Top Instagram Hashtags: Types & Tips to Grow (2022 List)

Top Instagram Hashtags: Types & Tips to Grow (2023 List)

Instagram hashtags are still considered one of the best ways to get more attention and engagement on your

Instagram hashtags are still considered one of the best ways to get more attention and engagement on your Instagram posts. But, have you been wondering about how you should use them and which are the right ones for your brand?

Well, that’s the reason we’ve created this article with all the necessary information about top Instagram hashtags. In addition with suggestions of the best hashtags in different categories to speed up your hashtag search.

5 Most Common Instagram Hashtag Types

Instagram hashtags are proven one of the best ways to enhance your engagement in your Instagram posts in 2023. Using top Instagram hashtags is vital for your marketing strategy to boost your presence and encourage interactions with your target audience. So, choosing the best hashtags can help extend your reach and boost your brand awareness. However, it can be difficult to notice trends and patterns at first sight. That’s why creating a successful Instagram hashtag strategy for your Instagram account, along with research of trending hashtags is critical for your business’s goals.

Here are some types of the most common Instagram hashtags:

  • Product-specific hashtags

A product hashtag is a hashtagged phrase used on social media related to a specific product or service of a brand. It should be a phrase or word that attracts interest in your product or service and raises awareness about your brand.

  • Community building hashtags 

Community hashtags are Instagram hashtags that connect like-minded users around a specific subject. They’re a great way to connect with others, improve the searchability of your posts, gain followers, and grow your community.

  • Special events and holidays hashtags

The purpose of these hashtags is to enable those at an event or on holidays to connect, share their opinions, experiences, and content they’ve created during their stay.

  • Location-specific hashtags

Location-based hashtags offer businesses the opportunity to get in touch with people around the globe by just adding a location hashtag to a post of yours.

  • Acronym hashtags

Acronym hashtags are important so you can be involved in conversations, comments, and Instagram captions between people; simply put, you equip yourself with knowledge around social media and the internet slang, and accordingly, you stay informed about current trends.

So, let’s dive more into the world of top Instagram hashtags.

Type #1: Product-specific hashtags 

A great product hashtag is a powerful tool for your marketing strategy, as it best depicts your brand’s image and what you offer to your audience. By creating this kind of hashtag you promote your product/services and that means you get to connect with your target audience and get discovered by potential customers.

product specific hashtags

The main use of a product hashtag is collecting content that applies to your customers’ needs. A branded or a product-specific hashtag should fully represent the brand and intrigue its audience. Creating trending hashtags that are clear and branded is quite difficult to achieve, but it’s important as it’s the key element that will make people remember and actively use it.

Type #2: Community building hashtags

Building a brand community is becoming more and more crucial for businesses. Besides the fact that it greatly benefits market research, it also enhances brand loyalty and social media growth.

community hashtags

The primary reason for a community’s existence is to add value, serve, and accommodate the needs of the community members. Community hashtags are beneficial as they drive more loyalty and customer advocacy than a more generic hashtag. Customers feel more connected to other members of the same community and this tends to deliver quality user-generated content. The goal is to create a feeling of belonging, and that is why some brands are more direct in their community hashtag by addressing their members with the opportunity of creating a family.

Type #3: Special events and holidays hashtags 

The challenge of this category is choosing the appropriate hashtag so people use it. Most events and holidays have their relevant hashtags so all communication processes will lead to the event or holiday. In other words, the hash sign turns a word of a phrase into a searchable link and this enables you to generate content and track conversation topics based on those relevant hashtags.

special events and holidays hashtags

By using the right hashtags for your posts you can join the conversation regarding trending topics and events and stay informed throughout the year. By doing so, you increase the engagement of your posts and extend your organic reach levels. Capturing the attention of people outside of your current follower’s community is important for your brand’s growth. Hashtags help by categorising the content of your posts so that they are easily searchable. Another element that helps you identify opportunities to boost engagement.

Type #4: Location-specific hashtags

Location hashtags are considered one of the best ways to expand your reach and have an advantage over others when approaching more people online.

location hashtags

The benefits of these hashtags are numerous and while the amount of reach is considerable, you may be wondering how you can specify who your target is. The more specific you are when creating new hashtags, the greater the effect will be on your Instagram performance. Adding location-specific hashtags it’s likely to increase your online presence by putting yourself on the spot, even if you’re not there. People adore supporting local businesses, and is there a better way than using location hashtags? By doing so, your community can explore events and places close to them.

