $59 per month
  • Premier Plan costs $119 per month
  • Agency Plan costs $219 per month

Tool #10: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another popular choice for Brand24 alternatives. This content marketing tool specializes in social media content management and analyzing performance insights. Finding influencers and what’s trending in the market while analyzing content, setting alerts to receive instant notifications, and messaging are some of the main features of BuzzSumo.

A screenshot of BuzzSumo's homepage

The tool is easy and simple to use for discovering trends, understanding the audience, and monitoring online presence by collecting social engagements and articles, and integrating them into the search app. Creating appealing content is essential for keeping your audience engaged, and reaching high engagement rates and impressions. On that note, BuzzSumo is centered around monitoring, mentions, competition, and industry updates. Alerts setting ensures you don’t get lost in the avalanche of events and social media news.

BuzzSumo features

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics
  • Results
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Content strategy
  • Crisis alert
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video Marketing

BuzzSumo pricing

  • Pro Plan costs $99 per month
  • Plus Plan costs $179 per month
  • Large Plan costs $299 per month
  • Enterprise Plan (upon request)

Tool #11: SocialBakers

SocialBakers is a social media monitoring solution helping brands manage and optimize their social accounts and content in one place, improve team collaboration, benchmark data, and discover the latest industry trends.


The tool is created to enhance social media presence by scheduling and publishing posts thanks to its cross-channel publishing, which allows posting content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. SocialBakers is a platform with a streamlined inbox that helps you manage online conversations and improve the way you manage communities on the web. Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the owned, paid, and earned media analysis; measuring and analyzing metrics and social reach, understanding what works and what doesn’t in terms of content creation and so improve your marketing strategy.

SocialBakers has also AI capabilities, suggesting the best posting dates and times, sending instant notifications, and offering real-time assistance.

SocialBakers features

  • Social media analytics
  • Social listening and intelligence
  • Social media management
  • Community management
  • Social customer care
  • Content management
  • Scheduling and publishing
  • Influencer marketing

SocialBakers pricing

SocialBakers hasn’t provided pricing information.

Tool #12: BrandMentions

BrandMentions is our last suggestion for Brand24 alternatives. It’s a web and social listening tool that helps brands find every mention on the web, for example on social media, blogs, news, forums, and more, and monitor their online presence. The tool allows you to manage social media profiles and sources to measure and analyze the sentiment of online conversations.

A screenshot of one of the best Brand24 alternatives, the homepage of BrandMentions

With BrandMentions you can stay updated about everything that’s going on in your industry and set real-time alerts that come straight to your inbox. Getting to know your customer’s preferences, and what they find interesting, and creating services or products that meet their expectations are some of the best ways to promote your business activity. The tool provides insights into your competitors and their actions and helps you identify the negative sentiment from the positive one. Tracking conversations and mentions about what is being said online is a great way to prevent potential crises and manage your brand’s reputation in the best way possible.

BrandMentions features

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • Competitor Spying
  • Media Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management

BrandMentions pricing

  • Enterprise Plan costs $499 per month
  • Company Plan costs $299 per month
  • Growing Business Plan costs $99 per month

Now Over to You

All in all, using social listening tools for monitoring your online presence has great benefits for your overall position in the market and these Brand24 alternatives can help you get started. Although, finding the right tool is time-consuming; you need to analyze several tools, take into consideration their features, the goals you want to achieve, and of course pricing packages.

This list has all this information about Brand24 alternatives gathered in one place. But if you have more questions and you need more guidance you can always book a demo with Mentionlytics and a member of our team will be at our disposal.

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