The new Mentionlytics!

During this summer we have been busy with rolling out our complete upgrade and revamp of Mentionlytics ?

During this summer we have been busy with rolling out our complete upgrade and revamp of Mentionlytics ? ? ?

(yeah, due to COVID-19 vacation was quite limited ?)

As our users have already noticed, new features, faster loading speeds, and a redesigned, even more user-friendly interface, have been among the highlights of the new Mentionlytics version!

Following, are some of the most exciting things in this release:

  • New design and UI
    We know that our ease-of-use was the most talked-about feature from our users. So, we took extra care to improve it even further, without losing any of its magic! From the comments we get, I am very pleased to say that we nailed it ?
  • Customizable Dashboards
    You can now re-arrange or add/remove any of the mention/stat cards on your dashboards, and save different versions that best match the work you want to do with Mentionlytics.
  • More screen space for your data
    We have performed dozens of optimizations of the views in Mentionlytics so that you can see more data in a clearer way.
  • Faster switching between pages
    We switched completely to a single page application, changing the core of our architecture, and it definitely worth it: The switching between different pages of the app is now done in the blink of an eye!
  • Neutral Mentions stats
    You have already seen our top-notch deep learning classification algorithms for sentiment analysis in almost ANY language. Now we have added the neutral sentiment to the statistics as requested.
  • Faster servers and databases for much-improved loading times on large datasets!
    We upgraded all our cloud servers and databases, for much better efficiency, so now you can explore much larger mention datasets and longer date ranges in a much faster way.
  • Integration with Google Data Studio
    The new data studio integration allows you to explore your data in Google Data Studio. You can now create dashboards with all your mention data in GDS, or combine Mentionlytics mentions with your other data sources.
  • New views in Mention viewer ( Full, List, Table)
    You can now switch between 3 different views when exploring your mentions data: Full view (the one we had), List view and Table view. For even efficient browsing of your mention results.

Nonetheless, we are most excited for what is to come! With the new behind-the-scene improvements it is now much easier for us to add new features, so watch this space for our 5 (!) new amazing features coming up in the following weeks! ?

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Manos Perakakis

About Manos Perakakis

Manos is the co-founder of Mentionlytics. He has a PhD from Brunel University in User Experience and HCI. Also, he has also been teaching Digital Marketing and Web Design to Bachelor degree students for the past 9 years, as a lecturer in Hellenic Mediterranean University. • Follow Manos on TwitterCheck Manos on Linkedin