Another great thing about using location-specific hashtags is that they are a great way of building local awareness by bringing you close to your community. Wherever you are, people can search for your location and that is where geotagging hashtags appear. They are an excellent way of being discovered on Instagram, as they are extremely searchable and targetable. Top Instagram hashtags are all about being strategic and the more you are, the more you will strategically adopt specificity.

Type #5: Acronym hashtags

Acronym hashtags abridge long-tail keywords. As a consequence, a hashtag occupies less space and becomes more captivating.

acronym hashtags

Acronym hashtags are super popular. They are phrases that become summarised to discharge character space and that’s why they are great for Instagram and Twitter, where you have limited space. Some examples are #GRWM (Get Ready With Me), #WFW (Work From Home), #B2C (Business To Consumer). Companies can use this kind of hashtags to successfully promote their Instagram marketing campaign by saving up space and creating something unique that makes them stand out from their competitors.

It’s helpful to be on the lookout for what’s trending in the app, as hashtags help you enrich your content, boost your following, and increase your reach and engagement. So, here’s a current list of the top Instagram hashtags to consider when creating your marketing campaign. Let’s check out the 60 most popular hashtags.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #fashion 1B posts
  4. #photooftheday 985M posts
  5. #halloween 908K posts
  6. #art 883M posts
  7. #photography 859M posts
  8. #beautiful 789M posts
  9. #nature 693M posts
  10. #travel 610M posts
  11. #style 604M posts
  12. #tbt 587M posts
  13. #instadaily 579M posts
  14. #repost 556M posts
  15. #like4like 537M posts
  16. #beauty 490M posts
  17. #fitness 483M posts
  18. #food 473M posts
  19. #instalike 461M posts
  20. #ootd 394M posts
  21. #likesforlikes 347Μ posts
  22. #lifestyle 303M posts
  23. #motivation 303M posts
  24. #handmade 297M posts
  25. #igers 294M posts
  26. #nofilter 286M posts
  27. #foodporn 279M posts
  28. #instamood 268M posts
  29. #followforfollow 246M posts
  30. #followforfollowback 237M posts
  31. #memes 219M posts
  32. #inspiration 217M posts
  33. #bestoftheday 215M posts
  34. #instafood 214M posts
  35. #design 208M posts
  36. #foodie 208M posts
  37. #home 187M posts
  38. #healthy 181M posts
  39. #swag 166M posts
  40. #architecture 161M posts
  41. #health 148M posts
  42. #luxury 142M posts
  43. #interiordesign 139M posts
  44. #interior 139M posts
  45. #delicious 136M posts
  46. #adventure 127M posts
  47. #throwback 122M posts
  48. #vegan 119M posts
  49. #foodstagram 101M posts
  50. #followback 121M posts
  51. #homedecor 112M posts
  52. #healthylifestyle 101M posts
  53. #business 95M posts
  54. #skincare 92M posts
  55. #smallbusiness 85.9M posts
  56. #selflove 80M posts
  57. #likeforlike 77.5M posts
  58. #selfcare 58M posts
  59. #followme 42.6M posts
  60. #follow4follow 2.1M posts

Photography Hashtags 

Photography is one of the most popular activities and along with that Instagram is an app that is based on photographs. So, this combination created hashtags related to the field of photography, to depict the art, its creations, and creators. Let’s check below this list of hashtags.

  1. #photooftheday 985M posts
  2. #photography 859M posts
  3. #picoftheday 690M posts
  4. #beauty 490M posts
  5. #selfie 463M posts
  6. #photo 436M posts
  7. #sunset 298M posts
  8. #artist 269M posts
  9. #model 334M posts
  10. #photographer 223M posts
  11. #instapic 202M posts
  12. #naturephotography 185M posts
  13. #photoshoot 159M posts
  14. #landscape 178M posts
  15. #travelphotography 174M posts
  16. #portrait 163M posts
  17. #canon 121M posts
  18. #nikon 96.4M posts
  19. #fotografia 82.8M posts
  20. #portraitphotography 64.3M posts
  21. #photographylovers 33.6M posts

