Satisfied customers are the most important part of any business. It won't matter how good your product might be if you can't meet customer expectations and make them want to buy from you.

"You may think it’s easier for B2C companies to use social media compared to B2B companies. But given the effectiveness of social media, I feel there is a massive scope for B2B companies to utilize it too", Shane Barker explains.

What metrics should be evaluated when it comes to social media performance? What should businesses do in order to be prepared to apply AI and ML technologies to gain a competitive advantage in their marketing strategy? Jim Sterne explains.

Many people in the social media world know Ted for his enthusiastic, energetic and undeniably personal connection to people. Ted Rubin is the most followed CMO on Twitter according to Social Media Marketing Magazine;

What are the biggest social media trends for the next couple of years?
It’s no secret that live-streaming video has become ubiquitous. It’s not a fleeting trend – it’s here to stay.

Tim Hughes is universally recognised as one of the world’s leading pioneers and exponents of Social Selling and he is currently ranked Number 1 as the most influential social selling person in the world.

Brian Honigman is the CEO of Honigman Media, a content marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia. As a content marketing consultant, he's worked with or spoken at the United Nations, the Weather Company, Wix, Entertainment Weekly and others.