Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Automotive Industry with Social Media Monitoring

Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Automotive Industry with Social Media Monitoring

Studying social media metrics are essential for understanding the performance of your profiles and platforms across different platforms,

The road to success in the automotive industry is paved with challenges, but social media monitoring is your GPS to staying ahead of the curve. For 78% of buyers, the decision to purchase a new car relies heavily on social media where they can discover new products and ask questions about them. Using social media monitoring is an effective way to listen to both your customer base and competitors’ conversations, enabling decisions that position a company at the forefront of innovation in today’s highly competitive auto market.

Read on to learn more about how social media monitoring can help you stay ahead in automotive sales!

Need for Social Media Monitoring in Automotive industry

Monitoring your social networks will give you a clear idea about which keywords to focus on and the resources you will need in the process. You can exploit these tools in the following ways:

  • Get to know what your customers want and are looking for
  • Leverage the power of brand promoters and influencers
  • Contribute to conversations and build a relationship with your customers
  • Respond to criticism and praise
  • Address product and support-related concerns

The car consumer trends show that 80% of prospective car buyers begin their search online. So, in most cases, social media monitoring tools help you get the most out of each of these practices.

Drive to Success: Keep Track of Every Channel

Automotive is a challenging sector to tap into the world of social media. Still, you need to make sure that you focus on all social platforms and maximize your resources. There are numerous interactive, engaging, and strategic ways to keep social media users interested in your page and your brand.

When it comes to social media analytics, brand monitoring tools can track mentions getting you seen and heard insights across all channels.

Here are some more social media strategies that can go a long way in helping you:

Target the Right Audience

To be critical about your target audience’s needs and wants. Every customer has different expectations from a brand. As an automotive company, you need to ensure that other marketing strategies are devised for various products and customers.

For instance, brands like Honda and Toyota will target different customers. In contrast, Porsche and BMWs customers will have different needs and expectations. Precisely, you need to properly analyze what prospective customers and looking for and how you can help them.

Place your ads to reach people who have indicated their interest in a car. Segment your options primarily by profiling and buying industry and then direct to the closest dealer. That way, you can get a detailed analysis of what customer expects from your brand.

Therefore, it’s pivotal to understand your customers before you target them. Knowing them is far more imperative than selling them.

For instance, Mercedes-Benz has been long known to feature the most famous faces in the sport’s world in its ads. They know who their target audience is and how they can appeal to them.

In 2019, they introduced a virtual reality session conducted by Sloane Stephens to promote their new car’s voice assistant feature. The campaign was named “Mercedes Benz – Serve like Sloane.”


Source: Vimeo

Leverage Social Media for Customer Care

If automotive companies want to succeed on social media, they need to integrate customer support into their digital touchpoints.  It would help if you started using feature-rich social media monitoring tools to reach and connect with customers on their favorite platforms.

In fact, 95% of vehicle buyers use digital channels to research, so social media monitoring tools can help you fuel your automotive brand’s growth with invaluable insights.

For instance, Tesla’s engagement strategies extensively revolve around customer care, which means it uses social media to provide support. It allows auto brands to respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently, making every interaction an advertisement for your services.

This helps generate multiple retweets and responses and demonstrate how Tesla cares about its customers.

Take this interaction with a buyer. Tesla goes the extra mile and gives a prompt response to its customers and makes sure they feel heard and valued; it ensures the customers leave satisfied.


Source: Twitter

Customer care isn’t just about addressing queries and concerns, but it is also about going above and beyond to support and engage your audience.

Quality product coupled with good customer and after-sales service is something that consumers look for in brands, especially if it’s a high-involvement brand like automotive products. Its successful implementation goes a long way and generates massive positives.

When customers receive high-quality customer care, they are most likely to recommend your brand in their close-knit circle.

Be At The Top Of Google

It’s important to understand where prospective buyers are searching for potential vehicles. Google, of course. A survey conducted by Kenshoo reveals that 70% of the consumers searching for automobiles first find on search engines.

Since Google acts as the first line of defense, being at the top position is critical to your automotive marketing success. Hence, you need to ensure that your Google Ads strategy is beneficial.