Fashion Hashtags

Fashion is another aspect of life that attracts a lot of people and as a result, it occupies space on social media. Here are the most popular fashion hashtags on Instagram.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #fashion 1B posts
  3. #style 604M posts
  4. #ootd 394M posts
  5. #fashionblogger 156M posts
  6. #fashionista 131M posts
  7. #fashionstyle 86.9M posts
  8. #outfitoftheday 74.4M posts
  9. #instastyle 58.9M posts
  10. #fashionable 41.2M posts
  11. #whatiwore 21.8M posts
  12. #styleinspo 20.8M posts
  13. #fashionblog 29.9M posts
  14. #fashionphotography 28.9M posts
  15. #fashionaddict 27.2M posts
  16. #currentlywearing 11.2M posts
  17. #shoppingaddict 4.9M posts
  18. #lookgoodfeelgood 2.7M posts
  19. #fashiongram 27K posts
  20. #beautydoesnthavetobepain 100+ posts

Business Hashtags

Using business hashtags allows you to grow your Instagram account and promote your products/services. Hashtags connect your business with a specific concept and enable you to come closer with your target audience by providing them with the appropriate content. Business hashtags also assist influencers on their personal branding journey.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #instagram 819M posts
  4. #life 407M posts
  5. #design 308M posts
  6. #motivation 303M posts
  7. #lifestyle 303M posts
  8. #inspiration 217M posts
  9. #bhfyp 159M posts
  10. #work 143M posts
  11. #quotes 141M posts
  12. #goals 106M posts
  13. #business 95M posts
  14. #smallbusiness 85.9M posts
  15. #success 79.9M posts
  16. #money 66M posts
  17. #marketing 62.7M posts
  18. #motivationalquotes 47.6M posts
  19. #mindset 41.4M posts
  20. #branding 34.1M posts
  21. #entrepreneurship 26.8M posts
  22. #startup 23.9M posts
  23. #investment 22.1M posts
  24. #digitalmarketing 21.2M posts
  25. #businessowner 17.5M posts
  26. #finance 12.2M posts
  27. #entrepreneur 3.7M posts

Marketing Hashtags

It is crucial to expose your target audience to the right messages with keywords related to your industry, mainly because they are looking for something specific and you are the one providing it to them. Additionally, by using the right marketing hashtags you expand your network and business by being in touch with other organisations related to your industry.

  1. #instagood 1.4B posts
  2. #design 308M posts
  3. #motivation 303M posts
  4. #bhfyp 159M posts
  5. #entrepreneur 102K posts
  6. #business 95M posts
  7. #smallbusiness 85.9M posts
  8. #success 79.9M posts
  9. #marketing 62.7M posts
  10. #graphicdesign 58.5M posts
  11. #branding 34.1M posts
  12. #marketingdigital 33.2M posts
  13. #digital 31.2M posts
  14. #socialmedia 28.8M posts
  15. #entrepreneurship 26.8M posts
  16. #empreendedorismo 26.5M posts
  17. #startup 23.9M posts
  18. #digitalmarketing 21.2M posts
  19. #socialmediamarketing 17.4M posts
  20. #advertising 13.9M posts
  21. #onlinemarketing 7.4M posts
  22. #seo 7.1M posts
  23. #marketingtips 5.3M posts
  24. #marketingstrategy 5.1M posts

Food Hashtags 

Food photographs are some of the most popular content on social media. Blogs and social media accounts centred around food have a plethora of followers. So, what’s the next step after taking a food picture? Adding the necessary food hashtags that will help your post increase its reach. Let’s explore some of the best Instagram hashtags in this category.

  1. #instafood 214M posts
  2. #delicious 136M posts
  3. #instacool 116M posts
  4. #foodstagram 101M posts
  5. #foodgasm 63.6M posts
  6. #foodpics 45.8M posts
  7. #foodpic 38.9M posts
  8. #foodiesofinstagram 14.4M posts
  9. #foodoftheday 8.8M posts

Travel Hashtags

Traveling is quite an experience. So, when planning a travel campaign your hashtags should include everything; the planning, the stress of unexpected issues, the uncertainty and the spontaneity of the unknown, and the memories. Here are the most popular hashtags for travel brands, photographers, marketers, bloggers, and travel influencers.

