How to Save Time by Monitoring Your Digital Campaigns with Mentionlytics

How to Save Time by Monitoring Your Digital Campaigns with Mentionlytics

Are you looking for an easy-peasy way to deal with monitoring all those digital campaigns you run for

Are you looking for an easy-peasy way to deal with monitoring all those digital campaigns you run for your clients?

We mean keeping track of their performance while live, measuring the impact they have on your clients’ brands, and monitoring various channels to integrate all the media coverage, social posts, and web mentions in a comprehensive report.

Well, look no further and forget about the manual work! Here, we’ll show how you can do it efficiently with Mentionlytics and save time and effort from your everyday schedule.

Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Guide to Monitoring Campaigns through Mentionlytics

So, you can monitor your digital PR, social media, and marketing campaigns by following these 5 steps.

Step #1: Set up your campaign keywords

To begin with, you have to create an account in Mentionlytics, ideally one week before launching your campaign, and add your campaign keywords and hashtags.

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You can also add any influencer profiles that are involved in your campaign and monitor their activity too.

Mentionlytics Trackers


Pro Tip: Stay up-to-date with new mentions of your keywords by creating an alert for each one of them so that the platform will send you a notification when there are new mentions of them.

These first steps are truly essential, that’s why we can guide you through this initial process and help you create the right rules for your trackers. That way, we’ll ensure that you get the right results for your campaign’s performance, once it goes live.

Step #2: Monitor all social media and the web

This is the most effortless step you’ll take.

As soon as you set your keywords into your Mentionlytics account, the platform will start monitoring them across all social media and the entire web. So, you can lay back and enjoy the sun — or at least get some other tasks scratched off your to-do list.

To ensure that Mentionlytics will capture every result around your brand and campaign, you have to add, as keywords to monitor, the following:

The Mentionlytics platform is going to keep track of your campaign keywords, hashtags, and influencers for as long as you want.

We strongly suggest you keep tracking them for two whole weeks after the end of your campaign to safeguard you won’t miss out on any post-campaign online buzz or social conversations your campaign might have sparked.

Step #3: Keep track of important metrics

Now, it’s time to dive into your campaign performance metrics. You can find a variety of different KPIs, statistics, and data insights on the Mentionlytics platform.

However, to measure the success of your digital PR campaigns, pay attention to the following ones:

Mentionlytics Overview Dashboard

  1. Total Mentions: It shows how many times social media and web users have mentioned any of your campaign trackers (keywords, hashtags, brand name, etc.).
  2. Social Reach: It shows how many users have seen content including your campaign keywords on all social networks and the web.
  3. Social Engagement: This is basically the total number of engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.) of that content on social media.
  4. Media Share: It helps you measure and compare in which social network your campaign is performing better — ideal if you run omnichannel campaigns.

Media Share_Mentionlytics Reports

  1. Top Mentioners: This feature helps you identify who’s talking about your campaign on the web and gives you clear insights on their follower count, engagement metrics, and more, so you can understand if popular accounts have picked up on your campaign.

Examples of Top Mentioners in Mentionlytics

  1. Sentiment Analysis: It unravels the feelings of the audience toward your campaign. It’s important to monitor that closely so that in case your campaign backfires for any reason, you can handle the crisis immediately before it spreads.

Sentiment Analysis_Mentionlytics Reports

Pro Tip: To ensure you’re on top of any negative mentions, SIA, our Social Intelligence Advisor will send you an email alert if a sudden surge of mentions occurs!

SIA Notification in Mentionlytics

  1. Share of Voice:  It helps you compare different campaigns. For example, you can set up a tracker for a competitor’s campaign, so you can compare your campaign’s performance against theirs directly. You could also compare previous campaigns you run against your current ones.

Share of Voice_Mentionlytics Reports

The game changer: If you want to see all these metrics for just one of your campaign keywords, i.e. your campaign hashtag — and not the results of every keyword you have added to the platform — you can go back to the Overview Dashboard and click only that specific keyword.

Mentionlytics_Overview Dashboard

All metrics will be automatically updated and will show you results only for that particular keyword.

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Step #4: Report your campaign’s results

The cool thing about using Mentionlytics is that you don’t have to extract all this performance data and metrics in an Excel file and spend your time creating massive reports yourself. You can have it done automatically through Mentionlytics Report Builder.

All you have to do is select the time frame and the keywords you want to generate data for and Mentionlytics will do the rest.

Step #5: Present to your clients

Voilà! Now, you’ve got detailed reports on your digital PR campaigns in a matter of minutes! You can go present the results to your clients and take all the credit for your thorough reporting skills — shhh…we won’t tell a soul!

When is the Right Time to Start Monitoring My Campaign?

Basically, the right time to start monitoring a campaign through the Mentionlytics platform is one week before launching it.

That way, you’ll have plenty of time to properly set up keywords, hashtags, influencer profiles, and anything you want to be monitored. The platform will be able to keep all relevant data before and after your campaign, so you can do useful comparisons and extract meaningful conclusions.

Plus, if you encounter any issues or difficulties, you’ll also have time to contact our customer success team and they’ll help you solve all problems so that you’ll be well-prepared once the campaign goes live.

Can I Monitor the Results of a Campaign After It Has Ended?

The short answer is yes but with some limitations. Of course, we can help you gather results for past campaigns. However, keep in mind that Mentionlytics monitors mentions from the moment you enter your keyword in the system and onward.

A small note though: This option is available only to our Advanced, Pro, Agency, and Enterprise plans. 

You can go into the platform and select a time frame prior to the day you entered your keywords to the platform (i.e. 60 days earlier) and you’ll still get some results. Nonetheless,  these results won’t be complete and the analyses will be limited.

That’s why we want you to remember that your account has to be all set for monitoring your campaign keywords at least one week before the campaign launch, as we said in the above section.

That way you won’t miss out on any results and feedback from your audience. What’s more, you’ll be able to address any crisis at the early stages and avoid negative sentiments towards your brand.

Need any help?

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Our super-helpful customer success team is here for you! You can book a live demo with them now and discuss the rest.

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