Several strategies can help you rank your brand higher in search results, notably Google. However, it’s also important to consider other search networks, such as Bing.

Holts Lloyd, an auto maintenance company, reveals that BMW was the top-searched automotive brand in the 137 countries. It had more than 17.5 million google searches.

In-Depth Audit of online Reputation

Today’s auto buyers rely on information from search results, online reviews, and social media communities to help make informed decisions. Even 97% of entrepreneurs agree that online reputation management is a top priority.

In fact, enterprises have the probability of losing 22% of business when potential customers find a negative article in their search results.

Customer reviews on social platforms and well-known review sites have a significant impact on brand reputation, preference, and purchasing.

Encourage your customers to share their experience and post reviews on your social sites. Auto shoppers are 90% more likely to browse your website if you have positive reviews, according to a study by DealerRater and Dataium.

Here, take Volvo’s example:

Potential customers check reviews on third-party review sites and social channels, so your customers are satisfied enough to share their great experience. Just as important, be receptive of and respond to the negative reviews.

Today, it’s important than ever for the dealers in the automotive industry to manage their online reputation proactively to make the most of their image enhancement opportunities.

Consumers who have had a poor experience want to be heard. They want prompt and swift attention to alleviate the damage. So, make sure that you monitor review sites and social channels as you wouldn’t want these complaints to slip through the cracks

Monitor your Automotive Brand

Automotive companies need a robust social media monitoring platform to make sound decisions in the ever-changing marketplace.

The right brand monitoring tools can help automakers understand the customer’s journey and identify specific potential new ones. Once they have these insights, automotive companies can conduct better targeting across social sites.

Consumers like to have their conversations at different times, so it is impossible to monitor what’s being said about your brand on your social platforms.

Discussions, brand mentions, engagement happen all the time, 24/7/365. To keep up with it, you need social media analytics tools that will help you gain insights at any time of the day. They’ll stay on the lookout, so you don’t have to.  To keep up with it all, you’ll need to keep track of every social channel so that you respond quickly to criticism or support inquiries.

The right social media monitoring tool allows you to keep track of keywords, brand mentions, competitor analysis all in one place – an ultimate tracker to analyze multiple forums.

Outstanding social media monitoring tools allow you to effortlessly identify which posts require action and then route discussions through the appropriate response.

46% of the high-level marketers agree that they need data and analytics expertise to be able to track patterns of consumers. It lets you dive deeper and even monitor your brand’s general thoughts and customer’s perception regarding specific campaigns and products.

The right tools can help you evaluate the sentiments and feelings about customers. It tells you where people mention you, lets you track their behavior and patterns, present them in ways that give you more clarity, and help you devise marketing strategies to sell the products or services your customers want.

Let’s take Porsche’s example. The brand tried to discover the type of content their social media users are interested in through their Instagram stories. Regardless of the industry, it’s crucial to leverage and monitor your social media with the right tools to strategize the way forward.

While you are at it, the insights can also tell you what people are saying about you during specific campaigns and gauge what stirs up the utmost excitement in your target audience.

This way, you can produce different types of content that your customers might be interested in rather than waste time on content that doesn’t interest your customers.

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Did You Know That You Can Manage All Social Channels in One Place?

Acquiring, unifying, and gaining valuable insights from social media measurement tools is key to responding to the challenges and thriving in the automotive industry.

Automobile companies need to understand how to exploit the data about their brand to optimize customer experiences. Social media monitoring tools help you anticipate consumer behavior as well as track your competitors.

With the insights and opinions gathered from social media, today’s customers are better informed—upending the traditional customer/dealer dynamic.

With an understanding of the effectiveness of social media monitoring, it is time to start using the right brand monitoring tools for the job.

Mentionlytics lets you capture every opportunity to engage across all the social networks. Look out for and instantly analyze discussions and brand mentions from millions of sources across the globe.

Furthermore, you can track keywords that matter to your business, keep a close eye on your competitors, see where the most meaningful conversations are happening, and monitor sentiment.

With Mentionlytics, your brand can reach its potential by using valuable insights and making smart, data-driven decisions – all with just a few clicks.

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