  1. #travel 610M posts
  2. #travelphotography 174M posts
  3. #travelgram 154M posts
  4. #wanderlust 139M posts
  5. #travelblogger 72.6M posts
  6. #beautifuldestinations 56.6M posts
  7. #tourism 44M posts
  8. #moodygrams 40.8M posts
  9. #traveltheworld 38.1M posts

Art Hashtags

Art hashtags are super important when promoting your work. The right hashtags will help you connect with your existing and potential audience, communicate your art products/services and provide content to people who are deeply touched by artistic expression. The best Instagram hashtags for this section are;

  1. #artista 269M posts
  2. #artist 269M posts
  3. #illustration 182M posts
  4. #artwork 162M posts
  5. #sketch 142M posts
  6. #painting 141M posts
  7. #arte 99.3M posts
  8. #artistoninstagram 91M posts
  9. #instaart 86.2M posts
  10. #arts 27.1M posts
  11. #artstagram 10.3M posts
  12. #artoninstagram 8.4M posts

Music Hashtags

Hashtags used for music marketing are an essential part of a campaign, as they encourage participation and help artists expose their music to a wider audience. Creating the right hashtag enables you to start paying attention to how your audience reacts and keep posting content related to your music that captivates their attention. Niche hashtags like these can help you find and join communities.

  1. #music 397M posts
  2. #musica 49.9M posts
  3. #musician 40.2M posts
  4. #musicwriter 106K posts
  5. #igmusic 428K posts
  6. #goodmusiconly 83.3K posts
  7. #musicindustry 2.5M posts
  8. #musicprducer 14.6M posts
  9. #musicvideo 22.9M posts
  10. #goodmusic 13.1M posts
  11. #musiclife 8M posts
  12. #musicmaker 653K posts
  13. #singing 17.3M posts
  14. #songwriter 17.3M posts

Wedding Hashtags

Creating a wedding hashtag has become a vital part of any wedding process. Hashtags enable you to see your wedding photos in real-time and at the same time, you can create a virtual wedding album, which will be available for everyone.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #fashion 1B posts
  4. #photooftheday 985M posts
  5. #photography 859M posts
  6. #makeup 367M posts
  7. #flowers 232M posts
  8. #wedding 222M posts
  9. #party 182M posts
  10. #bhfyp 159M posts
  11. #makeupartist 115M posts
  12. #bride 75.4M posts
  13. #weddingdress 48.3M posts
  14. #weddingideas 48.3M posts
  15. #weddingday 46.3M posts
  16. #weddingphotography 44.5M posts
  17. #weddinginspiration 30.8M posts
  18. #weddings 27.6M posts
  19. #bridetobe 23.8M posts
  20. #engagement 20.3M posts
  21. #groom 20M posts
  22. #weddingplanner 19.2M posts
  23. #prewedding 18M posts
  24. #bridalmakeup 17.6M posts
  25. #weddingdecor 11.4M posts

Fitness hashtags

With so many people being active, exercising, and sharing inspiration every day, it is crucial specifically for fitness influencers to take advantage of social media like Instagram and Twitter to share their fitness journey. So, adding fitness hashtags to your posts will help you specify your content, expand your audience, and find sources of inspiration. Some of the trending instagram hashtags in this category are;

  1. #fitness 484M posts
  2. #motivation 303M posts
  3. #gym 226M posts
  4. #workout 197M posts
  5. #fit 184M posts
  6. #healthy 181M posts
  7. #health 148M posts
  8. #training 127M posts
  9. #bodybuilding 123M posts
  10. #fitfam 121M posts
  11. #fitnessmotivation 118M posts
  12. #sport 106M posts
  13. #healthylifestyle 101M posts
  14. #weightloss 80.4M posts
  15. #gymlife 69M posts
  16. #muscle 66.3M posts
  17. #crossfit 65.7M posts
  18. #exercise 62.1M posts
  19. #fitnessmodel 57.7M posts
  20. #personaltrainer 44.3M posts
  21. #gymmotivation 38.1M posts

Mental Health Hashtags

Mental health is as important as physical health and people should be aware of that. By adding hashtags related to mental health you support the community, spread awareness about crucial topics, share your journey and inspire others, especially during the global pandemic. Instagram users add the following hashtags the most.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #motivation 304M posts
  4. #happiness 162M posts
  5. #health 148M posts
  6. #quotes 141M posts
  7. #loveyourself 95.1M posts
  8. #selflove 80.1M posts
  9. #positivevibes 76.6M posts
  10. #selfcare 58.1M posts
  11. #wellness 54.5M posts
  12. #meditation 46.9M posts
  13. #mindset 41.5M posts
  14. #positivity 36.3M posts
  15. ##mentalhealth 36.1M posts
  16. #healing 31.7M posts
  17. #anxiety 19.4M posts
  18. #mentalhealthawareness 16.1M posts
  19. #wellbeing 11.6M posts
  20. #therapy 11.3M posts
  21. #psychology 9.3M posts
  22. #mentalhealthmatters 7.6M posts
  23. #mentalillness 4.6M posts
  24. #mindfulness 2.5M posts

Motivation Hashtags

Motivation is the process of giving someone a reason for doing something. It is the set of psychological forces that compel someone to take action. So, sharing posts with motivational hashtags will give you the opportunity of getting discovered by a potential audience. Some noticeable motivation hashtags according to Instagram’s algorithm are;

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #instagram 820M posts
  4. #happy 669M posts
  5. #fitness 484M posts
  6. #motivation 304M posts
  7. #lifestyle 303M posts
  8. #gym 226M posts
  9. #inspiration 217M posts
  10. #workout 197M posts
  11. #fit 184M posts
  12. #happiness 162M posts
  13. #bhfyp 159M posts
  14. #quotes 141M posts
  15. #training 127M posts
  16. #bodybuilding 123M posts
  17. #fitnessmotivation 118M posts
  18. #goals 106M posts
  19. #entrepreneur 89.8M posts
  20. #selflove 80.1M posts
  21. #success 80M posts
  22. #positivevibes 76.6M posts
  23. #motivationalquotes 47.7M posts
  24. #mindset 41.5M posts
  25. #inspirationalquotes 37.8M post
  26. #believe 34.2M posts
  27. #life 27.3M posts

Self Love Hashtags

Self-love equals appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Accordingly, your posts should empower your audience so you can keep them engaged and connect with them on a deeper level.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #loveyourself 95.1M posts
  3. #loveyourselffirst 95.1M posts
  4. #selflove 80.1M posts
  5. #selfcare 58.1M posts
  6. #youareenough 2.6M posts
  7. #selflovejourney 2.4M posts
  8. #selflovequotes 1.6M posts
  9. #selfdiscovery 1.2M posts
  10. #selfempowerment 1.1M posts
  11. #innerstrength 1.1M posts
  12. #selflovetips 527K posts
  13. #selflovery 224K posts
  14. #lovingyourself 223K posts

Dance Hashtags

Dancing is another form of art that helps people express and coordinate their bodies. The right dance hashtags can provide useful information, and as a result, you can identify what’s trending in your industry, which is the related hashtags, and consequently stay up-to-date with your competitors’ actions.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #instagood 1.4B posts
  3. #art 884M posts
  4. #fitness 484M posts
  5. #music 397M posts
  6. #viral 184M posts
  7. #party 182M posts
  8. #tiktok 135M posts
  9. #dance 133M posts
  10. #kpop 117M posts
  11. #hiphop 101M posts
  12. #dj 54.5M posts
  13. #dancer 39.7M posts
  14. #dancing 23.1M posts
  15. #ballet 18.4M posts
  16. #dancers 15.1M posts
  17. #dancelife 7.6M posts
  18. #choreography 7.3M posts
  19. #dancersofinstagram 4.5M posts

Beauty Hashtags

Hashtags help find information, products, and services easier for social media users. So, a hashtag that stands out makes your message attract the attention of your audience and by doing so it could result in higher conversions. If your business is related to the beauty industry you should take advantage of the following hashtags.

  1. #instagood 1.4B posts
  2. #fashion 1B posts
  3. #photooftheday 985M posts
  4. #art 884M posts
  5. #photography 859M posts
  6. #beautiful  789M posts
  7. #nature 693M posts
  8. #picoftheday 691M posts
  9. #happy 669M posts
  10. #cute 658M posts
  11. #style 604M posts
  12. #beauty 490M posts
  13. #me 463M posts
  14. #selfie 463M posts
  15. #photo 436m posts
  16. #smile 426m posts
  17. #life 408M posts
  18. #makeup 367M posts
  19. #model 334M posts
  20. #hair 235M posts
  21. #makeupartist 115M posts
  22. #skincare 92.2M posts
  23. #myself 35.4M posts

Pet Hashtags

If you have a pet, or you own a pet salon and you want to connect with other pet lovers or to promote your services, including hashtags in your posts is the best way to do so.

  1. #love 2.1B posts
  2. #cute 658M posts
  3. #dog 331M posts
  4. #dogsofinstagram 266M posts
  5. #cat 258M posts
  6. #catsofinstagram 177M posts
  7. #puppy 175M posts
  8. #dogs 145M posts
  9. #cats 134M posts
  10. #pet 120M posts
  11. #dogstagram 118M posts
  12. #instadog 103M posts
  13. #catstagram 90.7M posts
  14. #animals 89.8M posts
  15. #pets 85.4M posts
  16. #doglover 75.8M posts
  17. #puppylove 74.9M posts
  18. #animal 73M posts
  19. #petstagram 68.6M posts
  20. #dogoftheday 69.5M posts
  21. #catlover 58.2M posts
  22. #petsofinstagram 51M posts
  23. #doglife 50.1M posts
  24. #doglovers 49.2M posts
  25. #petlovers 13.2M posts
  26. #cachorro 11.8M posts

How to Add Hashtags to your Instagram Posts and Stories

Adding hashtags is a user-friendly process that allows you to get in front of a wider audience, especially if your story gets added to the hashtag story. Hashtags give you more exposure by enabling your content to be discovered more easily, as they make your posts discoverable and searchable to people who haven’t interacted yet with your Instagram account.

Step #1: Hashtags In Posts

Adding hashtags while uploading an Instagram post simply requires to type, at the caption section, the #symbol and the keyword you may want to use. Additionally, when you start typing, Instagram will show potential hashtags you could use. Recently Instagram advised that the appropriate number of hashtags is between 3-5 on each post, even though the limit is up to 30 per post.

adding hashtags in an instagram post

Step #2: Edit Posts

In case you already uploaded your post, you can choose to edit it at any time and then add the hashtags you didn’t consider adding before.

adding hashtags by editing the post

Step #3: The Hashtag Sticker 

To add a hashtag to your Instagram story, you press to add a sticker and then select the hashtag sticker. As you start typing, Instagram will show you hashtag suggestions towards the bottom of your screen.

adding hashtags on instagram story

Step #4: The # symbol 

You can also use the # symbol to type the hashtag you want to insert, the same way you would on a video or post.

adding hashtags on instagram story

How to Follow Hashtags On Instagram

Finding hashtags is an easy process you can follow anytime. Of course that requires hashtag search, so you can discover the right hashtags that will help your marketing strategy and see your posts gain more attention. But, let’s check how to follow hashtags on Instagram.

Step #1: Select Tags

The first thing you should do is select Tags on your explore page. By choosing this category you specify your search only to hashtags and not posts, accounts, or places.

following hashtags by selecting tags

Step #2: Type A Potential Hashtag 

To search for a hashtag on the search box of the explore page you can either start by typing the # symbol or directly type the keyword. Instagram will show a hashtag list, starting with the most popular ones and other hashtags using similar words.

typing a hashtag on the explore page

Step #3: Press Follow

After having the hashtags list in front of you, you can select a hashtag you like, then press Follow, and you’ll see how many posts use that hashtag. By following a hashtag you get to see a few top posts each week.

pressing to follow a hashtag

Now Over to You 

Hashtags are a way of getting more exposure and discovering relevant content based on your interests. They serve all kinds of preferences and you can use them respectively. In other words, hashtags are a powerful tool that allows you to reach new audiences and grow your brand awareness.

Don’t forget to have a look at Mentionlytics and discover the social media monitoring options that will best benefit your brand; our free trial will help you enhance your social media presence and learn more about how hashtags work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the top 10 hashtags on Instagram?

The top Instagram hashtags are used by Instagram creators throughout the time to encourage interaction with their audience and to further engage with their content and accounts. So, now that we are on it, here are the top 10 Instagram hashtags:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #fashion
  4. #photooftheday
  5. #halloween
  6. #art
  7. #photography
  8. #beautiful
  9. #nature
  10. #travel

Q2. What hashtags are trending right now?

Trends come and go every day. So, it is not easy to define which hashtags will stay ahead of the curve and which ones won’t. The best practice you can follow is constant research. Additionally, try several hashtags, including those that best represent your brand’s work. Test your hashtag strategy until there is a balance between what is important for your business and what is popular in the market. In fact, the following are some of the currently trending hashtags:

  1. #trending
  2. #viral
  3. #instagram
  4. #love
  5. #explorepage
  6. #instagood
  7. #explore
  8. #fashion
  9. #follow
  10. #tiktok

Q3. How many hashtags can you use on Instagram?

Every business has its social media philosophy. Therefore, your ideal hashtag number should be based on the type of content you’d like to share on your profiles. Test your hashtag strategy based on your target audience and decide if you want to follow a more commercial approach. Try including hashtags that speak to your niche audience as well. However, based on today’s social media picture it is recommended to use 3-5 hashtags, but adding up to 30 hashtags would be acceptable for a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a story.

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